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Macro Nutrients: What are They & Why Should You Care?

You have probably heard the term ‘macro’ before. Many people are familiar with it from the IFFYM or the ‘if it fit’s your macros’ eating philosophy. Counting ‘macros’ or macro nutrients is like a fancy way of saying you are counting calories. It is more in depth than just counting calories though because it focuses on the three main nutrient groups that all foods fall into – protein, carbohydrates and fat. Today I am going to teach you why each of the macro nutrients is important, and how they shape your eating. 

I LOVE talking about nutrition, so I may geek out a little bit in this post. One of the main reasons I am so passionate about nutrition is because it is 80% of your results. Exercise is important, and so is sleep, but what you eat plays the biggest role. Once I paid more attention to what I was eating, the results started happening AND they were easier to maintain. The video below explains a LOT about macros. This video is an excerpt from a live Periscope broadcast that I did. I show you one of my favorite meals that I usually eat for breakfast or lunch and what macros I have on my plate. We discuss a few other things as well 🙂 

In case you either
a) don’t have time to watch the video
b) you are reading this at work or somewhere you can’t watch a video
c) you would rather read than watch… 
I have included a lot of the same info typed out below the video. 

Like I mentioned up above & in the video, nutrition is one of my favorite things to talk about AND help people with. Do you want to unprocess your pantry or change what you eat? Do you need help with your nutrition? I would love to help you! With my step by step process I can help you unprocess what you eat and find a way of eating that you can sustain long term. Email me thesweetblondesfitlife (at) gmail (dot) com or CLICK HERE 

Let’s talk about macro nutrients! 

The meal I am eating in the video and use to explain is:
– 2 pieces of gluten free toast (because I am allergic) topped with avocado/hemp seeds & grass fed butter
– 2 eggs + 1/3 cup of egg whites + green salsa

Here is the breakdown of the macro nutrients. This may seem really basic but stay with me! 
carbs: bread
fat: avocado, grass fed butter, eggs
protein: eggs

Macro nutrients are important because each meal should have some carbs, fats and protein. The only meal that you should exclude fats from is your post workout meal. You body needs protein and carbs to recover and replenish muscles.


Your body can only use 20-30g of protein for muscle synthesis at a time – meaning it can only use up to 30g of protein at a time to build muscle. IE: if you eat 80 grams of protein at one meal, 50g of protein is going to go to waste. You want your body to be able to use the nutrients, so space your protein out through out the day.
Protein also helps you feel satiated (feel full), another reason I always include protein with every meal and snack. 

I usually eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks. This is enough for me to fit my protein in. Some people eat 6-7 meals a day, some people eat less. You have to find what works best for you. Something different works for everyone. 


Carbs are NOT bad. Your body AND your brain use carbohydrates for energy. This also does not mean #EATallTHEcarbs! You need to pay attention to how many carbs you are eating at each meal because we want to avoid huge blood sugar spikes.
This is one of the reasons I top my toast with a fat like avocado. When you eat carbs together with fat, it slows down the speed at which your body metabolizes the carbs. That is good thing because it does not spike your blood sugar. Carbs turn into sugar in your body, so the slower you metabolize the carbs, the less of an insulin spike you get. 


They are also good! Sometimes they get a bad rep, but fats help you stay full & satiated. When you eat fats in your diet, it helps reduce cravings and can also help reduce belly fat. 

Also make sure to include plenty of veggies and greens! I cannot get enough greens. In my opinion they should be their own macro nutrient group haha. I love greens because of the phytonutrients they supply our body with; they give you that radiant glow. As far as I’m concerned you can’t ever have too much glow!! 

Need help? I love educating people about this stuff! I can help you unprocess your pantry and fridge and make getting better nutrition much easier. Let’s chat! Drop me a line: thesweetblondesfitlife (at) gmail (dot) com