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7 Things Y’all Probably Don’t Know About Me

I cannot believe it is Friday!! And we are already 4 days into September…. DANG! So crazy. Happy Fri-YAY! Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.24.24 AM

If you are new to my blog, welcome! Be sure to subscribe. If you have been reading for a while, thanks for hanging out with me!! You guys make all this work worthwhile. Blogging is a lot of work. Some people think it’s all fun and games but it’s not. Regardless, I love it because of my readers (YOU). I want to create and produce things that help y’all reach your goals! That isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Anyway, I digress.
No matter how long you have been reading my blog for, these 7 things I am sharing with y’all today are kinda cray and I’m pretty sure you probably don’t know them unless you are my BFF, so enjoy! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.23.57 AMLast week, my girls at  Sweat Pink partnered with prAna for the  #7daystretch. We had a lot of fun, and it was uplifting, inspiring and encouraging. My girl Tasha tagged me to share 7 things you don’t know about me…. so in honor of our beautiful #7daystretch, here they are :IMG_6182

  • I love to get my groove on to good music. When my fav song comes on, watch out!!! I would put more of my jams in my YouTube videos but YouTube doesn’t let me… maybe on Periscope I’ll get my groove on with my favorite song. It gets intense you guys. I promise I have good rhythm & lots of fun! 
  • Speaking of music, I used to love Lil Wayne and I knew all the words to ‘A Milli’ 
  • Thankfully, I have never broke a bone. I’ve had tons of other things happen but no broken bones 🙂 
  • I speak fluent Spanish. I know, I don’t look the part. I actually had a radio show in Spanish once and when people would meet me in person they couldn’t believe I was the host of the show. 
  • I used to eat frosting strait from the can by the spoonful. The thought of doing that now grosses me out. I am very glad those days are behind me. 
  • My first job out of college was working for the US government. Top secret stuff you guys! 
  • My “y’all” is natural. I was born in The South. Don’t mess with Texas, okay!? dont_mess_with_texas1

Let’s Chat!!
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Connect. – Blogfest 2015

Today I would to introduce you to 10 fellow bloggers I connected with at Blogfest this year. They are all super fit, fun, loving, inspiring and hard working women. I am so thankful to have met each of them.

connect at blogfest 2015
all of us after an early morning workout at blogfest!

Not only is Blogfest super fun and full of all my favorite things (sweat, learning and friends) it’s also an awesome way to meet new people. Sometimes the people aren’t new, it’s just the first time you have met them IRL (in real life)! Some of these women I connected with on social media and we had been ‘friends’ for some time, and then at Blogfest we were finally able to connect!

connect blogfest 2015
all of us before a presentation (can you find me?! hehe)

We are only together in Blogfest sessions for 2 out of the 4 days of the conference, and while it feels like a lot of time, I always find myself wishing it was longer. I got to connect with A LOT of people, but there were still plenty I didn’t meet (do you see how many people are in this room?!) Regardless, the people I did meet and connect with are amazing; let me introduce you to a few:


I found Deanna on Instagram and we were kinda insta-buddies, so when I met her at Blogfest, it felt like we were already friends! Deanna, like myself, runs her own business and has big dreams and goals. She also makes amazing workout videos. I didn’t get to actually chat with her until the end of the second day, but I am so happy we connected. I really look forward to chatting more and exchanging biz tips/tricks with her in the future! IMG_0110


I met Tiffany for the first time last year at Blogfest. We connected over Ink n Burn workout pants. (it’s always the clothes for me haha) However, I didn’t stay in touch with her much after the conference was over. When I saw her at Blogfest again this year, it was like seeing an old friend!

Tiffany doing giveaways at the run she organized the first morning of blogfest!

We totally connected on another level AND super cool update, we both bit the bullet and signed up for NASM personal training certification. More on that later… 

Anyway, Tiffany isn’t far from me, she is just down in Portland. She is a runner as well as a running coach and loves all things Lorna Jane. (can you see what we have in common) I am excited to blaze the trail of personal training with her and thankful I got to connect with her more this year. IMG_0104Here we are getting our booties kicked with Flexline, a cool new workout. More on that in a later post, I’m pretty pumped about it. 


Like I shared in my last post about Blogfest, Jaime is one of the founders of Sweat Pink. She, along with Alyse, are the brains behind Blogfest and the people who make it happen. Boy am I thankful for them! (they also know how to have fun! see below. hehe)IMG_0135Last year I didn’t know who Jaime was really, I just knew she seemed to be in charge. Then when I got home from Blogfest, I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador and I quickly figured out who she is. This year I got to know her a bit more at Blogfest and she is such an inspiring woman not only with her yoga poses and trail runs, but also because of her entrepreneurism. She is down in Portland too! Does anyone else foresee a meet-up in the future?!


Like me, Jill was a Blogfest veteran. She was there last year, but we didn’t get to meet. I knew who she was because of social media, and this year on the first day, we ended up sitting next to each other! She is the kindest lady, I felt like I could have talked with her all weekend. She is all about inspiring & empowering others to be the best version of themselves. I great tips from her about the NASM certification as she is getting ready to take the test very soon. Good luck Jill! IMG_0132  Jill is on the far left in this picture. I could have swore we got a selfie together, but I couldn’t find it 🙁 and BTW – she shares great recipes on her blog!!


She is the yoga queen! Her blog is called ‘The world is my yoga mat’ and IT’S THE TRUTH! This girl is so inspiring with her yoga poses. Just check out her Instagram, it’s amazing. She totally inspires me to try and get upside down more often.IMG_0087Liz is super sweet, she is also a blogger and she works for Sweat Pink. Oh and guess what?! She is in Portland too!!! I’m telling you guys, it’s about to get real sweaty in PDX with a meet up 🙂

Jessica Joy

I met Jessica the first day of Blogfest. She was sitting in the same row as I was and we just sorta started chatting. She is a super fit mom of two and the coolest gal! It seems like her and I have similar style tastes. For example, we both like the color magenta and gold.  Check out her blog, it’s beautiful! She also shares amazing workout videos and has a very fun personality.  AND, she is in Oregon too! I am seriously so thankful to be finding more PNW #fitfam! IMG_0082


I met Kasey last year at a bootcamp she did as part of Blogfest. I didn’t really know who Kasey was at the time. Katie invited me to the bootcamp and we definitely got our sweat on. I also met my amazing fit friend Melissa at Kasey’s bootcamp last year. Crazy right?! Anyway, long story short, I saw Kasey again this year at Blogfest and got to know her more.  She has an amazing story, she is a strong woman and super inspiring. She also loves green smoothies and superfoods like I do. She impacts many peoples lives and I am thankful to have her as a friend. Check out Kasey’s blogfest recap.IMG_0092


Let me tell you, it doesn’t get much more real than Tasha aka Hip Healthy Chick. This girl is inspiring. She inspired me from afar via social media, and she kept inspiring at Blogfest. She is so kind and genuine, and she lives her life with SO much passion. I wish you guys could have seen her workout, she brought so much energy. I loved it! She was a lighting round speaker (it’s an event that is part of Blogfest) and I will never forget what she said, “the minute I decided to stop pretending, everything changed”. This resonated with me because I used to put TOO much value on what other people think. That’s not who I am anymore, but it’s always good to be reminded. Be you, don’t pretend to be someone you are not. IMG_0111


I saw Kayla at the early morning run the first day of Blogfest. I thought I kinda recognized her and it was because she was a Blogfest veteran too! However last year we didn’t really get to connect like this year. She blogs over at Blondes Have More Run. (Seriously, how creative is that name?!) She is a runner, personal trainer and fellow blondie. She puts together awesome bootcamp workouts that she shares on her blog as well as running tips.  Maybe we can team up for a future workout Wednesday? We’ll see 😀IMG_0109Also pictured here is Jenn! Really looking forward to connecting more with her post Blogfest 🙂


She runs the beautiful blog, Running with the Sunrise. Beth and I connected over social media before the conference and I was so excited to meet her! She told me at Blogfest that the reason she wanted to come was because of reading my recap last year. Thanks for sharing that with me Beth! She is such a sweetheart and it was so nice to finally meet her. (and, how gorgeous is her dress?!) She just started teaching Barre classes, does yoga and also runs. Check out her Blogfest recap too!  IMG_0105




Last, but not least, we have Carleeh! She is from Seattle too, so we have some fit friend dates planned up here in the PNW. IMG_0101She was my roommate this year and it was great getting to know her. She is super passionate about fitness and helping to inspire and empower women. She very genuine and loving, and really wants to help others. We are planning to team up on a few giveaways, etc so watch out for that in the future! IMG_0098

It was awesome being reunited with the super awesome girls I met last year, Kylie (top pic) and Nicole (bottom) and being in a room full of people who love fitness and selfies as much as I do. Image

Blogging, the internet and fitness has allowed me to meet and connect with SO MANY amazing people. I am so grateful for the new friendships and connections made this year and for those made in the past (one of which is now one of my closest friends, Katie). 

One of the greatest parts about Blogfest is all the people that you meet. That is why I will do everything I can to make it to a conference like this once a year. I’m excited to see where all these new beginnings lead, and I hope you enjoy getting to know some of my fit blogger friends 😀 

I’ll see you all back on Monday for an ahhhhhmazing recipe. Seriously, I’m kinda obsessed with it! It’s gluten free and it has the word ‘protein’ & ‘cake’ in it, so you know it’s gonna be good. Make sure to check back Monday or subscribe so you don’t miss it!!!

Stay Sweet!!



Girls Trip in Mexico [Part 1]

If you haven’t already watched yesterday’s workout Wednesday video, be sure to go do that by clicking right HEREKatie and I filmed that during one of our epic workouts while in Mexico. They hotel we stayed at had the nicest gym. Actually the hotel had nice everything! I will get to that later. 

This trip started off with THE EARLIEST wake up call to go to the airport I have ever had. I had to leave for the airport at 330am… so you can imagine when I got up. IMG_3509.JPG 
 I decided to go comfy with a maxi skirt (so comfy to fly in, trust me), flip flops, a tank and super soft pull over. I had to incorporate the pull over because it is what I was wearing when I first met Katie last August and I told her to look for the creamsicle. LOL. We joke about that all the time so I had to wear it. I always try to layer on the plane because one minute you’re hot and the next you’re cold, so it was perfect!    Got a coffee as soon as I got thru security. I never sleep on airplanes, so I figured I might as well wake up and get some work done. I lucked out and my gate was right across from my favorite coffee place.  There is only ONE Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Seattle and it’s IN THE AIRPORT past security. I was SO glad I was able to get my favorite drink from my favorite coffee joint to start this vacay off right! 

I brought tons of food with me. I actually posted about it along with a short video HERE. I always try to bring something healthy to eat while on the plane or going thru airports because you never know what you are gonna find.  IMG_3507.PNG This is the salad that I brought with me. It was a bunch of spinach topped with pear slices and almonds. 
  When I got to San Fran for my connection, I was searching for more coffee (I needed it) and found this salad…IMG_3513.JPGNot too shabby! It was mixed greens, chicken, walnuts, strawberries and I think avocado. You never know what you will find. At least I saved myself $9.25 right?!

Katie and I got into Puerto Vallarta around the same time. The maxi shirt was a good idea UNTIL we got to Mexico. It was SO humid, I couldn’t wait to change into something else.  We hooked up in baggage claim and got a taxi together to go to our hotel. Little did we know what would be awaiting us when we got there…. 


  This was the view from our room (insert heart eyed emoji!!!)
   Super comfy beds and a huge bathroom. I told Katie, this is the kinda place I always dream of staying at but never do. If I told you guys the outrageous deal we got on this you would never believe it. IMG_3521.JPG

We were so excited we instantly went into blogger mode taking pics and selfies. IMG_0030Let me tell you it was SO GOOD to finally see this girl! You probably have already heard the story but Katie and I met at Blogfest last August and have been BFFs ever since. We talk all the time, but we live on opposite sides of the country so we rarely see each other.  We wanted to make it happen earlier but circumstances just didn’t allow it, so we planned this trip to celebrate Katie’s birthday!!!

I changed out of the maxi skirt and off we went to explore the hotel. IMG_3525.JPG

IMG_0033I love this pic of us!! 


The day we arrived was SO humid. We found all the essential places: the gym, the pool (there were 3!), the beach and where to eat. Once we explored a bit we ate, we were starved.


Then it was POOL TIME! IMG_3527.JPG The pool was glorious. It was huge! There were also 3 pools to choose from. #ridiculous. We could NOT wait to enjoy these diggs for the next four days. IMG_3529.JPG

 At this hotel the pool and the beach were two separate areas. After we hung at the pool for a while we hit the beach, just in time for the sunset. IMG_3531.JPG


IMG_0013I love our faces in this pic. “WE’RE HERE!” haha.

IMG_0012 I don’t know what I am doing here…

Then it was dinner time!!!
We shared the scallops as an appetizer and then I had salmon for dinner. This hotel had exceptional food. They had all the regular stuff plus healthy options as well. IMG_3540.JPG

We ate and then crashed. It had been a long day of traveling and catching up. 

I don’t want to make this post too long so be sure to check back for the rest of the trip recap next week. I’ll be sharing our beach day and other adventures (including tongue tacos) with you!

Stay Sweet!

BlogFest [Day 2] – sleep, bootcamp, Fire & Ice!

The second day of BlogFest was supposed to start early, but I overslept. 😐  I missed the morning bootcamp, which I was disappointed about, but I quickly forgave myself, threw my stuff together and got on my way to start the day. I knew that if I had overslept, it was because my body needed it.IMG_7156

heading up the escalator trying not to look tired (didn't have time for coffee)
heading up the escalator trying not to look tired (didn’t have time for coffee)
The morning was going to be jammed packed with awesome-ness, check out this line up!
Our first speaker that day was Cassey from Blogilates. Many of you know her from her youtube videos and she also has a blog. It was so great to hear from someone so well known in the online fitness world. She was not only beautiful but very knowledgable. I knew she had a huge following, but I was not  familiar with her products and the way that she monetizes her business. I got a lot of great tips from her.  And how cute is her OUTFIT?!?

Picture from my girl Katie @ skinnyminniemoves.com
Picture from my girl Katie @ skinnyminniemoves.com
Right after hearing from Cassey, we had a little Pilates session and then Jillian Michaels was up! DSC01047OMG was it cool to meet her in person!!! I mean seriously, talk about surreal. Her at home workout DVD (I’m pretty sure it was 30 day shred) was the FIRST at home workout I ever did! That was like 5 years ago. Going from only seeing her on DVD to being in the same room as her was like hello, someone pinch me!
I know a lot of people see Jillian as this hardcore, scary trainer. While she does have the no B.S. side to her, she also has a very warm and down to earth side to her as well. She shared such an awesome message with us, and I loved every bit of it. I didnt want it to be over! She talked to us as her colleagues as we are all in the health and fitness industry, shared her struggles and gave us lots of advice. I took so much away from what she shared and while I already admired her, I admire her that much more. She has such a wonderful message to share & is not what others portray her to be at times. I loved her energy, her honesty and all the spunk that she shared with us!
my breakfast – quick, easy, & clean (even while traveling!)
By this time it was 1030 in the morning and I had already had my mind blown multiple times and got a short workout in. That is my kinda day!!
So after a quick coffee break, we were back at it learning about the business side of blogging. Katie knew I had overslept and asked me if I wanted to do a bootcamp workout with her at lunch. I wash’t feeling like myself since the only workout I had done all day was a little bit of Pilates, so I was like “heck yes!” — little did I know that this bootcamp was with the one and only Kasey from Powercakes! I am so glad that Katie told me about this workout and invited me. It was an awesome way to spend lunch.
leaving the hotel on the way to bootcamp!
leaving the hotel on the way to bootcamp!
The bootcamp was held at a park about a mile away from the convention center. California weather is so beautiful that it was great to get outside as almost all the other events were inside. This was my first bootcamp workout and I LOVED it. It inspired me to hold bootcamps in Seattle when the weather permits. Wouldn’t that be fun!? There is something about taking your workout outside that makes it more fun and the time goes by faster. The California sun is HOT, and since we were not close to the beach, we didn’t have any ocean air to cool us off, but thankfully there was shade at the park.
pic courtesy of Powercakes.net
pic courtesy of Powercakes.net
Kasey had us partner up with another person and then had us rotate through the different stations. My partner Melissa was a California native and USC student getting her MSW! OMG girl after my own heart!! (One of my college degrees is in Sociology, random I know) *Go Trojans!* I was so thankful we were able to motivate each other and push thru some of tougher stations. Our booties were feelin’ it!
My fav part of the workout was the ab partner workouts that we did at the end. I felt so much better after this workout and was really thankful that Katie invited me. I made new #fitfriends and had a blast.
Melissa and I killing our abs in the final part of bootcamp
Melissa and I killing our abs in the final part of bootcamp
(to see more pics and deets about the bootcamp, check out Kasey’s post HERE)
We walked back over to the conference center and got to meet the wonderfully awesome Shauna Harrison and learn about the new Under Amour #iwillwhatiwant campaign for women. Talk about a powerhouse campaign! I had seen some of the publicity, but hearing Shauna’s story was powerful. I connected so much with her because she has a background in sociology, latin american studies and Spanish too! Arriba las mujeres! 🙂 She finds her passion in fitness and has always pursued that on the side, but now is doing it full time – she even has a PhD!  We got to workout with Shauna on Saturday morning…stay tuned for my post about the kick-butt workout!
WATCH THIS  powerful video to see more about the campaign.
Later we heard inspiring stories from other bloggers and then we had our BlogFest party! I couldn’t believe it was already over! There were still 2 days left, but it wasn’t official “BlogFest” anymore.
They had light food and drinks at the party, but unfortunately it wasn’t anything that Katie or I could eat. We spent time networking with some more people, and then headed out to try to find a place for dinner. We were starved!IMG_6630

We ended up finding the COOLEST place to have dinner! Fire & Ice Grill.  Seriously OMG – it was like Mongolian Grill on steroids! They had all different kinds of things your could add, from Asian inspired to Mexican. You could go back as many times as you wanted, and they even had burgers… like woah!
Here is my creation (before being cooked) 🙂
Katie and I are both anal about what is put on our food, sauces etc. We were so lucky that Dillion was the guy who cooked our food! He totally understood and was more than accommodating. I even asked him if we could take a #selfie – haha!
Katie took a lot more pics than I did, if you want to see more, check out her recap HERE
I am getting ready to leave again for California (NorCal this time!) so check back tomorrow for my post all about travel tips and tricks that I use when I hit the road!
Stay Sweet!Sarah

BlogFest [Day 1] – new friends, role-models & happy hour!

Hello!! I am back from California, barely got home and I’m getting ready to leave again! My friends have been joking that for the amount of times I have been in Cali this summer I just need to move there…it’s kinda true. At least for the months of July and August, I should have just gotten a temporary rental 😛    In the midst of preparing to leave, I want to share with you all my experience that I had at IDEA World fitness conference and BlogFest with SweatPink!




Let me just start by saying that it was AMAZING – so much more than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go and connect with many other fitness professionals and bloggers.


I was so incredibly blessed to have the MOST awesome roommate – Katie aka SkinnyMinnie. She is a bikini competitor and was on prep the whole time we were in Cali. I bring food with me when I travel, but when you are a bikini competitor, its a whole other level. I have so much admiration for her and her hard work. She has an awesome e-book with recipes that you guys should check out on her blog!

I arrived in Cali on Wednesday. Katie and I actually ended up arriving in LA at the same time! So we were able to get to know each other on the shuttle ride to the hotel/convention center in Anaheim. We had only ever texted before that, so I was kinda nervous about meeting in person, but as soon as we met and started chatting, we really hit it off!

Once we got to the hotel, Katie went to go get a lift in, and I went exploring around the convention center. That place was huge! I checked in for the conference, got a huge goodie bag, and then went back to the room. I was trying to figure out where a grocery store was so that I could stock the huge fridge we had in our hotel room when my college friend Ari came to pick me up. She was in the area that day and we were able to see each other! I was so grateful that I got to see her along with a few other college friends. We had dinner in Downtown Disney (that place is overwhelming)

Downtown Disney - Lego version of Beauty & the Beast
Downtown Disney – Lego version of Beauty & the Beast

and Ari so graciously took me to the grocery store. I picked up somethings for Katie and I, and went back to the room to get to sleep as early as possible as the next day was starting early at 6am!

The first day was a lot of fun, but it was also long! It felt like 2 days, but it was only one. I got up to go for a run early at 6am before BlogFest officially started. blogfest3I am still training for the half-marathon in October and being in California was certainly not an excuse to skip a run. It was a beautiful morning blogfest4

I met up with some other people who were attending BlogFest while I was running and made some new running friends. I am used to running by myself so I was a little nervous about running with others, but it was so much fun! runblog

This pic is from PavementRunner who organized the group run that morning. He is also the king of selfies!!

After changing my clothes, I got a coffee for Katie and I (we can’t live without coffee, she is a girl after my own heart) and headed over to the convention center for YOGA! It was so amazing to have 2 workouts completed before 8am. LOVED it. After the yoga session, we got started with the learning part of BlogFest and who better to kick it off than LORNA JANE herself!!!


I was dying inside, I could not believe that I was in the same room as this inspiring woman! I was obsessed with her clothing already (check it out HERE) and also love her #movenourishbelieve philosophy.  It was so awesome to hear her speak on it LIVE and in person. If you are not familiar with her or her activewear, basically she is like the Lululemon of Australia. I hate to even compare her to Lululemon because the quality and fit of the clothes is so much better, and the person behind the business has a different outlook as well.

After we heard from some other bloggers, we had opening ceremonies where we heard Diana Nyad’s inspiring story as well as the story of Augie Nieto (which made me tear up). Talk about people who #nevergiveup!!! I was reminded during them sharing their stories why I love fitness. Not only does it transform you on the outside, it also transforms you on the inside. Plus the longevity and liveliness that fitness gives you keeps you young! I truly believe that fitness makes me a better wife, better sister and a better friend. I’m in a better mood when I workout on a regular basis, and I have become so much more disciplined.

ANYWAY – back to blogging…. after the very inspiring opening ceremonies, the HUGE expo hall opened! Holy cow was that place overwhelming. I walked in the door and the first booth I saw was Lorna Jane! (surprise surprise) I high-tailed it over there, and did plenty of shopping. I bought a few pieces that I had been eyeing online, and finally was able to see in person! We don’t have a store here in Seattle, so I always had to do all my shopping in California. Well, the girls at the booth told me the Seattle store is going to be opening in a few weeks! I CANNOT WAIT! I will be sure to post more about that here on the blog 😀  I got to meet Lorna, take my picture with her, and even have a conversation with her.blogfest_LORNA I told her how much I admired her and her husband and the business that they have built together.  The first time I visited a Lorna Jane store was last November, and I have been in love ever since. I also told her that I really admire the move, nourish, believe philosophy that she shares with the world. I am a #MNB girl at heart and it was so cool to meet her! (and of course the Aussie accent is to die for!)

yoga and piyo are a big part of how I live out the “move” part of the MNB lifestyle

I hung out at the booth a little bit longer and chatted with some of the girls working. The crazy part is I saw one of girls who helped me in the Lorna Jane store when I was in San Diego a few weeks ago. She remembered me! Crazy small world. I love my fellow MNB girls, and I can’t wait for the Lorna Jane store to open here!

I spent some more time walking around the expo hall, and then returned to sessions with other bloggers to learn all about how to be successful at blogging and share your passion. After that was over, I got to do PiYo with CHALENE JOHNSON herself!

blogfest_chaleneKatie and I were front and center. It was so cool to get to do this workout with her live! For those of you who don’t know, PiYo is one of the workouts that I am certified in for group fitness. To be able to take a class that I am certified in and see how the creator herself cues people and leads the class was amazing. Not to mention it was a killer workout! I haven’t sweat that much doing PiYo in a LONG time. Loved it!

After PiYo (which was the 3rd workout of the day) we headed back to the room to freshen up for the SweatPink happy hour!


At happy hour we got to meet and talk with several big names in the fitness and wellness industry. We also were able to have some fun with a photo booth provided by Propel, IMG_7110 and make new friends & network with other bloggers. 


Athena and Nicole – tall girls unite!blogfest9And here I am again with PavementRunner

After we finished up at happy hour (and yes there really was beer and wine) Katie and I were famished, so we headed over to have dinner at a restaurant at the Hilton. They had a great menu which had lots of healthy options. Katie and I shared a shrimp & avocado cocktail, and I had a shrimp salad for dinner.



It was a great first day, so much more than I ever imagined. I got to meet 2 of my role-models (Chalene and Lorna), get my sweat on with my new #fitfriends that are also bloggers and learn a ton.

Tomorrow I will share with you what the rest of the IDEA experience was like, so stay tuned! You won’t want to miss it!

Stay Sweet!