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How I Make Fitness Fun and Fashionable

Fitness is not always fun, you don’t always feel like doing it. Even the biggest fitness fanatic has days that they don’t feel like working out or eating right. I have learned a lot over the past few years about ways to keep fitness fresh & fun, even on the days we don’t feel like sweating. I may be a fitness freak now, but I haven’t always loved fitness. Check out these proven tips and tricks I am sharing with you. 

Try something new

This gets mentioned a lot, but doesn’t get enough credit. Try a new workout or a new group fitness class. You could also try working out at a different time of day.  Change it up and keep things interesting. I have had a ton of fun trying new workout classes at studios around where I live. I have found a few workouts I just can’t get enough of. 

Find something that works for you

Don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing. What works for you, may not work for someone else and vice versa. Just because tons of people rave about cross fit or running doesn’t mean it’s the workout you are gonna love & that is okay!!  This is why trying new things is so important. This is also why there is no perfect workout for everyone. There is nothing wrong with walking, barre, or pilates. Find what gets you excited to workout and do that!  

Get some cute workout clothes

If you like the way you feel when you workout, you will workout harder! It’s seriously true. I didn’t used to believe it, but then I tried it. Trust me, working out in cute clothes is a confidence booster, makes working out more fun and brings more sweat. 
The cute workout clothes don’t have to break the bank either. Something like a cute tank does the trick.


Get the one I am wearing HERE.
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“Just 5 minutes”

I use this on the days I’m really not feelin’ it. I just tell myself, “just 5 minutes”. Basically, I workout for 5 minutes and evaluate how I am feeling after that. If you are not feelin’ it, then I take the day off. Can you guess what usually happens? I keep going!! Once the workout is over, I’m always glad I did it.
Getting started can be the hardest part. So tell yourself “five minutes” and see how you feel after that.IMG_9388 

Tell me: which tip will you try?
what do you do to keep fitness fun??

I was given a Sweat Pink tank from Fit Approach to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Stay Sweaty!

All about Abs! Try this Quick Core Workout

Workout Wednesday this week is all about the core! Core workouts are functional fitness because we use our core every single day. Sitting or standing, our core is engaged and doing work. No matter what kinda exercise you normally do, whether it’s weight lifting or running, a strong core is important. Working your core is about more than just getting a six pack. When your core is strong, you’re less prone to inures.

workout_wednesday_greyThis workout is made up of 8 core moves. Below the video I have recommended a certain number of reps for each exercise. You can do more or less depending on your fitness level. I recommend doing a few rounds of the moves, so repeat the 8 moves 2-3 times. Remember to listen to your body and modify when necessary.

 The only piece of equipment you will need is a stability ball. If you do not have one, you can use a rag or paper plates as sliders and use those instead. 


1) plank to pike – 10 reps
2) forearm plank to pike – 10 reps
3) spider planks – 10 each side 
4) forearm plank hold – 30 seconds
5) side plank dips – 5 reps right side
6) side plank dips – 5 reps left side
7) bicycles – 10 each side, 20 total
8) sit ups – 10
Depending on fitness level, repeat this 2 or 3 times.

Let’s get sweaty!!! 

Fun facts:
1. Did you know that a strong core helps you run faster? When you core is strong, your glute and hamstring muscles are able to do their work more effectively because they are not picking up the slack for your core!
2. Did you also know that your core is much more than just your abs? It is all your muscles in your mid section – your abdominals, obliques, lower back muscles, your latissimus dorsi and upper back muscles. This workout hits a lot more than just your abs, it works all the muscles in your core! 

Tell me: what is your favorite core exercise?? 

Stay Sweaty!!

Get it In! Quick Tabata Workout, Perfect for the Holidays

I cannot believe it is already November!! We are entering into the super busy holiday season.  If  you are traveling to see family, working tons of hours or your schedule is full of plans, parties, traditions, festivities and shopping — no matter what, it’s a busy time of year! With all the added fun, it makes it that much harder to fit everything in, especially a workout. Good news, there is a quick & effective solution: tabatas!!


A tabata is a workout that is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds. That means each tabata round is only 2 minutes. If you repeat it 6 times, that is 12 minutes. No matter how busy your day, it is much more manageable to add in a 10-12 minute workout! Do it right when you get up in the morning, before bed or even on lunch. 

Tabatas are extra awesome because they burn a lot of fat and tons of calories. They only work this way if you do them correctly: MAX effort for 20 seconds. It’s only 20 seconds so make sure you go as hard as you can! This effectively raises your heart rate and keeps it up even after the tabata is over, so you keep burning calories and fat through out the day. This makes it the perfect workout for this busy time of year. 

holiday terabits


Remember – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest X4 
I like alternate each move for a total of 8 times in one set. I have paired up the moves below. 

  1. jumping jacks // skiers
  2. burpees // jump squats
  3. high knees // mountain climbers

If you do each of these tabata sets, this workout will be done in 12 minutes! I love to use this as a workout solution on a busy day. 



Tell me: have you ever tried a tabata?? 

Stay Sweaty!!!

Holiday Sweat: how will you get your workouts in?

It goes without saying, the holidays are a busy time. Besides not having enough time for everything you want to do, they also bring the added challenge of tempting sweets & extra calories. Many people pack on the pounds between Halloween & New Years. Last year I made a promise to myself that I would get in better shape during this time of year and start the new year off right. I was able to still enjoy the holidays, and my waistline didn’t suffer. I am making that promise to myself again this year. One of the ways I am making that happen is by participating in the #holidaysweat challenge with my Sweat Pink sisters. 

unnamedYou can read more about the challenge here. Essentially it’s all about finding creative ways to fit in workouts, stay active and eat healthy during this challenging time. The best part: it’s totally free AND you can win prizes!! 

One of the ways we stay accountable to workouts is by tracking active minutes. This was part of the one million minute challenge this summer, and I loved it! The minute tracking is fun and a great way to stay active. If you go for a walk, do a yoga class or even a bootcamp class, it all counts!! 

I decided that my weekly goal would be 500 active minutes. This works out to be 1 hour and 20 minutes a day, six days a week. This may sound like a lot, but I want to challenge myself!! There are lots of fun ways to get a sweat on.

Here is my plan for this week.

Monday: 7 mile run & hot yoga class

Tuesday: 5 mile run & pure barre class

Wednesday: Fly45 spin class at FlyWheel  

Thursday: 5 mile run & strength class

Friday: rest (maybe do an aerial yoga class, I am still undecided)

Saturday: Fly60 spin class at FlyWheel

Sunday: 9 mile run

As you can seen, running is keeping me pretty busy. This is how it will be for me all winter, so I have to make time for it. I am currently training for the Seattle Half Marathon that is Thanksgiving weekend and as soon as that is over, I start my training for the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge that is in February! IMG_9010

I have also really been enjoying my Class Pass membership as a way to try a variety of classes and get some really fun workouts in. This week I wasn’t overly creative, but I plan to be in the next few weeks. I also want to meet up with a few of my friends to workout. Sweating with a buddy is SO MUCH FUN!!!

hot yoga essentials. love the warm room this time of year
hot yoga essentials. love the warm room this time of year

Being successful during this busy time of year has a lot to do with PLANNING! If you plan and schedule a workout, it is more likely to get done. I have also noticed that if I do it earlier in the day, it is less likely to get skipped. I don’t always get early morning workouts in, but I love it when I do! 

how do you plan on getting your workouts in this holiday season?
what is your workout of choice these days?
are you gonna join the #holidaysweat fun?


Stay Sweet!!