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My Favorite Spring Race: Blooms to Brews [Race Recap]

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The Blooms to Brews marathon, half marathon and 10K is my favorite spring race. I ran the half marathon last year, and this year I was back for the 10K. This is a race that you must add to your bucket list. Blooms, brews, beautiful course, flat… what more could you ask for!?

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Day 2: Disney Enchanted 10K – Every Mile was Magic

As I laid out ‘flat Sarah’ for the Enchanted 10K on Friday night, I was both nervous and excited. All these different thoughts were going thru my head. “Was I crazy for wearing this costume?” “How was I going to fall asleep?” “Did I forget anything?” “What is it going to be like?” “Would it really be a magical run?” 

I was Elsa from her coronation day!

There were so many ‘firsts’ for me on this run. The Disney Enchanted 10K was my first Disney race as well as the first half of the Glass Slipper Challenge. To earn you glass slipper you must run the 10K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday.  It was my first run in a costume and my first run that started at 5:30am in the morning! So early, but as I would soon learn, SO worth it. 

I was nervous about the 3:50am wake up call, especially because my body was still kinda on West Coast time which made that 12:50am! My alarm went off on Saturday and surprisingly, I popped out of bed. It was the excitement that got me up. IMG_2177

We stayed on Disney property, but not in a Disney hotel, so I was unable to take the shuttle to the race area. I was nervous about the traffic because Disney said it would be bad, but it ended up being just fine! We arrived to the start area about 4:30am. There was plenty to do. I wandered around, taking everything in, then decided to jump in line to try to snap a pic before I had to head to the corral. IMG_2066

I was placed in corral A, the first group to start! Again, because this was my first Disney race, I had NO idea what to expect. Fairy Godmother was at the start line to give us the send off along with fireworks!!!!! 

so MANY people! This was us walking out of the corral towards the start line.

We were off, and I quickly realized that the tag line Disney uses, every mile is magic, is so true! These were the quickest 6.2 miles I have ever ran. By quick I don’t mean speediest miles, I mean they were the most fun! The enchanted 10K was truly enchanted!

Elsa & Anna! It was even ‘snowing’!

I ran by Elsa and Anna, Tinkerbell, Pocahontas, and then I arrived to the magical world of Epcot. It was beautiful! I had never been to the park, so my first time seeing everything was while running. Because it was still pitch black outside, the park was all lit up like it is at night. It was spectacular.

While I was running this race for fun, not for time, I decided that I would only stop for the characters I really wanted a picture with. When I stopped for my first picture with Pinocchio, it was so fast and fun, I was instantly addicted! IMG_2079

Next up was Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty & the Beast. IMG_2084

How cute are they?!?! 
The character stops were such a fun element to the race and completely unique to Disney. Also a fun way to grab a breather!

I found Cinderella on mile marker #4, so of course I had to snap a picture with her! 

The sun was just barley coming up and I was nearing the finish. I stopped to take one more picture of the Epcot ‘ball’ because it looked so pretty. IMG_2089

Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line! IMG_2098

I got the beautiful medal, got more pictures taken, grabbed the post race snacks and found Andy. Disney is so freaking organized it makes the race and finish area much more pleasant. 

example of the organization, the post race snacks come in a BOX!!!!


In the post race party area, there were more photo opps, this time with princesses! I had no idea these would be there so I got excited. I am glad Disney knows it’s customers so well, we LOVE pictures!

IMG_2113Tiana was stunning! 



I didn’t know if I should stay off my feet to get ready for the half marathon, or if we should hit up one of the Disney parks. This really friendly girl I met in line while waiting for pictures post race was a RunDisney veteran. She recommended we go to a park because you stay loose and don’t get sore. Besides, I was not running the half marathon to be fast, it was all about the experience! We went back to the hotel to freshen up and then off to Epcot we went! 


Have you ever ran a runDisney 10K? How was the experience for you?

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