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Flat and Beautiful: Blooms to Brews Half Marathon Recap

Disclaimer: I received an entry to Blooms to Brews as part of being a BibRave Pro. I value authenticity & honesty; all options are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

This year seems to be the year of half marathons for me, and I am NOT complaining. I am getting more comfortable with the 13.1 mile distance and my training right now is maintaining conditioning and fitness to run 13.1 miles. Because of this I have been able to run so many races this year so far and I am loving it! In previous years, Spring races were never an option for me because I wasn’t trained enough yet by this time of year. There are so many great Spring races worth running, and Blooms to Brews is one of them. IMG_3676

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Want to Run on Clouds? Meet the CloudSurfer

Disclaimer: I received a pair of CloudSurfers to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. I value authenticity & honesty; all options are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

What makes the perfect running shoe? For me, it’s comfort, function & style. I strongly believe that if you look good when you workout, you workout harder, so the shoes need to be cute. I also want a shoe that is going to work for me, not against me. I need the shoe to support me and make me a better runner, not just look good. I also don’t want a shoe I can feel; I want to forget I’m wearing it.
cloudsurfer review
When I got the opportunity to do a Cloudsurfer review, I was really excited. It seemed like this shoe would be all those things: comfortable, stylish, & high-tech. The Cloudsurfer definitely delivered! I can’t wait to put more miles on these shoes.  

The Cloudsurfer 

The Cloudsurfer is one of the many shoes made my the company, On-Running. ‘On’ is a Swiss company that reinvented the cushioning in running shoes. All shoes made by On feature ‘Cloud Tech‘, which is a really unique technology that allows the shoes to work for you and cushion your run in ways that no other shoe can. Cloud tech allows runners to run with lighter effort and less pounding. Check this out:
1) land soft, push off hard
With cloud tech, you get a soft and cushioned landing, followed by an explosive and firm push off.  Not a soft landing followed by a soft push off. This allows you to have a cushioned yet fast ride. The Cloudsurfers have as much cushion as a Hoka shoe, it is just presented in a different way.IMG_3066
2) both horizontal and vertical impact is cushioned
On-Running shoes are the only shoes that address horizontal impact, not just vertical impact. The outsole of the shoe is adaptive and can address many different strides. Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.09.22 PM
3) speed board 
The speed board in the shoe reduces foot slapping the ground. It rolls your foot forward in the natural motion and actually propels you forward. I really felt this when I was running. I felt propelled forward even when my legs were tired and didn’t want to go! IMG_2710

These Shoes Turn You ON!

There really is something to the name of these shoes. The brand is called “On-Running’ because these shoes turn the muscles in your legs and core ‘ON’. The technology in these shoes engages all the muscles that should be doing the work when running. The postural muscles, the hamstrings, the glutes, they all get turned ON!  You literally cannot heel strike in the Cloudsurfer! This is good because we want our leg muscles to stabilize us, not the cushion in a shoe. on running 2

Why I’m in Love with On-Running Shoes

The reason I started with all the detailed info is because these shoes are much more than just looking cool. These high-tech, light weight, performance running shoes are the bomb.com! IMG_3078

I was skeptical at first that the ‘bubbles’ on the bottom of the shoe really did more than just make the shoes look cool. They do add a ‘cool’ factor to your runs, but they also do so much more than that! The cushion is amazing, the response is great, and they really do propel you forward and engage the muscles for proper running form. IMG_3058

You can feel good about the fact that there is a lot of research and technology behind the way these shoes are designed. It’s not just a bunch of hype, these shoes are the real deal and make me a better runner. on running 3

How I Use Them

I have taken this shoe on every different kind of run. I have worn them on long runs, shorter training runs, slow runs and fast runs.IMG_3081 IMG_2924 I also broke the cardinal running rule and tried something new on race day. In my defense, I had worn them on at least one run prior. Breaking the rule paid off though, I ran the race much faster than last year and PR’d my 10K distance!  on running 1


YAY!!! I highly recommend locating a running store near you and at least trying a pair on. (no pun intended!) Everyone is unique and requires a different type of running shoe. On-Running makes several different kinds of shoes and there is something for everyone. The cushioning and technology in these shoes is amazing. I will certainly be buying another pair. They not only feel great, they also improve my performance and make me a better runner. FullSizeRender-1