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15 minute HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today we are gonna be “hittin’ it” with this quick 15 minute workout! 

This video is part of my 1 year blog-iversary celebration! This was one of the most popular workouts from last year. It’s definitely not the best video I have ever made, but I promise you it’s an awesome workout! MEXICO

Below the video I have some F.A.Q.s about HIIT workouts. The cool thing is they can be modified for any fitness level & you keep burning calories even after the workout is over! 


What does HIIT stand for?
High Intensity Interval Training. I explain it a little bit more in the video below.

I can’t do high impact workouts, can I still do a HIIT?
HIITs are high intensity, but that does not mean they have to high impact. There are both high impact and low impact HIIT workouts and both have the same results. The moves in this particular workout are mostly LOW impact, but NOT low intensity.

I’m just starting my fitness journey, are HIITs for intermediate to advanced fitness levels only?
No! HIIT workouts can be done at any fitness level. That is the beauty of HIIT workouts, you push yourself and workout at 110% for YOU. So my intensity may be higher or lower than yours. 

Why are HIITs more effective than other workouts?
First of all, HIIT workouts only work the way they were designed if you give it 110% in the workout periods. No slacking off! It’s a short interval of time. You must get your heart rate up so give it all you’ve got & enjoy the rest time. Because you are increasing your heart rate and getting out of breath, you are working in an anaerobic state, so you will continue to burn calories all day at a higher rate even after the workout is over!! (sign me up!) 😀

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 Photo Nov 18-2

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Stay Sweaty!

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Full Body Interval Workout #2 [Workout Wednesday]

Happy hump day!!! This week I have another interval workout for you. It builds on last week’s workout so you can use each one separately or combine them for a super sweaty full body workout! Ok, let’s get sweaty!!!workout_wednesday interval workoutThis is designed to be a workout you can do anywhere! Try it in your living room, outside in a park while your kids are playing, or even on vacation. You don’t need any equipment! You could use a yoga mat if you had one available but it is not necessary. 

The 5 moves in this workout are:

  • 5- 10 decline push ups
  • 20 skater lunges
  • 10 side plan crunches
  • 10 box jumps or jump squats
  • 10 walking lunges
    Repeat 3 times. 

Be sure to try this interval workout either with me in the video or on your own. I guarantee you will feel great afterwards. Maybe a little sore, but the endorphin rush will feel great! 

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Stay Sweaty!!!

10 Minute Full Body Workout [Workout Wednesday]

 Happy Workout Wednesday! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday again. workout_wednesday_grey

Today I have a full body interval workout for you. What does that mean? We will do the workout moves in intervals. 1 minute strength, 30 seconds cardio. 

What do I need:
A timer
A small space to workout
Some music 🙂

Here is what we are going to do:

  • tricep dips – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • push ups – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • body weight squats – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • walking lunges – 1 min 
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • crab walks – 1 min
  • wall sits – 1 min
  • plank walks – 30 seconds
  • shoulder taps – 30 seconds

You MUST try this workout. It’s only 10 minutes and I promise you will be sweating by the end. Tweet me and let me know you will try it!

Check out the moves as I demo and explain them in the video. I actually filmed this workout all the way back in December when I was in Mexico for Christmas. My nephew did this workout with me, but he was too shy to be in the video except for at the end.

If you enjoyed this workout, let me know in the comments.  Did you try it? What kind of workouts would you like to see? 

Stay Sweaty!!!


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p.p.s. here are some pics from our Mexico trip in December

having fun with the open air gym equipment after this full body workout


“wild thing” post run 🙂 #stopdropandyoga
flexin’ — love this view!
christmas shopping