5 Reasons I love to FLY!!

It’s no secret that I love Flywheel! I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog, and I love to post a sweaty selfie after FLY45 on social media. There are SO many reasons I love to get to a Flywheel class when I can and why you should too!  Today I’m sharing 5 of those reasons with you. 


A few weeks ago,  my friend, Portia, from Obsessed by Portia, invited me to the FLY with Zico event, I was so excited!! I could not wait to enjoy one of my favorite workouts with fellow Seattle bloggers, influencers and wellness professionals! It was a total blast. Both Zico and FlyWheel outdid themselves!! 

photo courtesy of Sukha Design

This wonderful afternoon at Flywheel reminded me of some of the reasons why FLY is one of my soulmate workouts. What is a soulmate workout? One that you fall in love with, look forward to, get lost in and just enjoy the sweat. That post workout high is unlike any other ya know?! 

photo courtesy of Sukha Design

5 Reasons I Love to FLY5 Reasons I Love to Fly

1) Music

The music at FlyWheel consistently ROCKS. Music can make or break a workout. I find that I really love workouts that are propelled by music and that is one of the reasons I love FlyWheel so much. You can take a FlyBeats class which is riding on the beat OR the FLY45 class which matches the RPMs to the beats of the song but not as strict as in FlyBeats. In class I get lost in the music and the beats and just sweat it out, I LOVE IT! IMG_5809

2) Sweat

FlyWheel sweat is REAL. If you can bring a change of clothes with you, I highly recommend, especially if you are not going straight home. As you can see in my post class pic, I’m super red. The classes are mixes of intervals, flat sprints, and hills. Because you control the bike, you can change the resistance to fit your fitness level. It is great cardio vascular training and in 45 mins you can burn 700-900 calories!  I also love that the include one song worth of arm exercises – it’s great to tone the arms and give you a little break from the intensity of the class. IMG_5807

3) Friends! 

I have brought numerous people to FlyWheel with me since I discovered the classes, and it is so much fun! It is the perfect workout to share with a friend. That is part of the reason why the Fly with Zico event was so much fun. Sweat, girlfriends, green smoothies and lunch? Doesn’t get much better than that! Don’t have a friend to go with? I’d love to FLY with you – email me

Left to Right: Kusum from SveetesKapes, Portia from Obsessed by Portia , Tricia from A Couple of Dashes, Carleeh from Mamarazza on a Mission, and me 😉  Photo courtesy of Sukha Design
I absolutely LOVE this pic of us getting a selfie! Photo courtesy of Sukha Design

4) Cross-Training 

When training for a race, FlyWheel is the perfect cross-training workout! If you are a runner, it is a great way to get in an amazing cardio without all the impact. Taking one FlyWheel class a week actually helped me improve my mile time! If you are not a runner, it’s a great way to make cardio fun – a Fly45 class seriously beats 45 minutes on the elliptical at the gym!! It is always good to get some variety in your workouts too. FlyWithZico-06

5) Technology 

Each bike at FlyWheel has a ‘tech-pack’ which shows your torque (resistance), RPMs, current power and your power score. I love this because it allows you to measure your performance from class to class. Some classes, I crush it, others, I have to really push myself. I really like that I can measure my workouts and progress. You also have the option to participate in the ‘TorqBoard’ and compete for a score with the rest of the class. This is optional, but I do like it. Helps me not slack off during class! If numbers are not your thing, you can opt out of the TorqBoard and cover your tech-pack with a towel and just ride. FullSizeRender-1

Trust me when I say that Flywheel is not your average cycle class. It is an experience that no other studio can give you. They take care of everything from cycle shoes to towels. All you have to do is show up. 

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