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New Hair-Do???

Sooooooooo, all the ladies will understand where I am coming from. Hair, the color, the cut, the style – it’s all a big deal right?!? 

Here’s the deal: tomorrow I’m getting my hair done. I want to make a change, possibly, and I need your help! 

For most women (including myself), there are only a FEW people who are allowed to touch their hair. Can you relate?? 
I think usually this happens because of a bad experience. With me, I  trusted someone with my hair and things did NOT turn out well. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.57.44 AM

This pic really doesn’t show the hair cut, but it was super short, and WAY too blonde. I wanted to try something new and I trusted the gal to do whatever she wanted. Again this pic really doesn’t show it well, I didn’t take a lot of pics during that time because I didn’t like the hair style at all. Bad experience.  This was my sophomore year in college (like 10 years ago!) and I’m still not over it haha. 

Hair is like a statement piece. It’s one of the first things people see when they meet you. It can make or break your appearance. It may seem like I am being dramatic, but talk to anyone that works in personal branding or styling, they will tell you it is true! Hair is your mo-jo and you can’t just trust it to anyone

Thankfully I have an awesome hairstylist, Tiffany. She was considering moving and I panicked a little. Haha. She did my hair for my wedding, suggested I try a different color to bring out my natural color, and from then on she has been my hair bestie!
(yes, I color my hair, I know you were all thinking it has to be natural 😛 I am naturally blonde but not this color blonde)

Before – the lighting is not the best, but you get the idea.284971_10150329195691113_5967722_n

Now – The color and cut are much better. I also have been able to grow my hair longer because it is healthier photo-8

 As you can see, I get slightly apprehensive about making a change with my hair. I took the leap last year and added bangs. I figured it I hated it I could always grow them out. Obviously I ended up really liking them. 

Right now I am at the point that I want to make a change – just a small one, but something to up my game a little bit 😀 I don’t want to cut my hair shorter because it takes FOREVER to grow out. I also don’t want to put long layers in my hair because while I have a lot of hair, it is thin, so long layers just make it look stringy. 
So then I thought, maybe I could change the color??? 

These are some images from my Pintrest board – 

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I tend to like honey and carmel blondes better. The top right is a little dark for me. There are so many choices! Check out more of my hair-spiration over on Pintrest!

I don’t plan on changing the cut much. Lately I have been loving the side bang vs. the straight across bangs, so I think I will keep my bangs long so I can keep pulling them to the side. 

I don’t want anything crazy different, just a subtle change. Don’t worry, I won’t be a brunette tomorrow or anything! 

What do you think? Which style/color do you like? 
Also – do you get apprehensive about who touches your hair too?

Stay Sweet!


Why I Exercise

Have you ever thought about WHY you exercise?

For me, the reasons have changed over time… 

When I first started exercising, it was more of a chore than anything else. I just wanted to burn calories, loose weight and get it over with. Exercise was hard and because it was hard I didn’t look forward to it nor did I find it enjoyable.
In the beginning of my weight loss journey I didn’t realize that these were going to be behaviors that I needed to learn for LIFE. I planned on exercising “as long as I needed to” and then just thought I would go back to living my life how I wanted.

 Wellllllll, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but that is not how things work…  exercise must become a habit so that we can be fit for life. I learned this lesson the hard way (check out my story here)

You HAVE to get past doing exercise only for the calorie burn. After a period of time that will NOT get you out of bed in the morning or motivate you to workout when you feel lazy. It will NOT be enough to make your workouts a priority. Calorie burn may motivate you for the short term, but not for the long term.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.22.23 AM
this was me (minus the mcdonalds part) for like 9 months…

You MUST find a reason that will motivate you beyond calorie burn. for some inspiration,
here are 7 reasons that motivate me to workout:

11) the way I feel when I am done
That post workout feeling is amazing! If you were mad about something or frustrated, that feeling is totally gone. You are refreshed, clear minded and ready to go!  The endorphin rush is REAL people! 

72) For the stress relief
Exercise has this way of making all your worries subside. You can “sweat them out”. It’s like with every step or every rep, you slowly let go over stress, self doubt, whatever it may be. Each day you are showing yourself how much you can do. 
Not only does it relieve stress, it also helps you deal with stress more effectively and your patience/tolerance level is higher.

63) I am productive and in a better mood
If I don’t work out, I am crankier and not as nice. Sure I can take a day off, but more than 1 or 2 days and I really start to notice. I also get MUCH more done on the days I do exercise. It’s a major productivity booster!

54) Because it makes me stronger
Not only does it make me physically stronger, it makes me mentally stronger. I am competing against myself and trying to be better every day. By pushing yourself a little more each day, you squash that little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do it. 

45) The confidence factor
As you change the outside of your body, you also change the inside. While that inner voice gets proven wrong everyday that you push harder than the day before, you learn that you are stronger than you think. You see that you can do things you didn’t think were physically possible for you. This grows your confidence not only in physical ability but also in other areas of your life. 

36) For the amazing community of people
I have said this before, and I will keep saying it: fitness/exercise has introduced me to SO many awesome, high quality, COOL people! I am so thankful for all my #fitfriends. A fit lifestyle is not always easy; however it is much easier with support from others! 
On this note, I am thankful for all of you and the wonderful community that is growing on my blog!! XOXO

27) For the improved quality of life 
Overall it makes you a better person. As Chalene Johnson says, fitness is your first exposure to personal development. It really does make you a better person in all aspects of life, not only on the outside but also on the inside. You feel better, you treat other people (and yourself) better, and life is better. 

Fitness is a JOURNEY there is no end destination. That is the beauty of it really, because you will always be able to continue, learn new things and discover new motivations to workout and exercise. 

If you aren’t currently exercising or struggle to fit your workouts in every week, try using one of these reasons as a motivation! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Stay active!


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[LIVE] Video chat with me! (+ a recipe)

I am so excited to announce that TONIGHT I am hosting a LIVE video chat with me! It will be on YouTube, so you can talk with me, chat me any questions that you have and hang out!! I am going to be talking about the holidays, traditions and ways to enjoy them without feeling guilty or putting on weight like the average person does.

 It starts at 6pm PST – so either watch the live stream here on this video or visit YouTube and watch it there. The chat function is located to right of the video, where the suggested videos normally are. If you are unable to join tonight, the video will be recorded and will be available here for you to watch whenever you want! 😀

I hope you will be there! I love getting to know my readers and #fitfriends more! 

Here is a quick fun recipe to try for dinner:
Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders

All you need is 
-1 cup of raw unsalted almonds
-1 chicken breast
-extra virgin olive oil spray

THAT’S IT! The recipe is from my awesome blogger BFF and #fitfriend Katie. She is so smart, funny and SUPER creative in the kitchen. She has got some of the best recipes out there and an awesome e-book full of stuff too! 

Please visit her blog for the recipe for these almond crusted chicken tenders. Not only are they super easy and fast, they are SUUUUPER delish!!

See you guys tonight!

Pumpkin Patch, Halloween & a NSV (non-scale victory)


When we were little, my sister and I LOVED to go out a trick or treat. My dad would usually take us and my mom would stay home and hand out candy. Now the times have changed. Halloween is actually my Mom’s birthday, so now my sister and I try to make up for all the years we were more worried about costumes and candy than my Mom’s birthday! We usually do something super fun with her… this year is a SURPRISE!

Earlier in October we went to the pumpkin patch. When we were little, our parents would always tell us we could pick out any pumpkin as long as we could carry it. I always tried to get the biggest one I could carry! While I no longer have to follow that guideline, I still go for the biggest pumpkin. This year I set a record! My sister tried to pull the “you can’t carry it” line, BUT now I am stronger, so I could carry it!

Photo Oct 16-3
Here is the pumpkin next to my foot, HUGE!
Photo Oct 26-2
On our patio… trying to give you some perspective. It’s just MASSIVE!

Thankfully we had THE nicest weather the weekend that we went to the pumpkin patch – it was like the last sunny weekend of 2014 😛

I am trying a new picture gallery display on this post.  Highlight the pics below to read the captions & to see a larger version of the pic, click on it! 

I love going to the pumpkin patch every year for several reasons:

1) All the autumn decor inspiration I get & the mini squash, gourds and pumpkins!!

The last pic of the mum in the pumpkin with a few small pumpkins around the bottom is like the cutest and easiest centerpiece idea! I have some creative ideas brewing for a Thanksgiving table spread…. hmmm.
I haven’t shared much of this on here, but I have a creative and crafty side. I don’t express it much mainly because of time issues between work, working out and other responsibilities. However, this time of year is when it comes out! 🙂

2) Time with my family. It has become a tradition!

3) the pumpkin slingshot!!!!

Seriously this thing is SO much fun. It can get a little dirty, but some dirt won’t hurt.  It’s also a workout!!! Talk about a fun total body workout! It engages your legs, core and upper body! I was sweating!

The way it works is you shoot these pumpkins and if you hit a target, you win a HUGE pumpkin, like the kind you don’t carve and are just for decoration – they look like the massive pumpkin that is the first pic up in #1. We had HIGH hopes this year because last year we actually won a HUGE pumpkin! It sat outside our front door and all our neighbors were super impressed. (haha) So we wanted to win again… 
Unfortunately we left without a trophy pumpkin this year. 

check out that squat stance!! :-P
check out that squat stance!! 😛  (not sure what inappropriate-ness was happening next door, hahaha awkward photobomb!)

I had an awesome NSV (non-scale victory) this year with the sling shot – before I have always had a harder time shooting the pumpkins. The slingshot is really tight, so you have to muscle up to pull it back. This year it was like not a problem! Felt soooo good!
Loosing weight and/or shaping up areas is a great side effect of  working out, but I think the most rewarding is moments, like this one, where you feel stronger!!

Photo Oct 31-2
happy halloween from coco, the cutest halloween kitty EVER and “the great pumpkin”

“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”…. seriously this pumpkin is riDONKulous! I am going to carve it right now so it’s ready for tonight. It’s going to be quite the chore – I will be sure to post the finished product on Instagram 😀 

What are you doing for Halloween? 
Should this be my costume?? 😛
Photo Oct 21
Stay Sweet & Safe!