Let’s HitTheBarreWithZICO: My FlyBarre Experience

I love a good barre class! Why? I think it is the perfect way to get in resistance training while also hitting ALL the areas that people want to target. It is a true full body workout with arms, abs, legs and booty. Best of all, it can be modified to fit all fitness levels. So when I got invited to HitTheBarre with Zico Coconut Water, I was so excited. This was my first FlyBarre 45 class & I loved it so much, I’ve taken a few since. hitthebarre-68

HitTheBarre was a partnership between Zico Coconut Water and Flywheel, and the lovely Portia hosted. I had such an amazing time. Jujubeet, High Brew Coffee, Seven Salon, Zico and Clinique were all at the event. You could get your make up touched up, your hair braided and sample fun treats before or after the 45 minute class. hitthebarre-72My sister came with me and it was so much fun to sweat it out with her in the barre class together. The class, unlike some other barre studios, was 45 minutes, but don’t think that we didn’t work hard. I actually think I got a better workout in 45 mins than I do in 60 mins at some other barre studios. 

We worked our arms using our own body weight, resistance bands & dumbbells. Our abs were burning from planks and resistance band work. Then we used this innocent little ball to burn out our legs. Not only was it a good workout, but we did it to fun music and had a blast. hitthebarre-77hitthebarre-89

We got a beautiful swag bag to take home as well! This was just the icing on the cake. hitthebarre-45hitthebarre-12

How cute and adorable is Les?? Check her out www.theBalancedBerry.com

The workout was sweaty, fun and I definitely felt it the next day. It was so much fun to enjoy this with my sister and fellow Seattle bloggers. img_7499

Want to try a FlyBarre class? Click here to find a studio near you. If you are in Seattle, there is a studio in Bellevue of South Lake Union. There are 3 different class options – FlyBarre 45 – 45 minute full body workout; FlyBarre 60 – an extra 15 mins to really feel the burn; FlyBarre Sport – a 60 min workout that concentrates more on upper body and core. hitthebarre-73

I have tried all three classes and while I like al of them, my favorite is FlyBarre 60. I’m definitely a FlyBarre addict. I highly encourage you to try it, it’s great for all fitness levels! hitthebarre-23

Professional photos courtesy of Sukha Yoga Photos

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  1. I am finding that classes really help me keep up with my motivation. And a great way to meet like minded people.

    Thanks for sharing about the “Hit the Barre” classes. And that swag is such a bonus. Totally awesome! 🙂

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