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Quick 10 Minute Core Workout Without a Single Sit Up

Today I have a quick, 10 minute workout that is going to work your abs and your entire core without having to do a single sit up!! The best part, you only have to get on the floor for ONE of the exercises! This workout is quick, effective and suitable for all fitness levels. 

I have created this workout specifically to work all your core muscles instead of just isolating the abdominals. A strong core is important for so many reasons: avoiding injury, reducing or eliminating lower back pain & strain and proper alignment in daily activities to name a few. Did you know that your core is more than just your abdominal muscles?? Your glutes and lower back muscles are part of the core too.

All of the exercises today are compound exercises, meaning they work more than one muscle at a time. You can do this workout anywhere! Get ready to sweat and improve core strength in just 10 minutes! 

10 Minute Core Workout 

Optional Equipment: Dumbbell, Yoga Mat


  1. Standing Oblique Crunch
  2. Single Knee Crunch
  3. Bridge with Marching 
  4. Jab – Cross – Jab – Knee

Exercise Demos: 

Workout RX: 

Do each exercise for 1 minute. The exercises where you must switch sides (every one except #3) switch sides after 30 seconds. Once you complete the 4 exercises, take a 30 second break. Repeat 2 times. 

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Stay Sweaty!!!

Get it In! Quick Tabata Workout, Perfect for the Holidays

I cannot believe it is already November!! We are entering into the super busy holiday season.  If  you are traveling to see family, working tons of hours or your schedule is full of plans, parties, traditions, festivities and shopping — no matter what, it’s a busy time of year! With all the added fun, it makes it that much harder to fit everything in, especially a workout. Good news, there is a quick & effective solution: tabatas!!


A tabata is a workout that is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds. That means each tabata round is only 2 minutes. If you repeat it 6 times, that is 12 minutes. No matter how busy your day, it is much more manageable to add in a 10-12 minute workout! Do it right when you get up in the morning, before bed or even on lunch. 

Tabatas are extra awesome because they burn a lot of fat and tons of calories. They only work this way if you do them correctly: MAX effort for 20 seconds. It’s only 20 seconds so make sure you go as hard as you can! This effectively raises your heart rate and keeps it up even after the tabata is over, so you keep burning calories and fat through out the day. This makes it the perfect workout for this busy time of year. 

holiday terabits


Remember – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest X4 
I like alternate each move for a total of 8 times in one set. I have paired up the moves below. 

  1. jumping jacks // skiers
  2. burpees // jump squats
  3. high knees // mountain climbers

If you do each of these tabata sets, this workout will be done in 12 minutes! I love to use this as a workout solution on a busy day. 



Tell me: have you ever tried a tabata?? 

Stay Sweaty!!!

Lower Body HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today’s workout is fast and it is sweaty! It focuses on one of the largest muscle groups, the lower body aka booty & legs! 

This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. What that means is you need to go as hard as YOU can for the interval and then rest. We all have different fitness levels, so listen to your body and push as hard as you can. This workout is one time through and you get the calorie burning affects for the rest of the day! The awesome results from this workout are based on you pushing as hard as you can based on your fitness level. Let’s do this! workout_wednesday_grey

Do each of the exercises for allotted time based on your fitness level.
Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 1 minute 
Take a 5-10 second rest between exercises.

1. sumo squat jump
2. jumping lunges
3. curtsey lunge pulse – switch legs half way thru
(IE: beginner would 15 seconds right leg then 15 seconds left leg)
4. crab walks
5. tuck jumps
6. single leg deadlift jump – LEFT
7. single leg deadlift jump – RIGHT

Fun Fact: This workout was inspired by a convo/request I had on Periscope! Thank you Tiffany for the great suggestion! If you are on Periscope, be sure to add me @sweetblondefit !!

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Stay Sweaty!

Full Body Interval Workout [Workout Wednesday]

Happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far? Whether it has been a good or bad week, working up a sweat will only make it better! Join me for this full body interval style workout and let’s get sweaty!!!workout_wednesday_grey

I did this workout outside, in a park, in downtown Queretaro, Mexico; so, it is designed to be a workout you can do anywhere! Try it in your living room, outside in the yard, in a park while your kids or playing, or out and about on vacation. You don’t need any equipment! You could use a yoga mat if you had one available but it is not necessary. 

In the video, I show modifications for each move. For example, we do some burpees, and I show you how to do a burpee without even getting on the ground. This workout is for ALL levels. 

This workout consists of 5 moves:

  • 10 rotating star planks 
  • 10 sumo-squat hold burpees
  • 10 down-dog push-ups
  • 50 mountain climbers (25 each leg)
  • 20 bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)
    Repeat 2-3 times as able based on fitness level. 

Remember, the modifications for each exercise are explained in the video! There is no shame in the modification game. 

Try this workout with me! If you go through the circuit just one time, you will get sweaty and feel great. Exercise is the best drug!
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Stay Sweaty!!!

Upper Body, Core & A Booty Bonus [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today we are doing an upper body workout with some core and a few bonus booty moves at the end. Get pumped! 

I got waaaaay to much sun yesterday. We went and explored this huge rock formation and it was such a blast! I will share that all with you tomorrow because today, we workout!!!
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This workout features one of my most favorite moves, tricep push-ups! Like many body weight exercises they are hard at first, but keep working on them because they will become easier and they really help you get tank top arms ASAP. Be sure to watch the video to hear my trick on how to make them easier. 

What you need:
– mat or a soft area to workout 
– water

Remember there is NO shame in the modification game. Be sure to modify any moves to ensure you keep proper form. If you do not do that you can hurt yourself, or train the wrong muscles to do the work. 

This video features a lot of my fav workout moves, and compliments last week’s workout. You can use them in combination on the same day for a great total body workout. 

Tell me: Did you feel the burn? Comment below and let me know which move was your favorite! 

Stay Sweaty!

Important Stretches for Runners [Workout Wednesday]

Workout Wednesday this week focuses on STRETCHING!
I will be the first to admit that stretching is not always fun. I don’t just mean because it can be uncomfortable, but because it is time consuming. Who wants to take the extra time after a workout to stretch??


Let me tell you why we should take time to stretch. The cool down after your workout is just as important as a warm up. Stretching your muscles is so crucial so that you avoid tightness. If your muscles are tight, you have a higher risk of injury. If you are a runner, tight hamstrings slow you down. Your stride is shortened when your hamstrings are tight, so your mile pace is affected in a negative way. Who wants that?! Not me. More importantly, stretching keeps muscles happy, helps avoid injury and ensures that the right muscles are doing the work when you are exercising. Take an extra 5-10 minutes to stretch after you exercise,  it will pay off!

Try these stretches with me! We will focus on glute, hamstring, and hip flexor stretches. These are the muscles that are used the most and get the most tight in people who run. Whether you run occasionally or are training for a race, these stretches are for you!

Click below to watch the video:

Will you try these stretches with me?
At least try adding in a few post workout so that you can increase flexibility. 

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing one of my favorite recipes with you. It’s gluten free, protein packed and there is some chocolate involved. See you here tomorrow! 

Stay Sweet & Flexible!


Sun Salutation Variation

Check out my variation of a sun salutation in yoga.

Here is a few things:

1. I still modify chataranga and do it on my knees. Why? Because I am still building strength and perfecting form

2. When you are in plank, if you are not strong enough to be on your toes, drop to your knees

3. If bringing your knee to your elbow is challenging, then don’t extend your leg out. Leg extension is advanced.

4. Repeat on the other side!