Stay Healthy On-the-Go with My 3 Favorite Snacks

Life can be really busy & sometimes things don’t go as planned. That is, if we have a plan. This is why I am always prepared with some sort of snack in my bag or my purse at all times.  You never know when you will get stuck in crazy traffic n the way home or be our longer than you expected. For me, the hanger is real so I am always prepared with one of my 3 favorite healthy snacks which I am sharing with you today. 

1) Quest Bars 

I LOVE Quest bars. They are so portable, it’s ridiculous. They are low carb, high fiber and high protein, so they actually keep you full for a few hours. The traditional bars are good, and the newest Beyond Cereal Quest bar is ahhhhmazing as well. Which one I eat depends on the time of day and what I am in the mood for. 

Quest just launched a new flavor as well. Watch me try it LIVE and explain more about the bars in this video

Nutrition facts are just for reference as I talk about them in the video. The net carbs in this bar are 4 grams of carbs.

 2) Kale Chips

Do you need an excuse to eat kale?! 😉 I don’t! But even if you aren’t a huge kale fan, you will probably like kale chips. They are a great way to get some crunch and fit more greens into your day. My favorites are

Made in Nature 


Rhythm Superfoods –> you can actually find these in some Starbucks! 


3) Banana Chocolate Protein bread or Protein Muffins

This one requires a little more planning or prep time ahead, but they are so delicious I had to mention them. If you have time to prep these during the week or on the weekend, you won’t regret it during the week! They go especially well with coffee… just sayin’! 
Get the recipe for the banana chocolate protein bread or my fav protein . yummmmmmmmm.

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