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6 Exercises to Get Your Legs Toned Up for Summer!

Being a personal trainer, I get a lot of requests from clients that want to tone up their legs in the summer. Summer brings warm weather and less coverage on your legs. Whether it is to the gym, on a run, or to a BBQ, this workout will tone up your legs so you can rock those shorts or the summer dress anywhere that you go! 

I used to really despise leg workouts because they were hard, they made me sweat a lot, and it got uncomfortable really fast. Now, leg workouts are still hard, uncomfortable and I sweat a lot, but the pay off is so great! Leg workouts make you sweat a lot because it is such a big muscle group. Building muscle in your lower body also helps you burn more calories & fat in the long run. Muscle increases your resting metabolic rate, so the more muscle you have, the more calories your burn when you are just hanging out. Awesome right?!  Continue reading 6 Exercises to Get Your Legs Toned Up for Summer!

Squats, Lunges & Plyo [Workout Wednesday]

Today for workout Wednesday we are focusing on the lower body. Lower body workouts can feel more challenging because the legs& booty are one of the biggest muscle groups, so when you get them working things get sweaty fast! Do not be afraid to modify the moves in today’s workout – it is important to build up strength and endurance to avoid injury. 

This is a body weight workout so you do not need any equipment! 

The Workout

Do 10 reps of each. You may repeat for up to 3 rounds. 

  1. Sumo Squats 
  2. Squats
  3. Runner Lunge L
  4. Runner Lunge R
  5. Sumo Squat to Squat JUMP

Watch me demo the moves in the video.

This can be a quick workout or a ‘finisher’ to your regular workout! 

Thanks for joining me for workout Wednesday! I’ll see you all next week!

Stay Sweaty!

15 minute HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today we are gonna be “hittin’ it” with this quick 15 minute workout! 

This video is part of my 1 year blog-iversary celebration! This was one of the most popular workouts from last year. It’s definitely not the best video I have ever made, but I promise you it’s an awesome workout! MEXICO

Below the video I have some F.A.Q.s about HIIT workouts. The cool thing is they can be modified for any fitness level & you keep burning calories even after the workout is over! 


What does HIIT stand for?
High Intensity Interval Training. I explain it a little bit more in the video below.

I can’t do high impact workouts, can I still do a HIIT?
HIITs are high intensity, but that does not mean they have to high impact. There are both high impact and low impact HIIT workouts and both have the same results. The moves in this particular workout are mostly LOW impact, but NOT low intensity.

I’m just starting my fitness journey, are HIITs for intermediate to advanced fitness levels only?
No! HIIT workouts can be done at any fitness level. That is the beauty of HIIT workouts, you push yourself and workout at 110% for YOU. So my intensity may be higher or lower than yours. 

Why are HIITs more effective than other workouts?
First of all, HIIT workouts only work the way they were designed if you give it 110% in the workout periods. No slacking off! It’s a short interval of time. You must get your heart rate up so give it all you’ve got & enjoy the rest time. Because you are increasing your heart rate and getting out of breath, you are working in an anaerobic state, so you will continue to burn calories all day at a higher rate even after the workout is over!! (sign me up!) 😀

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 Photo Nov 18-2

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Stay Sweaty!

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Lower Body Workout [SBFL Anniversary Workout Wednesday]

Happy Wednesday!!! As a part of my 1 year anniversary celebration, I am excited to share with you today one of my most popular workout videos from workout Wednesday. MEXICO

Workout Wednesday is technically not a year old, it was something I started doing a few months into blogging and I made it an official weekly tradition as of May 2015.  Click Here to Subscribe to get weekly emails with the workouts! It doesn’t cost you a thing! 

My style with making videos has changed since this video, so bear with me 🙂 I used to make PDF downloads to go with the workouts that gave more detail, but people like the instruction in the video better, so I do that now. Anyway, check out this lower body workout, it is one of my favs and doesn’t require any equipment!!

To see the rest of my workout Wednesday posts click here 😀

From my original blog post: “Here is a PDF download of the workout, just for you! It gives instructions on how long to do the moves for based on fitness level & a description of the moves. As always, modify this to meet your needs!”

Try this workout with me and let’s get SWEATY!!

Stay Sweaty!!

Lower Body HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today’s workout is fast and it is sweaty! It focuses on one of the largest muscle groups, the lower body aka booty & legs! 

This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. What that means is you need to go as hard as YOU can for the interval and then rest. We all have different fitness levels, so listen to your body and push as hard as you can. This workout is one time through and you get the calorie burning affects for the rest of the day! The awesome results from this workout are based on you pushing as hard as you can based on your fitness level. Let’s do this! workout_wednesday_grey

Do each of the exercises for allotted time based on your fitness level.
Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 1 minute 
Take a 5-10 second rest between exercises.

1. sumo squat jump
2. jumping lunges
3. curtsey lunge pulse – switch legs half way thru
(IE: beginner would 15 seconds right leg then 15 seconds left leg)
4. crab walks
5. tuck jumps
6. single leg deadlift jump – LEFT
7. single leg deadlift jump – RIGHT

Fun Fact: This workout was inspired by a convo/request I had on Periscope! Thank you Tiffany for the great suggestion! If you are on Periscope, be sure to add me @sweetblondefit !!

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Let’s Chat – what kind of workouts would you like for workout Wednesday’s? 

Stay Sweaty!

At Home Barre Workout [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Have you ever tried barre? It has gotten super popular the last few years. The workout we are doing today you can do at home using a chair. This barre workout will work your whole lower body so get ready to feel the burn and tone those legs!

The workout:

First position squats (narrow V) – 30 reps
Lunge pulses (carousel horse) – 30 reps left
Lunge pulses (carousel horse) – 30 reps right
Sumo pulses – 30 reps
Leg lifts – 30 reps left
Leg lifts – 30 reps right
Sumo leg sweep – 10 reps left
Sumo leg sweep – 10 reps right
Curtsey lunges – 10 reps left
Curtsey lunges – 10 reps right


p.s. if you enjoyed this video, let me know in the comments! also, what do you think of the music??

Stay Sweaty!


Lower Body Circuit [Workout Wednesday]

Happy hump day!! It’s Workout Wednesday again already and today I have a lower body circuit for you. These are some of my MOST favorite lower body exercises, and they require ZERO equipment. Thes were the best because you can do them anywhere. 


In fact, this workout I filmed while in Hawaii, you may notice the tropical background 🙂 You can take this circuit anywhere from a corner in the gym, to your living room, to the beach on vacation. 

What do I need: a timer & a flat area to workout 

The workout: 

Repeat this circuit 3 times
do each move for 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on fitness level 

  • Plié jump squats 
  • Plié squats 
  • Jump lunges 
  • Backwards lunge (alternating legs) 
  • Bowlers lunge (alternating legs) 
  • Jump squats 

If you do each move for a minute, this circuit will only take you 18 minutes. You will get a little cardio along with muscle toning. Do this workout 3 times this week and your legs will be ready for shorts in no time! You can use this workout alone or to compliment other exercise. 

I demo/explain the exercises in the video below. Try this workout with me, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!

Seriously, how beautiful is this background?! I wish I could film here ALL the time. I miss Hawaii.

Thanks for joining me! What did you think of this workout? What kind of workouts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments. 

stay sweaty!