My First Mile Race: Carlsbad 5000 Recap Part 1

Traveling and running are two of my favorite things. When I get to combine them, it’s the best! Running is a great way to see new places, and I got to do just that this last weekend.

As a part of the Rock n Blog team, I was able to go down to SoCal to run the Carlsbad 5000. There were 3 events to pick from, the 1-mile race on Saturday and a 5K or 20K on Sunday. I signed up to run both days. I had never run a 1-mile race before, so I was pretty stoked about that. I wanted to see just how fast I could ‘race’ a mile. More on that later. IMG_6483

I was so excited to get down to California. I wanted to eat all the smoothie bowls, drink all the green juice and soak up the sun. I had spring fever so bad that I was dreaming of sunshine. Of course, the weekend I was gone to sunny Carlsbad, Seattle decided to show off with 70 degree weather. Oh well 🙂 IMG_3437

One of my college roommates signed up to run the 1-mile race with me on Saturday. I was really looking forward to running with her. Saturday was all kids races except for the adult 1-mile race at 9:15am.  IMG_3435

We got up early and headed over to Carlsbad to be sure that we had enough time to pick up our bibs before the race. Parking was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be, so we had plenty of time to walk around the expo and watch some of the kids run. It was the sweetest thing ever. They had 1/4 mile to 1 mile races depending on age. IMG_6488

The expo was awesome, lots of fun stuff to look at. We got to sample Glukos, the race fuel that is on all the Rock N Roll race courses this year. I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t use gels because I can’t stand the texture and I’m not a fan of the ingredient list. However, Glukos is much different, it’s not a gel, it’s a liquid and the ingredient list is much better! I liked the gummies too. Looking forward to seeing these out on the RNR courses this year. IMG_3440

Sambazon was there with smoothie bowl samples too! I am obsessed with smoothie bowls, so I got pretty excited about this.IMG_3441IMG_6485

At the start line, they had us line up by what we thought our mile time would be. It was one big wave, but the people who were going to run faster were in the front. I lined up with the 8 minute milers. I wasn’t sure how fast I could race a mile. In longer distances I run 845-930/mile so I figured I could at least run an 8 minute mile.IMG_6492

The race started and we took off fast. 1/4 mile in I started to feel nauseous. I started too fast. (When I looked at my times after the race, I was running a 6:00/pace, and my stomach wasn’t having it!) I slowed myself a little bit, and after the next 1/4 mile, I was able to turn up the speed again. Before I knew it, we were passing the 3/4 mile sign. WHAT?! We just started! It was all downhill to the finish line.

I was still a ways away but could see the clock and it said 7:15, I thought, “come on, you can get in under 7:30”! I tried so hard to make it, but missed it by 1 second. I am very happy with the results considering I had zero expectations. I am excited to see how my mile time improves.IMG_6520

The finish line was amazing! They had all the goodies, even for a 1 mile race. There were snacks, water and gatorade if you wanted one.  Everyone also got a medal!IMG_6494

Once I was out of the finisher area, I found some shade to cool off a bit. Then we headed over to get our shirts. I really appreciated that we could pick them up after the race so we didn’t have to find somewhere to stow them while running. IMG_3453

Since we were already there, I picked up my bib for the all day 20K the next day. The race is super close to the beach, so soaked up some waves before leaving. IMG_3457 IMG_6518

The one mile distance is a lot of fun. I am totally new to it, but I can’t wait to run it again. It is such a fast race and over before you know it. I am so glad that Rock N Roll added this to the Carlsbad 5000 line up. It’s great for racers and a less intimidating distance for new runners.


Have you ever raced a mile? 

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about my race on Sunday, the all day 20K. Be sure to check that out!

4 thoughts on “My First Mile Race: Carlsbad 5000 Recap Part 1”

  1. Wow, great time!!! Loved reading about this!!! 1 mile is so different and interesting! And fast! Glad you had a great time. Look forward to reading more!

    1. Hey Jenna! Thanks so much. I was surprised at my time, and now of course want to see if I can do it faster. LOL! Im so glad you enjoyed the post and that you found my blog. Maybe Ill see you at a future race!! XOXO Sarah

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