How To Make My Favorite Butter Lettuce Salad

I love me a good salad. If you have been part of the community on my blog for sometime, you know this. However recently,  I have been getting more adventurous with flavor combos and ingredients. Today I am sharing my most recent creation, which has become a favorite for my lunches at work. It’s so easy to throw together the night before or in the morning before you leave. I know you will look forward to eating this salad as much as I do! 

Lately I have been crushing on butter lettuce! I posted a recipe last week that was a huge hit. Lucky for me, my butter lettuce crush happens to coincide with OrganicGirl’s launch of their new lettuce blends of ‘butter’ and ‘butter, plus’ which are both delicious blends of butter lettuce.  I used the ‘butter, plus’ blend in this recipe and it is so delicious. The reason I love butter lettuce so much is because of the different texture it brings to the salad. It is buttery, rich and a nice change from the mixed greens I usually eat. You can also mix butter lettuce with mixed greens for a different texture and salad combo that is also delicious. 

The one ingredient that really makes this salad is the OrganicGirl white cheddar dressing. I wasn’t sure if I would like this dressing or not as I don’t usually use salad dressing, but it is really, really good! You don’t need that much either, a little bit goes a long way and it totally makes this salad. 

As a delicious healthy lunch or fun summer dinner on the BBQ, this salad is for you!

Beets & Butter Lettuce Salad 


1 clamshell of OrganicGirl ‘butter, plus’ lettuce 
2 small cooked beets, chopped
1/4 cup shelled sunflower seeds 
2 grilled chicken breasts, sliced 
4T OrganicGirl white cheddar dressing 


1) Toss lettuce, beets, sunflower seeds and dressing in a bowl. 
2) Top with chicken breast.
3) Dig in and enjoy!! 

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