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5 Tips To Help You Last Minute Train For A Race

Have you ever signed up for a race and then all of a sudden before you know it the race is next weekend?! I have! With a race around the corner, feeling like you aren’t prepared is no fun. Today I am sharing five tips with you that will help you get ready for are day, last minute. 

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Run, Make History & Help a Charity with United Relay!

I’m excited to announce that this Wednesday, April 27th, I will be running a 5K at Seward Park in Seattle to kick off the United Relay!! Seattle is the start the Red Route which will eventually end in NYC. There is a White Route taking off from San Fransisco and Blue Route taking off from LA on other days. 

history united relay

What is super cool is that the United Relay is making running history! This is the first non-stop running relay!! Together with 9,000 other runners, you can run across the USA. That would be a LOT to do alone, but it will be possible because of the team work. There will be a baton passed from runner to runner. There are group stages and individual stages. The 5K I will be running is a group stage. The individual stages are longer distances that have a lead runner and others can join in on the route as well. 

routes UR

All of this running is to raise money for charity. You can sign up to run any stage and any leg. There is probably one close to you since they are covering the whole US! United Relay was generous enough to provide a discount code of 30% off! Click here to sign up to run the 5K with me in Seattle, or here for 30% off anywhere else

In case you needed extra incentive, when you sign up you are entered to win a trip to NYC and meet Alicia Keys

alicia keys

I am excited to be participating in the kick off here in Seattle with Aftershockz and my Sweat Pink sisters. A few of them are coming up from Portland to run! I cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for a Seattle Sweat Pink meet up. 

anytime I am with my fellow Sweat Pink gals, it’s always a blast!

Not only am I excited to see my Sweat Pink sisters and make running history, I am also excited to try out the new Aftershockz technology. Since I got my first pair of wireless headphones, I am addicted. The Aftershockz technology is unique in that the headphones don’t actually go in your ear. Using bone conduction technology, Aftershockz allows you to hear your music and your surroundings all at the same time. I can’t wait to try these out & make road/city runs safer.

It’s going to be a blast! Join me and let’s make running history!!

Disclaimer: I received an entry to United Relay as a Sweat Pink ambassador. I value authenticity & honesty; as always, all options are my own. 

The Kirkland Shamrock Run [Race Recap]

What better way to celebrate St. Patty’s day then with a Shamrock run? I was extra excited for this race because my last experience with Orca Running was so great. The Shamrock Run did not disappoint! 
shamrock run

I hadn’t run a 5K race in a long time. I debated whether or not to run it all out or just take it easy. I have never ‘raced’ a 5K to try to see how fast I can run it. I really just wanted this to be a fun 5K that wasn’t for time. My mom signed up to run with me, so I stayed with her. We ran/walked the 5K and had a great time. Not every race is competitive and go all out, some are for pure fun & that is what the Shamrock Run was for me. 

shamrock run
can you tell it was cold???!

Start Line

There were tons of people in costumes and lots o’ green! There was even a bag pipe band! I’m telling you, Orca Running pulls out all the stops. IMG_2996

If you wanted, you could register your dog; they got a bib number, a bandana and a collapsible water bowl. They even got their own medal at the finish line! How cute is that? IMG_3008

The race started in 3 waves because the course narrowed and they wanted to make sure people had enough room. I never felt that the course was narrow, but that’s probably because they sent people out in waves! IMG_3007

The Race 

The course was mostly flat with 2 steady hills. One after the first .25 miles and another about half way thru the course. The hills pay off because the views are stunning. You get to see beautiful Lake Washington & Seattle. Somehow I didn’t manage get a picture because I was having too much fun running!IMG_3009

The last mile of the course is beautiful and flat. Once you reach the end of the course, you run past a park with a gorgeous view of Lake Washington. We even saw an eagle flying over us and it landed in one of the trees. 

mid-race selfie!
mid-race selfie!

There is a nice downhill approach the finish line and you finish waterfront. It was cold and windy, but the sun eventually came out towards the end of the race.race_1923_photo_32221063

Finish Line

Every participant got a long sleeve tech shirt, a finishers medal and a 5K magnet at the finish line. The magnet was a total surprise and a really unique item. IMG_3012IMG_3047

Every participant also got FREE race photos. There were so many photographers you guys! There were as many if not more as there are at races where you have to buy the pictures! Orca Running does this at every single race. It’s another reason their races are 100% worth running! 

crossing the finish line!
crossing the finish line!

The finishers area had snacks and lots of vendors. I even found a MORE KALE bell!!! You guys have no idea how excited I was about that.FullSizeRender-2

Orca Running also provided a photo booth again which I loved. It makes for a great place to take race pictures. This is something you can expect to see at every Orca Race. FullSizeRender-1

This race confirmed that Orca Running races are fun & have the best swag! There are no lame cotton shirts or lack luster race environments here. They are so awesome they even gave me a discount to share with you so you run one with me – see below! IMG_3014

Post Race

Another awesome reason to run a race in Kirkland is because one of my favorite smoothie bowl places in Seattle happens to be in Kirkland – Healthy Bonez! They make amazing smoothie bowls & juices, I highly recommend you check them out if you are in the area. Of course I had to pick one up post race! IMG_3029

Run it OR Skip it?

RUN IT! I highly recommend the Shamrock Run. It was a lot of fun, much  better organized and more picturesque than the other St. Patty’s day runs in the Seattle area. 

Sign up to run another Orca Running race with me!

Amazing swag, well organized races & FREE race photos! You won’t be disappointed. Check out all their races HERE & use code SWEETFIT to get 10% off your registration!!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

I started running because it challenged me. It was REALLY hard. I actually publicly said multiple times that I hated running. It was physically difficult, but also very mentally difficult for me. I did pretty much every other form of cardio there is, but running just “wasn’t for me”.

All that has since changed. I told a little bit of the back story in this video post HERE. Basically, I decided to find out if I could really run a whole 5K or not. Well, I found out that I could run a 5K and some. It wasn’t easy for me, but I decided that I should train for a half marathon to check that off my bucket list and then be done with running…

After running the half marathon, I am far from done with running. I actually still really enjoy it and have KEPT RUNNING!! (Who am I?!?)

Last weekend, I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle.Photo Mar 01It was BEAUTIFUL weather, a fun race (although VERY hilly) and, as promised, full of chocolate. I was blazing new territory with this race because 

  1. It was my first race EVER during tax season (I never really ran before this year) 
  2. It was my first 15K! Photo Mar 01-22

When I signed up for the race, I didn’t really realize it was 9 miles. For a 9 mile race you should really significantly train for the race. I did not have as much run training as I would have liked before the race, but it turned out just fine. I had a BLAST!

I woke up at 545AM Sunday morning and made what has become my traditional race breakfast. GF pumpkin pancakes, almond butter, egg whites, and coffee. Then I took off to Seattle. The race started at 7:55AM (6:45 for the 5K). Photo Mar 01-21The race started in the Seattle Center, which is right next to the Space Needle. I hadn’t been down there in a LONG time. It was such  a beautiful day!!

Photo Mar 01-19I was placed in Corral B based on my mile time. When I signed up for the race, I entered my mile time as 9 minutes/mile, and to me that seems like a middle of the road pace right? I guess for this race it was on the faster side! There were Corrals A-O, and I was in B. I felt intimidated to be up with the fast runners, but that is where I was supposed to be. I’ve never been so close to the start line in a corral before!Photo Mar 01-20 It was nice to not feel like I was running over people at the beginning of the race šŸ˜€

IMG_0612can you find me? It’s like where’s waldo šŸ˜›

The course was hilly with ups and downs to start out and then a pretty steep hill at about mile 1.5. Then it was flat until mile 4. I swear miles 4, 5 and 6 were a long, steady, MEAN hill. It was a gradual incline but it never let up! UGH! 

Then there was some much needed downhill running. It was such a relief to settle in on about 2 flat/downhill miles. I turned the “turbo” on to finish a little early. About mile 8 I got his huge surge of energy and ran a super fast mile. Then I rounded the corner, about a .45 miles from the finish line, and there was ANOTHER hill. I chugged up that one, and then AGAIN right before the finish line there was another hill. I thought I was going to die!!! I just kept telling myself “you are NOT tired!”, “this is easy for you!”, “you can do this”!!! 

IMG_0614I FINALLY crossed the finish line, and I was SO happy! The end of the race was difficult, I was coughing a bunch and the hills were BRUTAL, but I finished!  see if you can find me in this video of my race finish

Photo Mar 01-18I got my finisher medal, was reunited with my cheerleaders, and then  went to get the coveted finisher mug. People go crazy for these things. It’s like chocolate CENTRAL!IMG_0613

I didn’t care for the hot chocolate šŸ™ but I really enjoyed the chocolate fondue – so yummy! It was dark chocolate, THE BEST! As you can see, it was pretty messy and I had chocolate everywhere.  Photo Mar 01-17

Photo Mar 01-15Because we were already downtown and the weather was so beautiful, we decided to make a day of it! A true Sunday Funday šŸ˜€ I usually work on Sunday’s so it was a nice to get a long run in and a fun outing. 

Photo Mar 01-14We went over to the Pike Place Market, got some coffee and enjoyed just walking around and exploring. Photo Mar 01-12I feel this was a very appropriate post-race shirt, don’t you? “I earn my chocolate one step at a time”

Found this lovely heart of petals…. 
Photo Mar 01-11We also passed by the famous French bakery, Le Panier. I went in knowing full well that I probably would not be able to eat anything, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. They have BEAUTIFUL pastries. 

Photo Mar 01-10

They also had macaroons!!! I LOVE macaroons, so I decided to try one. O.M.G!! Blew my mind. I got a “passion” flavored on and it was amazingly good. I only needed one! Such a yummy treat.

Photo Mar 01-9


Of course I also had to get some “market flowers” to take home. That is my most favorite thing about Pike Place Market. I will literally look for excuses to go there in the summer to buy some flowers. They are some of the most beautiful bouquets you will ever see and they are really inexpensive. Photo Mar 01-6 Photo Mar 01-8Then we went to have post-race lunch at a place I had been wanting to try for sometime: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe 

I had the gluten free french toast with a side of chia pudding and a side salad. I know, weird combo but that’s what I felt like eating. It was delicious!! I know we will be coming back to eat here next time we are in Seattle. Next time I want to try the Raw Enchiladas šŸ™‚

Photo Mar 01-4Photo Mar 01-2Photo Mar 01-5

It was such a fun day exploring the city and enjoying the crisp air and sunshine.

Running has challenged me in many different ways, but for all the challenges it has been just as rewarding. I don’t know what other long races I am going to run this year. I want to run another half marathon in the late summer, but I haven’t found one yet. I know it will happen šŸ™‚ Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.00.35 AMI also want to start a running group here locally for people who like me, hate running but want to give it a try. I felt like I COULDN’T run, but then I proved to myself that I could. That is such an empowering thing to be able to prove yourself wrong. I want to help other people feel that and achieve things they never thought they could do. I hope to start this once tax season is over… šŸ™‚

Have you ever participated in a running group? Did you like it?

Thank you for being here with me on this journey! I am thankful for you and appreciate you all so much!!

Stay Sweet!