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Monday Motivation with a Basic Yoga Flow Video

Happy Monday! To get your week of to a great start, I have a Christmas themed basic yoga flow. It’s suitable for all  levels. Check out my crazy socks & look for the #catphotobomb in the video. While yoga is inspiring, after the video  I’m sharing a story about fresh starts & new beginnings for some Monday motivation. 🙂 

Christmas Themed Basic Yoga Flow

The two basic yoga flows shown in the video are variations of sun salutations which include some strength exercises for the upper body and the core. They are great for a warm up, cool down or just a quick stretch. I will build on these flow sequences in the weeks to come. 

Monday Motivation

We have all have bad days. Last week seemed to be a bad week for me as far as technology goes. It was full of technical problems! I learned a lesson in patience & perseverance. What is worth doing isn’t always easy. I was also reminded how thankful I am for second chances & fresh starts. You know that feeling when you have tried everything to get something to work & you want to pull your hair out? Yah…me too. Last week even the most basic things were not functioning. I tried to save a file to my external hard drive, it ‘couldn’t be found’ according to my computer. Tried to upload a video, the video wouldn’t process. The list goes on. All these problems caused simple tasks to become really complicated and time consuming. Time was ticking & nothing was getting done. It was really discouraging.

While I am very thankful it is a new week, the great thing is you don’t have to wait a week or a month or a year for a ‘fresh start’. Every day is a new day & within the day, every hour is a new hour. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or have a bad case of the Monday’s? That doesn’t mean the whole day is a waste.  Try to find the positive among the negative. As soon as a new hours strikes or a new minute begins, it’s an opportunity for the day to be different. Change your mindset. Even though things may not be perfect, or in my case, things still may not be getting done, changing your outlook on the situation is extremely powerful. Try it this week & see what a difference it makes.4c5db9a9508c7860d29c4f3b587a22be

Let’s Chat: 
What workouts do you have planned this week? 
What is your favorite source of motivation?

Stay sweet & happy Monday!!

Monday’s – A lesson learned

I am usually indifferent to Monday’s … they are a fresh start to the week, a time to work on new goals, new priorities and get off to a good start. 

If every Monday was like today, I really don’t think I would like Monday’s. While this morning and afternoon did NOT go as planned and were much less pleasant that I was expecting, I also re-learned an important lesson.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.24.29 PM

This is potentially a very long story, I will try to tell the short version here.   A little over a year ago,  I really started to become interested in health and fitness as a full time thing. I liked working out, I wanted to help other people achieve the kind of success I had achieved and I started slowly pursuing bits and pieces of it. Out of that has come this blog, I am a group fitness instructor, and I am also working on getting certified as a personal trainer. There are so many other opportunities I want to explore and research (like nutrition). I am not going to be quitting this “fitness stuff” anytime  soon. I am a huge fan of this healthy lifestyle and inspiring others. I remember when I used to be on the other side of it feeling like I could never loose weight and never change. I want to help those people see they can succeed and that there is hope. That being said, it is still a side job for me. I have a full time job and I will blog more about the specifics in another post.

I do really like aspects of my full-time job. The people I work with are super cool, I get a lot of flexibility, and it’s fun most of the time. The downside is it can be VERY stressful.  As the years go by, I am able to handle less and less stress, it’s like it wears on me more. So, that part of my job has gotten to be almost intolerable. Today I was feeling some of that stress and got a glimpse of what is coming in the next few months. It made the time at work today somewhat emotional for me.

 There was a time last March where I thought to myself, “maybe I should just call it quits after this month”. So May would have been my last month at my full time job and I could have focused full time on health and fitness and where this will take me. 
Well, that was wayyyy too scary to me at the time. I didn’t want to take the risk financially, I wasn’t very confident in myself or my abilities and I had already committed to working another year, so I didn’t want to go back on my word. 
You know that saying “What if I fall? But darling, what if you fly?” I wish someone had smacked that across my face in March.  The reality is, things always happen for a reason. I didn’t feel ready in March, so I made the best decision that I could at the time. Now I am totally ready and I am wishing that I had taken that leap back in March. I am trusting that this has happened for a reason and that these next 5 months of work will all be with purpose. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.34.09 PM

On the bright side, I at least started. I started trying to make the transition, I started working hard on how I can make health and fitness something that is my job and sustains me. I love being creative, creating and sharing. Sweat also makes me happy and I am so thankful for the people fitness has brought into my life.  Of course it is a lot of work now, but eventually it will pay off and I will be able to put all my effort into what I love, health and fitness. 

I know I am not the first blogger to say “this is what my dream full time job would be” and that there are a lot of us who put in double time, 40 hours (or more) at our full-time jobs and who knows how much time on our side jobs/passions. I’m just kicking myself in the pants a lil because I feel that I had a window of opportunity to seize it and put my all into it, and I didn’t take it. The bright side of that is as soon as I have that opportunity again, I will swipe it up SO fast and will NOT take it for granted.

I have to remind myself that loyalty is a good thing, and it’s something that’s an important value to me. I also don’t like disappointing people, but sometimes disappointing people is inevitable.
My boss at my full time job is the coolest person you will ever meet, and I really like working for him. It’s hard to say no to him or want to disappoint him. However, I also don’t think I should keep putting my dream and passions on hold because of loyalty to someone else. It’s a blurry line, but still. It’s not fair to my future or my goals to continue in something out of obligation.

I am going to follow thru on my word and finish what I committed to. To me it is important to finish what you start and finish it well. While the stress today made me want to quit, I know that persevering thru this time will pay off even though it will be a lot of hard work. I am committed to doing a good job, taking care of myself and pursuing my dream at the same time.

I have learned a lesson  —  I need to follow my heart and trust myself. Sure there would have been lots of unknowns if I stopped working and pursued fitness, but like the first quote says “sometimes the best way to be happy is to learn to let go of things you tried hard to hold on to that are no longer good for you”. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.33.44 PM

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because it is possible that some of you are going thru something similar, or debating an important decision and don’t know which way to go. Maybe you are unhappy with your current situation but are scared to change. This can apply to anything from your job to your weight. 

You can try this: make a list of what is important to you, what your priorities are. Think about what they would be in the perfect world, not what they have to be. Once you have done that, put your hard decision up against that. Does it align with your priorities or take away from them? It is much easier to see where you need to go or what decision you should make that way. 

I was a different person in March than I am now and I am proud of how I have matured, how I have come to respect myself more and be more confident in my abilities. Even if I do fail, that is part of the learning process and I have to get up and try again. I am going to have to make lemonade with the lemons that I dealt myself. While part of me wants to be upset about the decision that I made, the other part of me is thankful that I have learned this lesson.

Big decisions are never easy to make, and sometimes you will never know if you made the right decision or not. People will try to bring you down, tell you that you can’t do it. Show people that they were wrong. You must be confident in yourself and pursue what you are passionate about. If you pursue your passion, there will be lots of hard work and sweat involved, but it is for you, not for anyone else! 


Weekend Warriors

I know Monday is usually the day for motivation, but hey, people need motivation every single day of the week!! And this week I felt it was particularly needed for the weekend…

What is a weekend warrior???

It’s someone who doesn’t take the weekend off. Everyone needs a rest day each week, and I usually take either Friday and/or Sunday. I like to workout at least one day on the weekend because it keeps me accountable and I have more time to do a longer workout. The weekend is a great day for fun and creative workouts like hiking or skiing/snowboarding now that it’s winter!!

Weekends can be a time a lot of people “get off track”. There is lots of temptations, not much structure and usually some get togethers. The good news is, this is in your control! Indulging is okay, just plan it and don’t go overboard. You can still enjoy life and weekend, just enjoy it responsibly. When Monday rolls around you will be closer to your goals, not farther!!

Follow these strategies to keep things in check this weekend:

  1. IMG_8653-1.JPGdon’t skip your workout!
  2. eat like it’s a weekday – don’t use the “it’s the weekend” excuse. You are still accountable on the weekend
  3.  one NSA meal not an NSA weekend – allow indulgences, but at planned times, not all weekend! That’s why they are called No Strings Attached, no guilt!
  4. limit alcohol
  5.  remember food won’t take the stress from the week away
  6.  find a healthy snack to replace tempting treats – I love to eat carrots and sugar snap peas at night when I am cravings sweets. Or make some air popped popcorn and portion it out. 3 cups is a serving, that’s a lot! Get creative 🙂

One thing that makes it easier for me to make good decisions is to remember how much better I feel both mentally and physically when I do. A lot of times the temptation isn’t worth the feeling. Think about it that way and see if it helps 😀


stay sweet & have a great weekend!