Run, Make History & Help a Charity with United Relay!

I’m excited to announce that this Wednesday, April 27th, I will be running a 5K at Seward Park in Seattle to kick off the United Relay!! Seattle is the start the Red Route which will eventually end in NYC. There is a White Route taking off from San Fransisco and Blue Route taking off from LA on other days. 

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What is super cool is that the United Relay is making running history! This is the first non-stop running relay!! Together with 9,000 other runners, you can run across the USA. That would be a LOT to do alone, but it will be possible because of the team work. There will be a baton passed from runner to runner. There are group stages and individual stages. The 5K I will be running is a group stage. The individual stages are longer distances that have a lead runner and others can join in on the route as well. 

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All of this running is to raise money for charity. You can sign up to run any stage and any leg. There is probably one close to you since they are covering the whole US! United Relay was generous enough to provide a discount code of 30% off! Click here to sign up to run the 5K with me in Seattle, or here for 30% off anywhere else

In case you needed extra incentive, when you sign up you are entered to win a trip to NYC and meet Alicia Keys

alicia keys

I am excited to be participating in the kick off here in Seattle with Aftershockz and my Sweat Pink sisters. A few of them are coming up from Portland to run! I cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for a Seattle Sweat Pink meet up. 

anytime I am with my fellow Sweat Pink gals, it’s always a blast!

Not only am I excited to see my Sweat Pink sisters and make running history, I am also excited to try out the new Aftershockz technology. Since I got my first pair of wireless headphones, I am addicted. The Aftershockz technology is unique in that the headphones don’t actually go in your ear. Using bone conduction technology, Aftershockz allows you to hear your music and your surroundings all at the same time. I can’t wait to try these out & make road/city runs safer.

It’s going to be a blast! Join me and let’s make running history!!

Disclaimer: I received an entry to United Relay as a Sweat Pink ambassador. I value authenticity & honesty; as always, all options are my own. 

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