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Summer Slay: Full Body Workout [Video]

Welcome to everyone participating in the Summer Slay!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and doing this workout with me. I am so excited you are here! If you don’t know what the Summer Slay is,  it’s 4 weeks of  workouts and recipes from my girl Les over at The Balanced Berry. It’s totally free! This workout is part of week 4, but it is not too late to join. You can also do this workout even if you aren’t participating in the Summer Slay. All are welcome! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this awesomeness. 

I am particularly excited about this full body workout because it is to the beat of the music. It’s SO MUCH fun! It’s one of my favorite ways to workout because you get lost in the music and just have fun! In the video, you will see me jam out a bit. Feel free to sing along or head bob, it’s just what happens when you are having fun during a workout! 

Do the workout with me in the video below!! For your convenience, the workout and playlist are all included below the video. 

Summer Slay: Full Body Workout 

What you need: 
Yoga Mat
Resistance band
Spotify play list (below) or the workout video (above)
Get a PDF copy of the workout HERE

warm up
  • jumping jacks
  • lateral (side) lunge
    – be sure to keep your knee behind your toe. pretend like there is a chair behind you that you are going to sit in. 
  • push ups on your knees
    – it is important to do these on your knees to get your chest and shoulders warm for the workout! 
lower body & booty
if you don’t have a resistance band, do the exercises without it
set 1
  • crab walks with band 
    – hold low squat as you take two steps right, then two steps left
  • squats
    – keep weight in heels, knees behind toes and chest proud
set 2
  • jump squats (dumbbell optional)
    – keep weight in heels, knees behind toes, chest proud, squat down and jump up
  • reverse lunge with dumbbells
    – step back into a lunge, keep knee behind toe
upper body
be sure to keep core tight to support lower back & avoid arching your back during this song
  • dumbbell hammer curl
    – keeping palms facing out, curl dumbbells up to your shoulders and back down. The angle here is different than a traditional bicep curl
  • overhead tricep extension with dumbbell 
    – keep elbows close to your head 
  • upright rows
    – do not bring your elbows above your shoulders
  • bicep curl to shoulder press 
    – curl dumbbells to chest, twist your wrists so dumbbells face out and press up over your head
  • standing oblique crunch
  • plank punches
  • seated in n out crunch
  • shimmies
total body
set 1
  • squat with shoulder press
    – make it one continuous movement, down into squat and straight up into shoulder press
  • mountain climbers
    – do them double time, or slow them down to the beat. Be sure to keep good plank form with tight core to keep back supported and hips low. 
set 2
  • chest press with dumbbells
    – double time or slow it down to the beat
  • overhead extension with dumbbells
    – keep core tight to support movement, you should feel this in your upper back and your core. 


Click here to get a PDF copy of the workout. 


Grab a Partner & Get Sweaty with These 5 Moves

This week for workout Wednesday I am joined by my fit friend Carleeh for an awesome partner workout. This is a workout that can be done anywhere, so grab a friend and get sweaty with us. 

There are 5 moves in this workout and it pretty much hits every area of the body. You can modify this for your fitness level, watch for modifications shown in the video. 

Full Body Partner Workout 

5 moves = sweaty fun!

  1. Standing oblique crunches  x 10
  2. Plank to down dog (or dolphins) x 10
  3. Sumo squat pulses x 25
  4. Burpees! (pick one of the 4 variations) x 5-10
  5. Mountain climbers x 20

The 5 moves in this workout are some of our favorites. We filmed this while we were hanging out having an “active girls day”. Stop, drop and try this workout now!! πŸ˜€

You may remember my workout partner, Carleeh from my blogfest post. Her and I met on Instagram, both lived in the same area and then ended up at the same blog conference. She is such a sweet and genuine girl. We have a lot of fun together! Be sure to check out her blog, www.mamarazzaonamission.com

Thanks for joining us for workout Wednesday! 

Stay Sweaty!

Full Body Interval Workout #2 [Workout Wednesday]

Happy hump day!!! This week I have another interval workout for you. It builds on last week’s workout so you can use each one separately or combine them for a super sweaty full body workout! Ok, let’s get sweaty!!!workout_wednesday interval workoutThis is designed to be a workout you can do anywhere! Try it in your living room, outside in a park while your kids are playing, or even on vacation. You don’t need any equipment! You could use a yoga mat if you had one available but it is not necessary. 

The 5 moves in this workout are:

  • 5- 10 decline push ups
  • 20 skater lunges
  • 10 side plan crunches
  • 10 box jumps or jump squats
  • 10 walking lunges
    Repeat 3 times. 

Be sure to try this interval workout either with me in the video or on your own. I guarantee you will feel great afterwards. Maybe a little sore, but the endorphin rush will feel great! 

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Stay Sweaty!!!

10 Minute Full Body Workout [Workout Wednesday]

 Happy Workout Wednesday! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday again. workout_wednesday_grey

Today I have a full body interval workout for you. What does that mean? We will do the workout moves in intervals. 1 minute strength, 30 seconds cardio. 

What do I need:
A timer
A small space to workout
Some music πŸ™‚

Here is what we are going to do:

  • tricep dips – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • push ups – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • body weight squats – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • walking lunges – 1 min 
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • crab walks – 1 min
  • wall sits – 1 min
  • plank walks – 30 seconds
  • shoulder taps – 30 seconds

You MUST try this workout. It’s only 10 minutes and I promise you will be sweating by the end. Tweet me and let me know you will try it!

Check out the moves as I demo and explain them in the video. I actually filmed this workout all the way back in December when I was in Mexico for Christmas. My nephew did this workout with me, but he was too shy to be in the video except for at the end.

If you enjoyed this workout, let me know in the comments.  Did you try it? What kind of workouts would you like to see? 

Stay Sweaty!!!


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p.p.s. here are some pics from our Mexico trip in December

having fun with the open air gym equipment after this full body workout


“wild thing” post run πŸ™‚ #stopdropandyoga
flexin’ — love this view!
christmas shopping

[Workout Wednesday] Core, Plank Series & Booty

Happy Wednesday! 

Today I am sharing with you some strengthening exercises (including a plank series) that focus on core, booty and whole body. In honor of my half marathon this weekend, I’m dedicating this to runners, but this workout is for everyone!  
If you are a runner these moves will not only aid in injury prevention, but will make you a stronger, faster, and more efficient runner. If you are not a runner, these are still great functional core exercises that will make you stronger and help make your regular workouts easier. 



 There is a free PDF download available HERE

If you want to get the foam roller that I use in the video – check it out on Amazon here: Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller

Honestly, I’ve tried a lot of foam rollers and this is my favorite          for 3 reasons:
1. it is the perfect amount of firmness
2. it doesn’t loose firmness overtime because the inner circle is PVC pipe so you won’t have to be replacing the foam roller down the road
3. it is perfect size! Not too long and not too short. Easy to store and easy to take with you. What more could you ask for! 

Stay Strong!