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Happy Monday! You all know how much I love workout clothes right? I love fashion and I love to be fashionable with workout clothes too. My girls over at Sweat Pink are partnering with prAna as part of #1millionminutes and we have an opportunity to win some amazing active wear from prAna!!! 

In case you don’t know about #1millionminutes, the whole Sweat Pink community is coming together to achieve one million minutes of activity this summer! As always, our goal is to inspire and encourage everyone to get moving so help us in getting your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone in between working with us this summer to achieve one million minutes of movement! Read moreunnamed-4

prAna has just launched their new Fall collection and we could not be more excited. So many cute pieces to choose from. So how an you win?! By participating in the weekly challenge on social media. See the list below this fun mad-lib from my gals at Sweat Pink. (bold is my words)

I’m so excited to rack up more minutes towards our awesome goal of reaching 1 million minutes this summer!  While most of my sweat has come from running, I have also done quite a bit of yoga.

To motivate myself to get from running to yoga and through my day, I always have to be armed with a water bottle and a change of clothes. I find that the more active that I am, the more effective I am at achieving my goals.

Since staying on track requires so much planning, dedication and discipline, I think it’s important that I treat myself! If I were going to reward myself with something from prAna this week, it would most definitely be the Roxanne Printed Legging and the Ginger Top  because they are practical but also super cute.

I tag Carleeh, Kayla, and Beth to join me for this week of #1millionminutes for a chance to win some fantastic goodies from prAna!


Don’t forget to join in on the challenge fun so you have a chance to win! unnamed-3Here are the weekly prompts:

Week 1:

  • Monday, August 10: Show us your weekly workout attire. How do you go from one workout to the next? #1millionminutes #sweatpink #liveinprana @prana @FitApproach
  • Tuesday, August 11: What item in your workout ensemble needs an upgrade (show us in a selfie) OR browse the new prAna collection and show us what’s on your wish list (a selfie works!)? #1millionminutes #sweatpink #liveinprana @prana @FitApproach
  • Wednesday, August 12: What does a fitness lifestyle mean to you? Show us! Is it life in leggings? Always being gym bag ready? Getting outdoors more? #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana @FitApproach
  • Thursday, August 13: Partner burpees? Double downdogs? Rock climbing? What’s your favorite buddy workout or move? #1millionminutes #sweatpink #liveinprana @prana @FitApproach
  • Friday, August 14: What are your fall goals? Show us! #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana @FitApproach
  • Saturday, August 15: Get outside and salute the sun – whatever that might mean to you! #sunsalutesaturday #sweatpink 1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana @FitApproach
  • Sunday, August 16: Gym bag packed? Meals prepped? What are your favorite ways to make your weeks a little easier? #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana @FitApproach

Let’s Chat:
What is your favorite workout attire?

Stay Sweet!

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