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Favorite Finds – IDEA World/Blogfest Edition

This week is flying by! I have so many amazing things that are going to be coming up on sweetblondesfitlife.com; giveaways, cool recipes, the anniversary of my blog and more! I am not kidding when I say you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t already subscribe here so you don’t miss out on the upcoming stuff, especially the giveaways! 

In honor of #throwbackThursday, I have a video for you of all my favorite items from IDEA World Fitness Expo and BlogFest. I am REALLY excited about the items I’m sharing with you in the video, so be sure to watch it because things get a little cray (in a good way)!!!

 Links to items mentioned in video:

Crazy Richards PB Burst 
Crazy Richards Peanut Butter/Cashew Butter
NASM personal training info
Quest Products 
Pumped Up Pancakes 
Safe Catch Tuna 
‘Drop It Like a Squat’ Tank 

Let’s Chat:
Have you tried any of these products? 
Which one would you want to try?

Stay tuned for the giveaways and exciting stuff!!

Stay Sweet!

Inspire – Blogfest 2015.

This post was meant for yesterday, but I had a myriad of technical issues that made it impossible. After fighting with my computer and getting some tech help, here we are. Enjoy! 

Today I have spent a lot of time reflecting, feeling grateful, and foam rolling. 😀 I had a TON of things on my to-do list today, but I ended up giving myself permission to not finish everything and spend some time missing my new friends from this weekend and using this inspiration to make plans for the future. This last weekend was amazing in more ways than I could imagine. I had the privilege of getting to attend the second annual Blogfest that is part of the IDEA World Fitness Conference. 

What does that mean? It means I am very sore. Haha. It also means I got to spend 4 days learning about health and fitness, working out with some of the BEST people in the business and I spent 2 of those 4 days with like minded bloggers and influencers. The days were so jammed packed, 4 days felt like 8. Today, while I feel tired and am trying to recover, I also feel extremely energized, inspired and ready to take myself and my business to the next level.Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.52.10 PM

The theme or tagline of the IDEA conference this year was “Inspire, Connect, Transform”. That is exactly what these last 4 days were all about. I am going to cover each of these topics in a separate blog posts to somewhat recap the weekend. Today I want to introduce you to 6 individuals who really inspired me this weekend. 



Through out the 4 days of the conference I was motivated, encouraged, energized, and moved. At times this energy was so high and my heart was so full that I teared up. There was inspiration around every corner. 

Blogfest is made possible by the amazing ladies of Sweat Pink, Jaime & Alyse. They started this amazing community and get a lot of us bloggers together each year at Blogfest which is part of the IDEA conference. This second year of Blogfest was incredible. I am so incredibly thankful for and inspired by these women. IMG_0021

I went from not really knowing who they were last year and kind of saying “hi” (I wasn’t part of Sweat Pink yet), to getting to know them over dinner this year. As a fellow entrepreneur, I see them as role models, but also as friends. They are amazing women who have accomplished so much. I admire them and am so inspired by them because of all the hard work they have put in to get to where they are today. I am so thankful for them and the leaders that they are. They have become role-models and have inspired me to keep working hard and never give up. I look forward to spending more time with these women in the future. 

After Blogfest kicked off in the morning, we headed to the opening ceremony. The tears started when Anthony Robles shared his story. He was given the inspiration award and it didn’t take us long to realize why. He was born with one leg, and when he was 14, he fell in love with wrestling. Very few people believed in him, but his mom always told him, “don’t be ashamed God made you that way for a reason”. As you can see below, he went on to become a 3 time All-American and was the 2011 NCAA Division 1 National Champion!Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.00.20 PM  His story was incredibly inspirational and reminded me why I love fitness so much. Fitness shows people their true potential, it also pushes us to defy the odds and see what is possible. Not only is fitness inspiring, but it pushes us to be better. I will never forget this quote from Anthony’s speech: “Through blood, sweat and tears, I am unstoppable”. #TRUTH!

Later in the day we heard from Natalie Jill and ways to build our blogs and businesses with Pinterest. Not only is Natalie a fitness professional, she also teaches people how to build their brand and business. Besides the awesome tips she shared with us, she also shared her amazing story. She hit her rock bottom after getting a divorce. She created a vision board and started taking pictures on smart phone to share her journey. Those pictures eventually became part of a PDF she sold, which launched her whole business. IMG_0036
Some of my favorite takeaways were, “if you have a smart phone, you can start a business” and “you create your opportunities, there are no short cuts to cheat the system”. Natalie left me feeling inspired in my business and in my life. 

The next day we had our keynote speaker Gabby Reece share her story and her new workout with us. I wasn’t all that familiar with who Gabby was before the conference but now I understand why so many people love her and what she is doing. She talked about not training for a specific event but training for life. We are in it for the long run, it doesn’t always have to be a hardcore workout, it needs to become something you weave into your everyday life. We need to find a way to help women (and men) “get it done”. While she isn’t exclusively talking to women, she focuses on them because exercise and taking care of yourself seems to be the first thing to go when life gets stressful or tough. (Can I get an amen?!) IMG_0086
She shared some of her struggles she had as an athlete and she said, “you will never regret working as hard as you can as long as you have fun”. This applies to athleticism as well as business. This reconfirmed some of the hard decisions I have had to make over the last year. Now, not only am I working hard but I am also having fun 🙂IMG_0090After her inspirational talk, we got to try her new workout, HIGHX. Let me tell you, the workout was kick-butt! So much fun and so much sweat. Gabby not only inspired me to continue sharing fitness with the world, but she also reminded me that you have to do the best you can and be true to you. People may not approve and there may be haters, but don’t quiet your talents because of what other people think. 

IMG_0063Since Blogfest is part of the IDEA conference, we also get access to 2 days of fitness/nutrition sessions of our choosing. On Saturday I took a class with Krista Popowych. I was super excited because 1) it was a class about partner workouts and 2) because she won the IDEA fitness instructor of the year award in 2014.  I remember seeing her up on stage last year thinking “I would love to meet her”. IMG_0091After taking this class with her, I can see why she won the award. She is a wonderful instructor, she really wanted us to learn. She inspired me to become a better fitness instructor myself. I want to help people, and I will be able to do that more effectively by becoming a better instructor and teaching more classes. 

Blogfest and IDEA World not only left me inspired in fitness, it also inspired my business, reminded me why I started, refreshed my passion for helping others and also gave me a lot of new inspired friendships. On Friday, I will share with you who I got to CONNECT with this year. 

I will see you all tomorrow for Workout Wednesday! 

Stay Sweet!

NO Excuses NOvember


I cannot believe there are like LESS than 8 weeks till Christmas….  since it is November, I have something really cool to share with you!!!

The fall weather is beautiful…but with fall and winter comes other challenges as well. Thanksgiving is coming, and then Christmas and New Years. That means lots of parties, eating out, get togethers, you mom’s cooking, grandma’s special desserts and temptation around every corner. Does that sound overwhelming????

Then we add in the fact that it gets dark earlier and it’s gloomy outside, that combination makes you want to hibernate. It’s not as easy to get outside and be active. It is also “TV Season” which means all the fall shows are on like Shark Tank, Modern Family, etc. So every night the TV is calling your name instead of exercise and comfort food sounds better than a salad. Did you know that on average people gain 7-10 pounds between October and January 1st??? There is a solution to this. This will NOT be us. NOT this year! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.37.30 AMLots of people “give up” on their fitness during the holidays and decide to deal with it when New Years rolls around. Or worse, they spend the whole holiday season feeling horrible about themselves and everything they ate. (Wallowing in guilt is no way to spend Christmas!) They can’t wait for January to be here so they can start fresh.
I have been there and I have done that. The guilt. The giving up till January.  It is NOT fun. Why start over? Why not start now??  You can still enjoy the season and work on your health and fitness too. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.33.44 AM

When I first started on my current weight loss journey (there were prior attempts) I actually started in September. I remember being scared about going into November and December and thinking “why didn’t I just wait till January?” — but let me tell you, I survived, I learned a lot that holiday season, I LOST weight AND come January, it felt SO good to be “ahead” of the game and already on my way to my goals for that year.  

I want this for you too. Why not start now? We do NOT have to gain weight, we can go thru the holidays and enjoy them, eat and LOOSE weight!  You don’t have to throw in the towel this time of year.  

I am excited to announce: NO excuses NOvember
NO excuses

What is included?
– a 30 minutes Skype call with me
– workouts & supplement information
– a PRIVATE group with daily motivation & tips from me as well as interaction with other participants
– clean eating holiday recipes!!!
– a 21 day challenge calendar
– an awesome group of like minded people to encourage you and keep you accountable!

When does it start?
Monday Nov 10th
(must sign up by Nov 7th)
Lasts 3 weeks, till the beginning of Dec.

How much is it?
$30 $15

What is required of me?
-a positive attitude 
– daily check in with the private online group

Other details:
It is all online! People from all over the world can participate. It is not attached to any specific program, company or supplement.
You can continue the workout plan you already have, or try a new one! I will be providing workouts and workout suggestions.
 You are not required to use any specific product during these 3 weeks. I will share products that I use, but they are not required for participation. I will be in the group with you every day and you will have personal access to me thru email and text message as well 😀

TO GET STARTED: enter your name and email below
if you have questions or would like more info – email me 

I can’t wait to ENJOY the holiday season with you and reach our goals at the same time!