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My Fav Finds & Deals – Cyber Monday!!!

Happy Monday! This is arguably one of the best Monday’s of the year if you enjoy online shopping. There are some great deals out there this week and I want to be sure that you know about them. 

This is NOT a sponsored post, I am just sharing with you brands that I love and use that are having GREAT sales right now. 😀

My Thanksgiving weekend was great, full of family, a little bit of fashion, took some time off from my job and blog and just chilled. It was so long and wonderful, why can’t every weekend be a 4 day weekend??? haha. Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.30.53 AM

Sooooo, if you need me today, I will be shopping online and decorating for Christmas… check out these deals!!

1) I’m particularly excited about QUEST NUTRITION’s SALE!!
I may or may not have already placed an order, and may place another. It’s 25% off the whole entire site!!!!!! (minus protein powder because it’s new & they don’t have a huge enough supply – said they will do a separate promo later for the powder) They are also offering FREE SHIPPING if you spend over $39.99! 

Use code CYBERUS for the 25% discount
The chips are yummy and fun to use in recipes…but my FAVORITE are the protein bars. Since I am going to be traveling come Christmas, I am 100% stocking up on the protein bars! They are awesome to use in fun recipes, like this one, GREAT for traveling, to keep in your purse to avoid “hanger”  or when you want a treat. 

In case you didn’t know, they are GLUTEN FREE! They are also the least doctored up protein bar out there (minus a homemade bar). My fav flavors are white choc raspberry, cookies & cream (pictured above), choc chip cookie dough, double choc chunk and apple pie.

Click the image to view & use code CYBERUS for 25% off
OR click here
These NEVER go on sale, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.
Check out the sale here! 

2) Blendtec Blender – refurbished models & $50 off + free shipping
Do you like green smoothies or protein shakes? Tried of drinking chunky smoothies??? You need a high power blender like the Blendtec! Seriously, my life changed when I found high powered blenders. They can pulverize anything, including ice and whole fruits. You can use them to make soup/sauces AND they will basically do anything your food processor will do. 

This is a SCREAMIN’ deal because not only are they allowing you to buy a refurbished blender which is at a hugely discounted price, they are also giving you an additional $50 off. If you have ever wanted a high power blender, now is the time! These are normally $400-$600 blenders, and they are MORE than half off! 
Click HERE to see what blender models are available and don’t miss out on this awesome offer!

Blendtec Blenders
3) 30% off TRX!!! (& free shipping!)

Again, something else that NEVER goes on sale. To get 30% off and free shipping, use the code CYBER!
The TRX is the ultimate in body weight workouts. These straps can be used anywhere there is a doorway and provide resistance using your own body weight. They are super cool and allow for low impact exercises with high impact results. Save up to 30% on Everything TRX.

TRX would be it’s own blog post, so to avoid writing too much, click on the image above  to read more about what TRX can do for you and the possibilities. I had talked about purchasing one before, but opted to do yoga instead. At these prices, I am probably going to purchase one! 

Click HERE to get exclusive access to this sale – be sure to use the code CYBER at checkout to get the 30% off and free shipping

4) 25% off select Under Armour gear and free shipping!

I LOVE UNDER ARMOUR! Whether you run, are a yoga fanatic or just like to lounge, they have it all and it’s all high quality! The basic UA big logo hoodie is 25% off & it’s a super comfy hoodie for anyone on your list. Be sure to check out the GIFT GUIDE too! Great suggestions! They also have FREE SHIPPING (this will last longer than just cyber Monday I believe)

5) Kate Spade 30% off EVERYTHING!

Need I say more… 
Just be sure to use the code CYBER30! 

Check out some of the super cute new arrivals in this fun video starring Anna Kendrick who you probably know from Pitch Perfect 😀

6) Nordstrom – 10 pts per dollar spent
Many of you may be like, who cares, BUT 10 pts per dollar is a huge deal! It’s normally only 2 points per dollar. If you have gifts to buy from Nordstrom, NOW is the time to do it!
 Nordstrom points is basically a loyalty program and after spending so much money, you get a gift certificate you can spend on whatever you want. You can read about them here.
They also have stuff on SALE! Up to 40% off online. Cool-ness!!Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.49.57 AM

Hope you enjoy browsing these deals as much as I will. Online shopping is fun to me because I can browse and don’t feel as much pressure to buy. It’s like window shopping but from the comfort of your own home (or office hehe).
Let me know if there is any other sales you are excited about!

Stay sweet!