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[The Friday Five] My Favorite Treats

Happy Friday! I don’t know how another week has already come and gone; time is flying! This week on the Friday Five, I’m sharing my 5 favorite treats with you. Looking at this list, most of them are pretty healthy, but like anything, should still be enjoyed in moderation. 

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Pumpkin Patch, Halloween & a NSV (non-scale victory)


When we were little, my sister and I LOVED to go out a trick or treat. My dad would usually take us and my mom would stay home and hand out candy. Now the times have changed. Halloween is actually my Mom’s birthday, so now my sister and I try to make up for all the years we were more worried about costumes and candy than my Mom’s birthday! We usually do something super fun with her… this year is a SURPRISE!

Earlier in October we went to the pumpkin patch. When we were little, our parents would always tell us we could pick out any pumpkin as long as we could carry it. I always tried to get the biggest one I could carry! While I no longer have to follow that guideline, I still go for the biggest pumpkin. This year I set a record! My sister tried to pull the “you can’t carry it” line, BUT now I am stronger, so I could carry it!

Photo Oct 16-3
Here is the pumpkin next to my foot, HUGE!
Photo Oct 26-2
On our patio… trying to give you some perspective. It’s just MASSIVE!

Thankfully we had THE nicest weather the weekend that we went to the pumpkin patch – it was like the last sunny weekend of 2014 😛

I am trying a new picture gallery display on this post.  Highlight the pics below to read the captions & to see a larger version of the pic, click on it! 

I love going to the pumpkin patch every year for several reasons:

1) All the autumn decor inspiration I get & the mini squash, gourds and pumpkins!!

The last pic of the mum in the pumpkin with a few small pumpkins around the bottom is like the cutest and easiest centerpiece idea! I have some creative ideas brewing for a Thanksgiving table spread…. hmmm.
I haven’t shared much of this on here, but I have a creative and crafty side. I don’t express it much mainly because of time issues between work, working out and other responsibilities. However, this time of year is when it comes out! 🙂

2) Time with my family. It has become a tradition!

3) the pumpkin slingshot!!!!

Seriously this thing is SO much fun. It can get a little dirty, but some dirt won’t hurt.  It’s also a workout!!! Talk about a fun total body workout! It engages your legs, core and upper body! I was sweating!

The way it works is you shoot these pumpkins and if you hit a target, you win a HUGE pumpkin, like the kind you don’t carve and are just for decoration – they look like the massive pumpkin that is the first pic up in #1. We had HIGH hopes this year because last year we actually won a HUGE pumpkin! It sat outside our front door and all our neighbors were super impressed. (haha) So we wanted to win again… 
Unfortunately we left without a trophy pumpkin this year. 

check out that squat stance!! :-P
check out that squat stance!! 😛  (not sure what inappropriate-ness was happening next door, hahaha awkward photobomb!)

I had an awesome NSV (non-scale victory) this year with the sling shot – before I have always had a harder time shooting the pumpkins. The slingshot is really tight, so you have to muscle up to pull it back. This year it was like not a problem! Felt soooo good!
Loosing weight and/or shaping up areas is a great side effect of  working out, but I think the most rewarding is moments, like this one, where you feel stronger!!

Photo Oct 31-2
happy halloween from coco, the cutest halloween kitty EVER and “the great pumpkin”

“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”…. seriously this pumpkin is riDONKulous! I am going to carve it right now so it’s ready for tonight. It’s going to be quite the chore – I will be sure to post the finished product on Instagram 😀 

What are you doing for Halloween? 
Should this be my costume?? 😛
Photo Oct 21
Stay Sweet & Safe!