It’s Here! SOULCYCLE is Officially in SEATTLE!

It’s time to celebrate party people…. SOULCYCLE is OFFICIALLY in Seattle! The SOUL revolution started in NYC and is spreading throughout the country. One of the newest studios is right here in the PNW and you must go check it out! Why?? I’ll explain right here in this post. 

SoulCycle is one of the most amazing group fitness classes I have gone to. I tried it for the first time at the Seattle pop-up last January. My second time was a few weeks ago at the new studio in Bellevue. Isn’t it just a spin class? NOPE. It is so much more than that! 

SoulCycle has revolutionized indoor cycling by combining a full body, rhythm-based workout with a mind/body component. It’s a music based cardio workout with those yoga vibes that instantly makes your day better. As SoulCycle describes it, “it’s an inspirational experience, a cardio-dance party, an emotional and physical experience that creates inner and outer strength.” 

It’s unlike anything else I have ever done.

The class I took a few weeks ago & it was out of this world. The class was 45 mins and it went by so fast because I was having so much fun. The playlist was amazing, every song was so much fun to ride to. You ride to the beat of the music, and by the end of class you don’t even realize all the work you just did. 

You leave a better person

I have been back a few times since my inaugural ride in the Seattle studio and each time I get the best workout, have the most fun, and get an amazing take away for my day/week. 

You get an amazing endorphin rush and in every class I have taken there, I leave a better person. I have worked thru something on the bike and leave empowered, enlightened and inspired. It sounds crazy, but the first class I almost broke out in tears. Magic happens on the bike y’all!!

The beatz are REAL

Music at SoulCycle is THE BEST. I mean, it should be, since we are riding to the beat. Every playlist is amazing & the music gives me life. You focus on the beat and let your body do the work. I get lost in the music, the vibe, the experience, and forget it’s even a workout. 

My favorite part of the class is when I get lost in the beat and the music. That is when those magical moments happen. 

Why you should try it

– Do you love music driven workouts? If you do, then you must try SoulCycle.
– Looking for a new & fun way to sweat? Wanna get in a great cardio workout without being on a boring machine at the gym?? SOULCYCLE

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