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Wanna Turkey Trot???

Thanksgiving is getting close and while some people like to start focusing on Christmas as soon as November rolls around, I really like to take time for Thanksgiving. I usually try not to do any Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, but since we are going to be gone this year, I have given myself permission to start Christmas slightly early 🙂

My  favorite part about Thanksgiving is the time with family. I love that almost everyone has that day off from work. I’m not super tempted by the food, it’s not even the highlight for me, I just love being with family and hanging out.

While Thanksgiving is a day off from work and time with family, that doesn’t mean it is a REST day as far as exercise goes! I stay active on Thanksgiving and be sure to make time to do some sort of exercise that day.untitled

WHY?! The reasoning is simple

1)      I am a nicer and happier person when I work out. I wrote about all the benefits to working out in a previous post. I just feel so much better when I exercise, so why not be happier and nicer on a day you are going to be around everyone that you love?

2)      Usually there is little bit of extra time this day so fitting it in isn’t too hard (even if you are hosting and have tons to cook, wake up early and workout. The cooking with go much more smoothly & you will have more energy – trust me on this!)

3)      If you are tempted by food, it’s much easier to make better food decisions when you have gotten exercise in. Indulging is totally okay, but I find that exercise helps you keep control and not get too crazy.

Because of this, a tradition of a morning turkey day workout has been born. Now pair this tradition with my new love of running…. the obvious outcome is a TURKEY TROT right?!?untitled

So I decided to see if there was a Thanksgiving Day run that I could do here in the PNW. Here is what I found. There are 2 turkey trots, one the weekend before Thanksgiving and one on Thanksgiving. One is a route I run a lot, so I didn’t feel like paying to run it, plus that is the weekend before. I really wanted it to be ON Thanksgiving day. I looked at the course, and I wasn’t overly impressed, it’s not super close and I really didn’t feel like paying that much to run. I think really what is boils down to is I don’t want to have to deal with the crowds and be on someone else’s schedule that day…

SOOOOOO I thought, why not do a virtual turkey trot???? Two options, either a 5K (3.11 miles) or a 10K (6.2 miles) — you find a route in your area that is that amount of miles and you walk or run it on Thanksgiving day — heck, you could even do it on a treadmill…. you pick the time and place and there is no entry fee!! We’ll connect about it virtually over twitter, instagram and even FB if you want  what do you guys think?:? Would you do it with me??

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— if there is enough interest we will make this an official thing! Picture-33Also – this year I am going to post a post-thankgiving (black Friday) workout, so be ready for that!

Stay Sweet!