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Running Essentials You Need to Survive Summer

The summer weather and heat makes running outdoors uncomfortable and even difficult at times. I have rounded up 7 of my favorite summer running essentials that make those warm runs easier. If you are training for a fall or winter race, running & training thru the summer is a must. I am not a huge treadmill fan, so I do all my runs outdoors. There are several things that I have found make running in the heat more tolerable. 

Summer Running EssentialsSummer Running Essentials 

1) Handheld Water Bottle 

This is a must, especially on shorter runs. Even if it is only a few miles, you will be thankful that you have some liquids with you, especially on hot days. My favorite handheld is the Hydraform by Amphipod. I love it because it is a 20oz bottle and has a huge pocket that fits a cell phone, keys and even some run fuel. I won’t use any other handheld!!  If you prefer a smaller size, it also comes in 16oz bottle

2) Electrolytes!

sipping Ultima in my Orange Mud

Hydration is important year around, but it always seems to be top of mind in the heat. After a good sweat, you need to replace the fluids and the electrolytes lost. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration are very serious things and not problems I want to be dealing with. I use  Ultima Replenisher every day post workout. I will also fill up my water bottle with it to sip on during the run. It’s delicious & they recently updated their formula so it’s not only zero sugar and zero artificial ingredients, it’s also zero calorie! 

3) Buff 

 Sweat running down your face on a run is not fun. That is where the Buff comes in! I love to use mine to wipe off the sweat. You can also get you Buff wet with cold water or stuff it with ice and use it to cool off! They can be worn all different ways and are very versatile. This is easily one of my most favorite running accessories that can be used year around.  

4) Hydration Pack

I honestly don’t know how I survived long runs last summer without a hydration pack. I LOVE the Orange Mud Hydraquiver. It is comfy, doesn’t bounce, and it doesn’t cover a huge part of your back, so you don’t get super hot. It also has pockets to hold phone and other important running necessities & the water bottle is very easy to clean. You can also check out the Hydraquiver Vest Pack and the Endurance Pack from Orange Mud. Their products are great, you won’t be disappointed. 

5) Body Glide

Chaffing is no bueno. It’s uncomfortable and can really ruin a run. Use Body Glide to prevent chaffing in areas that can rub together like thighs or arm pits. I also have some running friends that put Body Glide on their eyebrows to keep the sweat out of their eyes… GENIUS! 

6) Sunglasses

If it’s sunny, I have a hard time running without sunglasses. On short runs, I like to run in a pair of sunglasses I have from a few years ago. For long runs, I like the XX2i sunglasses – they are super light weight, comfortable & polarized lenses make super bright days easy to tolerate. 

7) A cool, sweat wicking tank

It helps if it’s stylish too, because #RunMatchy!! 😉 One of my favs that is not only super cute but also practical is the Brooks Ghost Racerback.  It’s sheer, super-soft DriLayer® moisture-wicking fabric is very light,  contains a touch of linen, and is perfect for warmer temps. It comes in so many fun colors & it’s on sale!!!  Brooks Running Women's Ghost Racerback Size: Large 592

8) A Comfy Pair of Flip Flops

After a long, hot run, I need to get my running shoes off ASAP! I  always bring along a pair of flip flops to slip into post run. If it is a long run, or super hot, my feet get a little swollen, so throwing on some open shoes like flip flops makes all the difference. I am loving the OOFOS Sport Sandal. It is super cushiony and feels like a dream!  It’s also biomechanically engineered to alleviate foot stress and soreness. It’s perfect for post run or running errands.  FullSizeRender-1

Running in the Cold? You Need This!

Disclaimer: I received a Buff Hoodie to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Freezing temps, piercing wind, cold air & a chance of rain. Why did running thru the winter sound like a good idea? I have asked myself this multiple times this year. Haha. Winter running can really put you to the test, but thankfully there are a lot of running equipment & accessories out there that make it more pleasant and allow us to keep doing what we love even when the weather wants to stop us.  

So what is this you ask?
It’s a Buff, it’s a hoodie… it’s a Buff hoodie


It’s all the amazingness of a Buff, with a hoodie attached to keep you protected and warm. It’s not your average hoodie either! The hood is Polartec® Thermal Pro® material that is wind resistant and keeps your warm. There is a double layer Buff that covers your neck and a single layer collar that can be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth. These are made of merino wool. This special wool keeps your warm up in the coldest of temperatures, but also lets the moisture out and dries quick, which means it is great for cold & sweaty activities!

IMG_0955We have been having an extra cold winter here in the PNW, and this Buff hoodie has really helped to keep me warm on many different occasions. It is so comfortable, you almost forget it is there! 

IMG_0875When running, the hood stays up on your head even without securing it. (the pic above is an action running shot & that hood is not going anywhere!)  I love it because it is like a built in hat. You pull the hood up when you want extra warmth. If you overheat, you just pull it back down.

on this run I had a built in hat with my hoodie and built in gloves!!! Most convenient running ever!

It’s amazingly functional, not to mention extremely stylish! You can use it during outdoor workouts, take it on a hike, hit the slopes OR take it to the streets.

IMG_0818The pic above was on NYE. It was below freezing that night. My Buff Hoodie had super cute street style & kept me warm. 

The Buff Hoodie allows you to turn ANY shirt or jacket into a hoodie, which is amazing in my book. It has made my cold runs a lot more pleasant and a lot more fun. I will definitely be using this thru the Spring. The merino wool is warm but breathable, unlike fleece, so you can use it in a wider range of temperatures. It’s an awesome accessory to have added to my running collection & I can’t wait to take it on more adventures with me. 

I definitely recommend it. It will make those cooler runs much more enjoyable, and it’s cute! You can shop the exact one I have HERE(it comes in other colors too!)


What is your must have for running in the cold???

Stay Sweaty!!

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My 5 Favorite Ways to Wear Full UV BUFF

Disclaimer: I received a Full UV Buff as part of being a BibRave Pro.  All opinions are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

If you have never heard of BUFF, they are a company that makes tubular headwear for all different kinds of uses. You may remember that I recently had a ton of fun with the UV Half Buff. This time around I am showing you my 5 favorite ways to wear it’s bigger brother, the full UV Buff. 

Since getting to test these products with BibRave, I have seen for myself that BUFF products really are the best accessory for any outdoor activity, especially running. The UV half is half the size of the full Buff (hence the name) and was really useful in the heat. The full buff also came in handy in the heat and I will be able to use it into the cooler months as well.  The amount of ways to use the Buff is pretty amazing…more on that later. 

About the Full BUFF

The UV Full Buff is designed to protect your head, neck and face from the elements so that you can spend more time outside. It is quick dry, which I loved, and also odor resistant. While it is tubular (one piece), it is totally seamless, so there is no rubbing or discomfort. It also comes with 95% UV protection and be worn all different ways which makes it a super versatile and personalized accessory. 

Get 10% off a BUFF!

First, if you are interested in buying a BUFF for yourself, which I highly recommend you do, you the discount code BIBRAVE10 for 10% off your whole order! They have Full and Half Buffs with UV protection like the ones I have, and others that are made out of wool which are perfect for hiking or winter sports. They come in almost any color or pattern that you can imagine. The code is valid until September 30th so don’t waste time! 

My Favorite Ways to Use the UV Full BUFF

  1. Beanie
    IMG_6121 IMG_6120
  2. Pony-Tail Holder
  3. Headband
    IMG_6187 IMG_6199
  4. Neck/Face Warmer 
     I know this will be my go to style in the cooler weather 🙂
  5. Wrist wrap 

    Obviously that was my most favorite way to wear the full Buff on my runs. 😀 I found that running I liked to use it more to wipe sweat off than I did around my head. Sometimes it also ended up like a sweat towel…IMG_6260
    see it hanging from my running belt and over my shoulder?IMG_6597

     I don’t dislike the feeling of it around my head, I just preferred to use it on my wrist. I also used it as a handkerchief at times (TMI maybe) so having it on my wrist or in my hand was helpful.  

How To Video

Want to see ALL 14 different ways you can wear the original (full) BUFF?! Watch this video below, it’s impressive. 

I LOVE my BUFFs and am going to buy a mint green one for me and I also want to get one to surprise Andy with for snowboarding season.  Be sure to use the code BIBRAVE10 if you purchase before September 30th.

You can also join me and all the other BibRavers on #bibchat on Tuesday nights at 6pm PST. We talk about all aspects of running, you will meet new people & there are prizes. 🙂

Let’s Chat:
How would you wear the Buff???

Stay Sweet!


My UV Half Buff [Review & Discount code]

Disclaimer: I received a UV Half Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

As many of you may know, I am currently training for a half marathon. That means I’m doing a lot of running 🙂 It’s been a super hot summer up here in the PNW and I’m not complaining! While I love the heat, it does mean there is a lot more sweat and more accessories needed to protect you from the sun.

This is where my awesome new UV Half Buff comes in. 


Testing this Half Buff has been such an awesome addition to my training this summer! I have used it on almost all of my training runs since I got it and not only does it wick away the sweat, this one has UV protection so my fair skin and scalp don’t get sunburned! IMG_5178

I’ve used it as a headband

wore it around my wrist to wipe sweat


wore it underneath my visor to protect my scalp and soak up sweatIMG_5023

used it to create some cool running hair-dos  

(my ponytail is flipped underneath the Buff, no hair-tie required!)

and even used it in an ’emergency situation’ to prevent chaffing on my leg during a runIMG_4766

As you can see, this baby is versatile! The other thing I loooooove is it does NOT give me a headache. Many other headbands or head accessories give me headaches after wearing them for a longer period of time. Not my Buff! It also dries extremely quickly which is a huge plus. 

I also took my UV Half Buff to my first bikram yoga class. The room is 105 degrees, so the sweat is pouring. I had my Buff on my wrist to wipe off sweat and it worked great. 

You can use it for yoga, running, hiking, biking and almost any other physical activity. They come in tons of fun colors and patterns as well as a few featuring certain U.S. states. I have the Washington one, which features beautiful Mt. Rainer, and I would like to buy this fuchsia pink one because I love pink! IMG_4332

The Half Buff is not only functional, it’s also a fun and fashionable accessory that makes your workout that much more fun and exciting. I truly believe that if you like what you are wearing when you workout, you workout harder! Overall I love the UV Half Buff and I look forward to using it more in the future. 


If you want to check out the Buffs, be sure to use this discount code BIBRAVE10 for 10% off anything on their website! 

Let’s chat:
Do you wear a headband when you run or workout?
Have you ever tried a Buff?
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below I have more info on the Buff for you along with a few other reviews from other Pros if you wish to check them out 🙂 enjoy!

Stay Sweaty & have an awesome weekend!

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More info on the Buff- 
Half the length of original UV BUFF® headwear, the UV Half BUFF® option offers efficient thermal properties, built-in sun protection and moisture management. It’s a versatile, go anywhere piece wearable at least nine different ways. 

  • Blocks 95% of UV rays*
  • Exceptional Moisture-wicking with its 4-channel fibers
  • Soft, breathable Coolmax Extreme fabric
  • Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter
  • Polygiene Active Odor Control
  • Quick drying