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Why I Love My Newest Gear from 2XU [Review + Discount]

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Vectr socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. I value authenticity & honesty; all opinions are my own.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know that since I started running, I’ve fallen in love with 2XU. It all started when my sports doctor recommended a pair of 2XU compression tights. Since then, my collection of compression gear has grown. Compression is a HOT topic in the running world. There are many benefits of compression, and it’s a tool that I like to use both on runs and in recovery. 

loving the 2XU booth at the Hot Chocolate expo this year. Also saw them at the runDisney expo!

My most recent addition to my compression collection are the  performance run calf sleeves and vectr socks from 2XU. IMG_2562

Vectr Socks

The great thing about compression calf sleeves vs full compression socks is that you can wear your favorite running sock with them. The kind of running socks you wear can literally make or break your run!  

Bad socks = blisters, rubbing and painful miles. Good socks = blissful miles! I don’t want to feel my socks on my run. The best sock is one you forget you are wearing, and the vectr sock is exactly that! 

To find the best sock, look for one with strategic padding and high quality material. IMG_2561The vectr socks feature X-LOCK technology that reduces friction which reduces the chance of blisters. The X-LOCK also supports the arch of your foot and ankle for impact cushioning. 

You will notice there is a specific sock for the right and left foot – this is not because you don’t know how to put socks on. Each sock has specific padding and fit for the corresponding foot. IMG_3129

The vectr socks are breathable (no stinky feet here!) and lightweight making them perfect for any season of running. They are also cute & come in fun colors (major plus in my book)!

Compression Sleeves

I pair my 2XU vectr socks with the performance calf sleeves. They go together like peanut butter and jelly!IMG_3116IMG_2709Could they be worn separately? Yes, but I wear them together. This allows me to get all the compression benefits from the sleeves, like faster muscle warm up & reduced muscle soreness, and the supreme comfort of the vectr socks. FullSizeRender

The compression sleeves are also perfect for all seasons. They are made from a PWX compression fabric that is breathable & sweat wicking. They feature a seamless construction for maximum comfort and come in all different colors from neutrals to brights. IMG_2577

How I use them

Compression sleeves I use mainly on runs or during some sort of activity. I especially like to use them when my muscles are tired or sore. The vectr socks are great on runs too. The padding and cushioning makes for some really comfortable miles. IMG_2968

This combo can also be worn for recovery purposes. If my legs feel tired in the morning, I will put these on to get my legs psyched up for a run later. I also will leave them on for a little bit post run! 

Wearing 2XU gear may induce jumping on runs 😛 

2xu jump

Why I’m in love!

All my 2XU gear is extremely comfortable and really helps with my performance. That is what they are all about: human performance multiplied.
They compression sleeves and vectr socks are no exception. They are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them and they make my muscles and feet happy. These are an awesome addition to my compression collection and a great tool to have for long runs & recovery. 

Get 15% off 2XU 

Want to grab some vectr socks and compression sleeves for yourself? Use the discount code TRAIN15 for 15% off!
Valid on full price products only. Expires April 30, 2016. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or offer. 

The Great Debate about Compression Socks: Is it Heart or Hype?

In the running world, compression socks are everywhere. You see them as a part of running outfits on casual runs and at races. They have become a total fashion statement. They come in fun prints, bright colors and even seasonal patterns. For some, compression socks are part of the ‘running essentials’, and to others it’s just all hype. As an active part of the running community, I hear people talk about this all the time. Do compression socks really make a difference in running? Are they necessary? Let’s answer those questions: is compression heart or hype?

When I started running, I was obviously new to the sport and didn’t know what shoes to be wearing let alone whether compression was necessary or not. I was first introduced to compression gear by my sports doctor. I had an unhappy muscle and he recommended 2XU compression tights to help me recover form the injury faster and help that muscle perform better during running. I gave compression tights a try and they really worked. Now I own several pairs of compression socks and tights. compression socks

How does compression work?

Compression gear, tights, socks, sleeves, promote blood flow to the muscles. This is beneficial because it increases your performance by increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles. Increased blood flow to your muscles also helps them recover faster. Are you feeling sore? Throw on some compression gear, it will help reduce soreness. Compression also reduces muscle oscillation (muscle movement) which keeps your muscles from getting as fatigued. Essentially, you stay strong, longer. 

As you can see, these benefits are extremely beneficial in an endurance sport such as running. 

Different types of compression socks.

There are lots of options when it comes to compression socks; however the benefits are the same. You can choose from a knee length sock or a calf sleeve. Advantage to calf sleeve is you can wear your favorite running socks. 

Calf sleeve is best used during activity. I.E.: walking, running or standing. Full sock is best used during activity OR recovery. I.E.: long periods of sitting, post run. 

My favorites:
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.42.54 PM



X Performance Run Sock IMG_9678

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.44.21 PM



Performance Run


There are several compression brands and I have tried several of them. 2XU is my favorite. I find that their products are very well made and engineered to work. I highly recommend. 

Heart or Hype? 

Compression socks are not just hype, the benefits of compression have been proven by science. Are compression socks necessary? No, they are not an absolute must for everyone. Will they help you? Probably!

I don’t wear compression socks on every single run, but I do use them as a tool to help me be a stronger runner and recover faster.

Everyone is different, so I suggest you give compression socks a try before you bash them. Try it on a short run and on a long run and see how they work for you. 

Want to learn more? 2XU created the tag line “heart not hype” which was part of the inspiration behind this post. Watch their video HEREIMG_2756

Have you tried compression socks? What do you think, heart or hype??

How to Keep You Legs Warm on Winter Runs

Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU Hyoptik tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

It’s January and I’m still running outside. Last year I took the winter months ‘off’ of running because I couldn’t fathom the idea of running in the cold, wind & rain. Sure, I live in the PNW, so our weather is not as extreme as some other areas of the USA, but it is certainly not ideal running weather. This year I signed up for a few winter races, so I am training outdoors. Like I mentioned last week, winter running conditions can be tough, but thankfully there are a lot of great products to make it more tolerable. IMG_1024

I have long legs and I am always cold, so finding a way to keep my legs warm in cold temps was a must. A pair of regular leggings just wasn’t cutting it, so when I was introduced to the 2XU hyoptik  thermal compression tights, they became another one of my winter running must-haves. Not only do you get all the benefits of a compression tight, these thermal tights are lined with fleece so they keep you nice and warm. The fleece is not bulky or hot, they feel like other leggings I own, yet are much warmer. Unlike some other thermal leggings I have tried, these are really comfortable and easy to move in. They also have reflective logos so you are more visible in low lights. This is super important year around, but especially in winter when the days are so short. IMG_0472.JPG

With our temps in the PNW, wearing these tights alone keeps me plenty warm. The coldest I have worn these in is 30 degrees.  Some of my BibRavePro buddies that live in colder places have used the hyoptik tights as a base layer with a pair of sweats over and stayed plenty warm. IMG_0882.JPG

For me, the hyoptik compression tights have really cut the wind chill I used to feel on runs. I really feel warm and toasty after the first half mile. Once my muscles warm up, these tights keep them insulated. It’s not a stuffy insulated, however, the hyoptik tights are still breathable. They let the sweat out and keep the warmth in! IMG_1114.JPG

The hyoptik tights are not only functional, but they are also very comfortable. They have a thick waistband that doesn’t cut in and sits very comfortably on runs & zero chaffing with the flat seams. They are also great to wear for recovery if you are out and about on a chilly day. The 2XU hyoptik tights would also be a great base layer for snow sports! Since I dislocated my shoulder the last time I was on the mountain, I have not tried this yet, but next time I go, I will be wearing my 2XU!IMG_0801.JPG

I am so thankful to have added these to my running wardrobe this season. They have made winter runs much more tolerable and allow me to get out and train on a regular basis. These will be my go to tights until the weather warms back up.IMG_1012.PNG

If you aren’t a fan of full length tights, 2XU also makes these in a 7/8 tight and a crop. Check out the 2XU Hyoptik collection HERE.

Do you take your workouts outdoors in the winter? 

Stay Sweaty!


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Compression Benefits & Why You Need it, Runner or Not!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU compression tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find & write race reviews!

Whether or not you should use compression is a hot topic. You will find people who swear by compression socks and others who think compression gear is silly. Makes sense because different things work for different people right? When I started running, I had no idea what compression was, so I didn’t use it. It wasn’t until I had an unhappy thigh muscle that I was introduced to compression leggings by my sports doctor. As you will see, there are lots of compression benefits whether you are a runner or not. IMG_8803

The best compression tights

There are several ‘big’ compression brands that make all different kinds of compression gear. Hands down, 2XU makes the best compression leggings. They extremely comfortable and work very well; they feel like a second skin. Whether you wear them to exercise in or for recovery, they are very functional. My muscles are so happy after they get some time in 2XU compression tights.  

In my first pair of compression tights

When my sports doctor recommended them to me, he told me to get a pair of 2XU compression tights. They helped me recover from my unhappy muscle and get back to running. Those were the regular compression tights and they worked wonderfully. These elite MCS compression tights are another level of comfort and technology. I love these even more than my first pair. See below for what makes the MCS tights super awesome.IMG_8802

How do I use them?

I do run in compression tights from time to time; however I mainly use them for recovery. For example, once I get home from a long run or a big race, I put on my compression tights for the rest of the day or the day following the race. Post-leg day, I like to wear compression tights to help combat the muscle soreness. FullSizeRender-2
If I am up for a run and my muscles are super sore, I will run in my compression tights and my muscles feel great. I also like to run in them when it is cold. Sine the blood flow to my muscles is increased, my legs stay warmer in the cold. compression benefits

What are the compression benefits for everyone?

After any kind of exercise, we all suffer from muscle soreness to some extent. When you muscles get strained, the micro-tears cause soreness and when the muscles repair they get stronger. By using compression gear, the blood flow to your muscles increases meaning that those tears recover faster and your soreness goes away much quicker. This also means that you can bounce back faster and kick more butt in your workouts because you recover quicker. Whether you are a runner, a cross fitter, a walker, a weight lifter or you love Zumba, compression tights will help with your recovery. IMG_7675

If you do not exercise, compression is still helpful because again, it increases blood flow to your muscles. What that means for the non-exerciser is that it can help reduce swelling. If you have swelling/fluid retention in your feet or ankles, compression socks may help. (Be sure to check with your doctor first) It also helps with circulation and for people with certain medical conditions compression can be helpful.
I like to wear compression socks or tights on airplane flights as it helps with the circulation while I am sitting for long periods of time. 

compression benefits
on the airplane

Why the Elite MCS Tights are worth the investment

The new MCS tights from 2XU are the BEST. The technology is out of this world. MCS stands for muscle containment stamping. This creates a targeted compression as there is a support system traced over each key muscle group on the inside of the tights. Not only is this muscle mapping extremely effective, the felt on the inside of the tights that creates the mapping is very comfortable. The tights smooth lines so there is no uncomfortable chaffing or rubbing. This makes the tights feel like an extension of your body, you almost forget you are wearing them.compression benefits

The MCS tights also make you look like a bad a**. I don’t know if it is the black and gold that catches peoples attention or small muscle mapping details on the outside of tights, but people looked at me differently when I wore these around or trained in them. Seriously. I do not say this to toot my own horn, it’s the tights!
I have gotten lots of compliments and questions on them.  These tights make you look like you mean business. Not only are they effective and will help you become a better athlete, they also up your level of bad-assery which is a major plus in my book. 😀 FullSizeRender-1

Don’t just take my word for it 

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Tell me: Do you use compression tights or socks? What questions do you have about compression benefits?

Stay Sweaty!!