[The Friday Five] My Favorite Treats

Happy Friday! I don’t know how another week has already come and gone; time is flying! This week on the Friday Five, I’m sharing my 5 favorite treats with you. Looking at this list, most of them are pretty healthy, but like anything, should still be enjoyed in moderation. 

1) Bissinger’s Chocolate Bars 

Chocolate is one of my favorite treats – but not just any chocolate. It’s gotta be GOOD chocolate. Dark chocolate is my most fav, and right now I am loving Bissinger’s dark chocolate coffee toffee! Find these at Metropolitan Market, QFC & Fred Meyer in the PNW! img_7967

2) Arctic Zero Ice Cream

Ice cream is more of a summer treat for me, but I still love it occasionally in the colder months. Arctic Zero is one of my favorites as it is a guilt free version of ice cream made with pretty ‘clean’ ingredients. My favorite new flavor? Cake Batter!!! YUM!img_5310

3) Quest Bars 

You can’t go wrong with a Quest bar. They come in so many different flavors and are perfect when you want to #CheatClean!! The new blueberry muffin is SO GOOD! It’s my new fav. S’mores is a very close second! img_7443

4) Chococurb Box 

Do you love trying new kinds of chocolate?! This subscription box is the perfect solution for you! I love all the fun things I have gotten to try in my boxes. Get new kinds of quality chocolate every month and you will always have a new one to try when you need it. Check it out all the possibilities HEREfullsizerender

5) Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas

You really can’t go wrong with gummy bears & these gummy pandas are delicious! You open the bag and can instantly smell the real fruit extracts they are made with. My favorite time to have these for a treat is on a long run, it’s the perfect mid-run fuel! If running isn’t your thing, they also go well with movie night haha 😀img_7966

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