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Yoga Flow [Workout Wednesday]

For Workout Wednesday this week we are doing some basic flow yoga!!

Did you know that September is national Yoga month?!? I saw a poster the other day at the gym, and I was like “OMG – how did I not know this?”  (I don’t know how decides these things or how legit the poster was at the gym, but hey, I love yoga so I’ll just go with it) Seeing that September is almost over :-O we have some catching up to do!

Hope you enjoy the video! There is no PDF download this week. 

Stay Sweet & Flexible!!



Outdoor/Park Workout [Workout Wednesday]

Can you believe it is already Wednesday again? I can’t!

This week I have an outdoor/park workout for you. This does not have to be done outside, it is totally doable inside as well. Make this workout WORK for you and modify it to your needs.



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Stay sweet & strong!