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Easy Breakfast Wraps – Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day. I love almost any and all breakfast food. When I was in college down in California, the breakfast burrito was reigning breakfast champ. I loved all the breakfast goodness wrapped up in warm tortilla.  Since finding out that I am allergic to gluten, I have had to modify many breakfasts and pretty much gave up on the breakfast burrito due to lack of large corn tortillas. I have successfully re-reated french toast and pancakes, two of my current favs, but I was missing a one handed breakfast wonder… until now! 


This is no breakfast burrito, but it is pretty darn close – all the breakfast goodness rolled up into a tasty meal! These wraps make a great on-the-go breakfast. They are paleo friendly, gluten free and very easy to make. You can even make the filling ahead of time to save precious moments on a busy morning. 

paleo wrap 2

I stumbled upon these paleo wraps one day at Whole Foods. I do not follow a paleo diet, however I was intrigued that they were gluten free. I checked the ingredients and they are made mostly of coconut, which means they are very low carb and gluten free. They were on sale so I figured, “I’ll give them a whirl”. So glad I did!!!


Easy Paleo Friendly Breakfast Wrap 

Except for the wraps, the ingredients for the recipe are likely things you already have in your fridge! You can find the wraps at Whole Foods or on Amazon.

– 2 eggs
– 1/4 cup egg whites
coconut oil spray
– 1/4 onion, diced
– 1/4 red pepper, diced 
– paleo wraps  
– mixed greens          
wrap prep

1) Spray skillet with coconut spray oil and heat to medium hea
2) Saute diced onions and peppers until onions become translucent IMG_6090
3) While peppers and onions are cooking, in a separate bowl mix eggs and egg whites
4) Add egg mixture to skillet and cook
5) Place paleo wrap on plate, add some mixed greens on one side of wrap
6) When eggs are done cooking, add to other side of paleo wrap paleo wrap
7) Roll up and enjoy!
*** if making ahead of time, do not roll up into paleo wrap until ready to eat because it will get soggy 

I garnished mine with some of the mixed greens I used and some baby heirloom tomatoes. You could also pair this with some spicy salsa. Whether you are looking for a paleo friendly recipe or not, these wraps are great and super tasty. I enjoyed being able to mimic a large tortilla with them, something I haven’t been able to do in a long time. If you aren’t a coconut fan, you could substitute 2-3 corn tortillas and have breakfast tacos instead of the wrap. 🙂

Stay Sweet!