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My Experience at the Reebok Western Regional Crossfit Games

It really hard to believe that a week ago the Reebok Western Regional crossfit games were kicking off in Portland. It has been such a whirlwind week! Anyone else feel like this week went flying by? My experience at the games was nothing short of awesome. I had a great time working the Quest booth, catching some of the competition and connecting with some really awesome people. IMG_4583As I mentioned last week, I had no idea what to expect. I was surrounded by a bunch of fitness fans, muscle, and some really amazing athletes all weekend. I learned a lot about Crossfit too. I like to compare the games to the Boston Marathon. At Boston, these are some elite runners, qualifying to run that marathon is not for the faint of heart. Same goes with the Crossfit games. IMG_4588The event was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and all athletes competed every day. There was a team competition as well as individual competition. Some of the WODs (workouts) they were doing were very hard. We are talking rope climbs, handstand push ups, olympic lifts and pull ups. So much upper body strength (hence why I was surrounded by so much muscle). 😀IMG_4624It was great to watch the competition and be in that environment all weekend. It was also a lot of fun introducing the amazing Quest products  to so many people. I love Quest not only because they make quality stuff, but also because they are a quality company. They do what is best for their customers and for their employees, and they will not sacrifice the on quality. Their products are made with the best ingredients. I know I’m gushing, but I was reminded of this over the weekend. I’m so proud to be a part of Quest! 🙂quest reebok western regional crossfit games

We met so many awesome spectators and athletes at the booth. Some were new to Quest & others were diehard Quest fans, like our friends from the Crossfit Brio team.

quest reebok western regional crossfit games
The athletes from Crossfit Brio!
Our youngest super fan!

IMG_4584We worked really hard this weekend and the days were long, but we also had a lot of fun. I got a few workouts in, including a nice run on the Portland waterfront. IMG_4593We also discovered the most amazing sushi place in Portland. They had such an extensive gluten free menu, I wanted to order everything. I had gluten free tempura (OMG) and a dragon roll that was to die for! I have never eaten sushi at a place with so many gluten free options. IMG_4642

As usual, Portland was so much fun. I wish I had more time to explore, but that just means I have to go visit again soon. The experience at the games makes me that much more eager to give Crossfit a try. I found a box in Seattle that I am going to take the beginners class at. I’ll be sure to report back and let you know how it goes!

What plans do you have for Memorial Day??

I’m heading to the Reebok Western Regional Crossfit Games!

A while back, after I ran my first half marathon, I pondered the idea of trying crossfit. At the time, I didn’t think I was going to stick with ‘this running thing’, but then I realized I loved it and here we are. I never got around to trying crossfit. No particular reason, just never made it a priority. This weekend, I am about to get a taste of it, and I cannot wait!05ed256f7e0fd5357e1098f5025063b1Today, I am on my way to Portland to attend the Western Regional Crossfit Games!! I am not competing (obviously) I am going to work the event with Quest Nutrition. While people have differing opinions about crossfit, what you can’t deny is the community that surrounds the sport. It’s amazing! The history of crossfit is something I will discuss in a separate post. If you take the time to understand the origin of it, it’s really interesting. Once you understand the sport, you understand why they do things the way they do. Check out this video of last years highlights below.

There are going to be a lot of amazing athletes and I cannot wait! I We are going to be at the Western Regional games, so people will be competing for a spot in the games, which is like the olympics of crossfit. So you can get a better idea of what is happening, this is straight from the Reebok Crossfit Games website

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games West Regional features the fittest men, women, and teams from the northwestern United States and western Canada. 19,000 athletes from these two regions entered the Open, but only the top-40 men, 40 women, and 30 6-person teams were invited to compete at the West Regional. 
Over the course of the three-day weekend, the athletes will face a barrage of tests designed to reveal any flaws in their fitness. Can they do well in long events? Short events? Heavy lifting? Gymnastics? To make it to the Games, these athletes must be true generalists capable of handling any task thrown at them.
The five men, five women, and five teams who do the best in relation to their peers across all of the events will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Games held at the StubHub Center in Carson, California July 19-24.” source 

Crazy right?!
I have no idea if we are going to be able to see or watch the competition, but I am really excited I get to be there in person. There are going to be so many endorphins rushing around, it’s gonna be awesome! 

I’ll be sure to share as much as I can on social media this weekend. Are we connected yet?! 
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Look out for the full recap my experience Western Regional Crossfit Games next week 🙂
Have you ever been to the crossfit games? Have you ever tried crossfit??

sharing the Quest love!


How to Make Protein Fudge {my favorite healthy treat}

Ever struggle with nighttime snacking or after dinner ‘treats’? You just want ‘something sweet’ and then somehow it gets out of control?  I came up with this because after dinner I struggle with the same thing. When you are craving a treat, reach for this protein fudge! The best part is, it is ready in minutes!

Unlike traditional fudge that is full of sugar, this protein fudge has less than 1g of sugar, 20 grams of protein, healthy fats and can also be made dairy free! 

Healthy Protein FudgeIMG_1465

Here is what you need:

2T coconut oil 
1 scoop (or packet) of protein powder

I used the newest flavor of Quest protein powder, Cookies and Cream. It has little cookie chunks in the powder + it’s gluten free! This means you get actual cookie chunks in this fudge. It is SO good! (insert heart eyed emoji) 

  1. Place 2T of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Microwave the oil in 30 second increments until melted.
  3. Carefully remove bowl from microwave. 
  4. Stir protein powder into the coconut oil. The consistency should be thick but spreadable*IMG_1462

5. Pour protein-coconut oil mixture into small baking dish or into molds. I used a small 2×4 glass dish. 
**Recommended: line dish with parchment paper! Makes it much easier to remove fudge**IMG_1463

6. Place in freezer for 10 minutes**
7. Remove, break into small pieces & enjoy!IMG_1466

*If needed, add 1/2T more of coconut oil – consistency will vary depending on protein powder used
**You can also chill in fridge. This is only necessary to get coconut oil solid again. 

You can use any kind of protein in this recipe. I did not list this recipe as dairy free because the Quest protein powder is a mixture of whey protein and casein protein. While whey protein is technically not diary free, Quest uses very high quality protein so the amount of lactose in it is very small. Dairy doesn’t make my body happy, but I can eat Quest protein and I do not get a reaction. 🙂


My Word of the Year for 2016: ‘New’!

2015 wrapped up, and while I was sad to see that year go, I was also looking forward to 2016 with much anticipation. There are lots of exciting things happening & it’s a year full of new beginnings that I canNOT wait to share with you. This is why I have chosen new as my word for 2016. 

You may be wondering what this whole ‘word of the year’ thing is. It is a way people set intentions, pick something to focus on or show gratitude for during the new year. It may seem strange that I choose new, but there is so much ‘newness’ in each area of my life, I want to embrace it with open arms! 

Change, good or bad, is difficult. Even if it is exciting or something you are really looking forward to, change comes with it’s challenges & discomforts.12540704_10153508853902690_3509927975277621497_n

I am really excited about all the ‘new’. I haven’t reached the discomfort stage yet. I will say, I have been nervous/anxious to step out and DO, but it has majorly paid off because I am happy & loving what I am doing. I felt unsure if I was making the right decisions at time, but all the opportunities coming my way have affirmed that this is the path I was supposed to take. 

So, y’all are probably dying to know what is all this ‘newness’ I am talking about.
First of all, I passed my personal trainer exam this last Tuesday! So, I am now officially a NASM CPT (certified personal trainer). I am so happy that I can finally say that!!! To be honest, it’s still sinking in. I started studying 6 months ago in July. I worked really hard, learned a lot and I’m excited to start training clients & helping people achieve their goals! I am thrilled and can’t wait to see where it will take me.  

this was right after finding out I passed!

Second, I’m a Questie! I work for Quest Nutrition as part of the field marketing team. We take selfies, sample Quest products, wear Quest gear and participate in all kinds events. We spread the Quest love all around and have tons of fun while we are doing it. My regular readers know I have loved Quest products for a long time, so getting a chance to work for them is freaking awesome! 

IMG_1086 IMG_0942

Third, I am doing a detox and loving it! Usually the words detox and love don’t end up in the same sentence haha. How is this new you ask? I have never officially detoxed before! To be honest, I always thought it would be full of suffering and depriving yourself. All detoxes are NOT created equal. A true detox, like the one I am doing as a part of the resolution challenge, is meant to ‘reset’ your body and get it functioning normally. I am eating delicious food and feel amazing! I am so glad that I decided to try something new nutrition wise in 2016. I have 3 days left of the detox, once I am all done I will share my experience/results/observations with you. 

some of the delicious food I have been eating! And yes, those are burgers on a detox!


Last, but not least, the biggest ‘new’ of all… we are moving!! I am very excited, but also dreading it. I mean, I have a hard time packing for vacation, so packing up all my stuff does not sound appealing. Then there is the unpacking…. help!! The reality is this is a huge blessing & I’m thrilled. I’m dreading the move itself, but I cannot wait to be in our new place! wishing you a very

So, as you can see, 2016 is full of a lot of excitement! With this excitement comes a LOT of work & I am ready to take it on. Thank you for allowing me to share this excitement with you and take you on this journey with me. 

What are you looking forward to in 2016???
What would you pick as your word of the year?

Stay Sweet! 

Quest FREE SHIPPING this week only! (promo code inside + recipes)

Now thru 8am PST Monday Aug 24th Quest Nutrition is offering FREE shipping on any order (between $15-$250) on their site! Use the code FSWEEK at checkout for the free shipping. This is HUGE people! You can order 1 box or 5 boxes of yummy Quest bars and get them shipped to you for free!! This is the perfect time to stock up for Fall. quest bar free shipping

My fav are the Quest bars. The protein powder is a close second. The bars win out over the powder because they are so portable. My fav flavor right now is the Mint Choc Chip (insert heart eyed emoji here). 

I am definitely gonna take advantage of this free shipping to get a few boxes and a protein powder. At least enough to hold me over till the possible Black Friday sale 🙂Quest free shipping

If you have never tried Quest bars, order a few individual bars in different flavors. I guarantee you will like at least one of them. They are great on the go snacks and have 20g of protein!! 

Below are a few recipes I have created using Quest bars or Quest protein powders in case you need some inspiration!!

Let’s Chat:
Have you tried Quest products? What is your favorite flavor?!
Stay Sweet!

Favorite Finds – IDEA World/Blogfest Edition

This week is flying by! I have so many amazing things that are going to be coming up on sweetblondesfitlife.com; giveaways, cool recipes, the anniversary of my blog and more! I am not kidding when I say you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t already subscribe here so you don’t miss out on the upcoming stuff, especially the giveaways! 

In honor of #throwbackThursday, I have a video for you of all my favorite items from IDEA World Fitness Expo and BlogFest. I am REALLY excited about the items I’m sharing with you in the video, so be sure to watch it because things get a little cray (in a good way)!!!

 Links to items mentioned in video:

Crazy Richards PB Burst 
Crazy Richards Peanut Butter/Cashew Butter
NASM personal training info
Quest Products 
Pumped Up Pancakes 
Safe Catch Tuna 
‘Drop It Like a Squat’ Tank 

Let’s Chat:
Have you tried any of these products? 
Which one would you want to try?

Stay tuned for the giveaways and exciting stuff!!

Stay Sweet!

Gluten Free Protein Pancakes – 3 Ways

These protein pancakes are the BOMB.COM! Here’s the deal: I have tried a lot of different gluten free pancake recipes and mixes and they are either dry or grainy and you can only eat one tiny little pancake. These, on the other hand, are fluffy, soft and you get to eat THE WHOLE stack! Plus they have about 30 grams of protein (depending on the protein powder you use). They are the perfect way to start your day with a nice balance of carbs, protein and fat. 

Im seriously geeking out about this recipe. I am loving it and you will too. Here’s why:  
1) it’s super tasty
2) it’s very versatile and can be made with many different ingredients (read: you don’t get bored!)
3) it’s easy and fast 
4) the serving is HUGE! You get to eat a ton of pancakes! 

IMG_0176You MUST try gluten free protein pancakes because everyone who has eaten these so far has loved them! My husband ate them and wanted more, and, as an added bonus, had no idea they were gluten free. Then Katie tried them and liked them so much she called me out on Instagram so I would hurry up and post the recipe. Haha. The reason these are so loved is because they really taste like pancakes. Or as some would say, it tastes like you are cheating but you’re not! 

Alright, let’s get to it… here is the BASE RECIPE. This is for basic pancakes. We’ll get all fancy a little later. 

Base Recipe: 

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons flax meal (ground flax seed)
  • 1/2 cup gluten free oats
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
  • 2.5 egg whites (works out to be 8 tablespoons) 

Blend all of the dry ingredients (first 4). Transfer dry mixture to a bowl. Stir in liquid ingredients (last 2). Cook in skillet like pancakes! It makes ~4-6 pancakes, sometimes more, depending on size of pancakes you make. IMG_0170

Now… here is where you can get creative! You can throw almost anything you want into these pancakes. My favorite have been the blueberries so I keep eating that on repeat. Haha. If you have any fun ideas for these, let me know in the comments!
I should mention – each picture below is a serving of pancakes! 

3 Variations:

vanilla protein powder + blueberries
for this use vanilla protein powder and add blueberries to batter. IMG_0173This one has to be my favorite. I have also made it with peanut butter protein powder and it was good too!IMG_0177 Pancakes and blueberries are just perfect together. 

1/2 scoop peanut butter, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder + choc chips + almond butter
for this, use chocolate protein powder and peanut butter protein powder, then add chocolate chips to the batter. I used mini choc chips. Top pancakes with almond butter.
I generally am  not a huge sweets person in the morning, which is why this recipe is not my favorite.IMG_0149 It is super delicious though and you could even eat it on a night you feel like having breakfast for dinner! IMG_0152
Yes, this is one serving! YUM!!!IMG_0157

peanut butter protein powder + mixed berries 
for this, use peanut butter protein powder and top with mixed berries. IMG_8427You can try adding the berries to the batter but it gets kinda messy… IMG_8405
I love this one because it’s almost like PB&J. The Quest peanut butter protein powder is the one I used and it’s got a light enough flavor to not be obnoxious and overbearing but still give you that peanut butter taste. IMG_8431

In case you can’t tell, I am LOVING this recipe! It keeps me full and it fun to eat, so I see it being one of my morning favs for some time! 

The protein powder I have used in the recipe, and that I use in almost any baking recipe, is Quest protein powder. I am obsessed with it because it has 23g of protein PER SCOOP and less than 1g-2g of sugar depending on the flavor.  It is good in smoothies, and I love it for cooking. You can put protein in pancakes, for example, and you don’t even notice! The price is great because this powder is super high quality and made with the best ingredients.  The other cool thing is you can buy single packets so you can try a flavor without having to  buy the whole canister.

The flavors are chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, (those 3 are my favs) strawberry and NEW banana cream and salted caramel.gluten free protein pancakesI haven’t tried the new flavors yet. I have a packet of salted caramel, I have just been trying to decide what to do with it. Maybe I’ll make pancakes! Haha. 

Stay sweet!!