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5 Tips To Help You Last Minute Train For A Race

Have you ever signed up for a race and then all of a sudden before you know it the race is next weekend?! I have! With a race around the corner, feeling like you aren’t prepared is no fun. Today I am sharing five tips with you that will help you get ready for are day, last minute. 

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My next Race-cation Plans, Portland Style!

You know you love running & travel when one race-cation is not even over, and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Like I mentioned last week, April and June are big race months for me. This last weekend I was in Carlsbad, CA for the Rock N Roll Carlsbad 5000, and next weekend I will be in the Portland area for Blooms 2 Brews. I’m planning a fun weekend and I am really looking forward to visiting some of my favorite places in Portland. 

Blooms 2 Brews takes place Woodland which is in Southern Washington. It is about a 2 hour drive from Seattle and a 30 minute drive from Portland. The plan is to hang out in Portland on Saturday and then run the half marathon on Sunday with an epic brunch after. 

I have been to Portland a few times over the last few years and it has been a fun city to explore. This trip I am excited to try a few new things as well as visit a few of my favorite places. 

Here is what I have planned so far:

  1. Take a yoga class at Flex & Flow!
    Flex-and-Flow-logo_black-horizontal-300pxJaime, one of the founders of Sweat Pink, opened her own yoga studio in Portland. I met Jaime at Blogfest last year and have been wanting to go down and take a class at her studio. This is the perfect chance! 
  2. See some of my Sweat Pink gals
    I hope to see Jaime and Liz either at the yoga studio (mentioned above) or for a coffee date! I got to hang with them last summer at Blogfest and I would love to see them again! 
  3. Get my taco fix at Porque No!
    We discovered this place after running the Portland Marathon in 2014. The tacos are AMAZING! Some of the best I have had in the USA. I have tried a few other things on their menu and everything is great. Now when we are in Portland, this is a mandatory stop!
  4. Have a green smoothie at Prasad IMG_5493I found Prasad when we were in Portland for a weekend last summer. Their menu was amazing! It’s all gluten free. I got a green smoothie, which I loved, but wanted to try more. I can’t wait to go back. 
  5. Tax-Free Shopping
    Oregon has no sales tax! I would really like to get a new pair of running shorts, so I will try to make a trip to Lululemon. We may also go to Ikea, but I’m not sure we will be able to fit in the car for the ride home. We will see 🙂 
  6. See the tulips!
    I get to do this while running, talk about multi-tasking haha. The last few miles of Blooms 2 Brews run thru the tulip fields in Southern Washington. I am so excited to see them because the tulip fields are one of my favorite parts about Spring. I’ve never seen the ones in Woodland before, I have only ever seen them in Mt. Vernon, which is north of Seattle. I can’t wait! Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of pics. 
  7. Make my own pancakes at Slappy Cakes? IMG_1532We first went to Slappy Cakes in Maui. It was such a fun place! You have a griddle in the middle of the table; you can make your own pancakes with fun toppings & add ins. They had gluten free pancakes and an extensive breakfast menu. The only 2 locations in the US are in Maui and Portland. (random right??) We had so much fun in Maui that we tried to go in Portland last summer, but the wait was 2 hours, so we skipped it. I hope to maybe visit this weekend, but only if the wait time is shorter! 

I love running, but it is even better when you can turn a half marathon into a weekend getaway. I’m looking forward to running 13.1 flat miles in Blooms 2 Brews and spending some time in Portland. 

Later this week I’ll be sharing some tips on how to plan race-cations, how to pick which race(s) to travel to, and ways to save some money when traveling! 

Do you take Race-cations? Would you like to? What places/races do you have on your list?