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#sweet150challenge UPDATE & Giveaway Winners

The #sweet150challenge ended August 31st – it was all about trying to run, walk or jog 150 miles in July and August. That was a lot to bite off, it averaged to about 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. I was almost sure that I would make it to 150 miles, especially with my half marathon training and other activity that I do.

My total miles for July and August were 131 miles. I did not make it to the 150 mile mark. I was disappointed about that, but I set a goal that I knew would challenge me. With all the other activities that I had going on, I know that I was still very active in these summer months, which was what I set out to do in the first place. Additionally, I did not really plan or anticipate giving my legs a rest for the half marathon training, something that is very important which is where the cross training comes in. While I didn’t quite reach the 150 miles, I am not going to get down on myself because I know that I did my best, and by setting that goal for myself, I did move more and walk more than I would have 🙂


How did you all do??

Also – I am so excited to announce that I have picked the 3 winners of my giveaway on Instagram! IG handles – @ladybobie, @Mbrown98584, & @fluffytohealthy! Check your direct messages on IG as I have notified all of you!!

Stay Sweet!

#sweet150challenge PRINTABLE!

How many of you are participating in the #sweet150challenge on Instagram with me??? (if you aren’t on Instagram, you can participate just by commenting below this post with your progress!)

If you don’t know what the #sweet150challenge is, it is running, walking or jogging 150 miles by August 31st! I know it may sound daunting, but it is totally doable. Even if you are getting a late start, do not give up! You may surprise yourself.

As I was telling my friend the other day, any miles that you walk count! Whether it is at an amusement park, out sightseeing on the weekend, or purposeful exercise, the point is to get out and move! This challenge came about as I am training for my first half marathon (in October) and I wanted to make it fun!

It works out to 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. Of course you can walk more or less each day, but you will be surprised how fast the miles add up! AND — even if you only make it to 75 miles, or 100 miles by the end of August, that is more that you may have done without participating in the challenge! It’s all about pushing ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

Use this printable that I created to keep track of your miles! I can’t wait to see what progress you make! Remember to use the hashtag #sweet150challenge on Instagram so I can see your posts and follow along with you!

xoxo – Sarah

Here is the link to the printable again: #sweet150challenge_printable



Who wants to join me in the #sweet150challenge !?!

I recently started training for my first half marathon in October 2014, and I wanted to make the training plan FUN! Running is mentally hard for me, so the more fun I can make it, the better.

The #sweet150challenge is running, walking or jogging 150 miles by August 31st. If you are walking or running 5 days a week, this averages out to 3 miles a day.  If you are training for a half marathon then you may rest certain days and run higher mileage on other days. The point is, this is NOT just for people training for a race. With the weather being nice, its a great chance to get outside and get some miles it. If 3 miles is too much to do at once, you could break it up into 1 mile 3 times a day, or 1.5 miles twice a day… you get the idea!

I hope you will join me in this challenge – make sure to use the hashtag #sweet150challenge so I can see you pictures on Instagram.  150 miles is no joke, and what a fun way to reach some fitness goals and be more active this summer!



xoxo – Sarah