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5 Tips To Help You Last Minute Train For A Race

Have you ever signed up for a race and then all of a sudden before you know it the race is next weekend?! I have! With a race around the corner, feeling like you aren’t prepared is no fun. Today I am sharing five tips with you that will help you get ready for are day, last minute. 

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It’s a Winter Runningland! Virtual Run Series with Rock ‘N’ Roll

It’s winter, it’s cold… It’s the most runderful time of the year. haha! It can be challenging to run or do anything active this time of year due to busy schedules, crappy weather and the short days. However, I always feel so refreshed after a good sweat, so I try to make things fun and prioritize runs. This is where doing a virtual run series comes in. cyngmtdukaacj7n-jpg-large

Rock ‘N’ Roll has announced a Winter Runningland virtual run series that takes place in November and December. The great part about virtual runs is they can be walked or ran ANYWHERE. You can run Continue reading It’s a Winter Runningland! Virtual Run Series with Rock ‘N’ Roll

Taking the Marathon to the Next Level – Rock N Roll Queretaro

The Rock N Roll Queretaro weekend is almost here!! I cannot believe it. I have been looking forward to this race ever since they announced it. Most of my fellow RockNBlog buddies are going to be running Rock N Roll San Jose this weekend, and I’ll be running here in Queretaro. screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-59-21-pm

Queretaro holds a very special place in my heart. This is the city where I did my study abroad during college. I lived in Queretaro for 7 months and had the time of my life. Being here again brings back a lot of amazing memories. I am so excited to run my second international race in this city. img_9189

In Queretaro, Rock N Roll is going big!!! The weekend features all 4 distances, a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a full marathon. The 5K is on Saturday and the other 3 races are on Sunday. I will be running the remix which is the 5K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday. 

The 5K course is the one I am most excited for – it goes thru all the historic parts of downtown Queretaro. I am gonna be stopping for all the photo opps of the pretty churches, the plazas and the gorgeous views. screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-52-52-pm

The half course looks alright. It’s not quite as scenic, but it looks like it will still be a lot of fun. The altitude is definitely going to be the hardest part of this race. Queretaro sits at about 6,165 ft — more than a mile above sea level. I didn’t train for altitude, this race is for fun, so I will take all the walk breaks I need. With the high altitude, there is less oxygen, so my body starts to hurt after a few miles. I take a walk break, recover, and then do it all over again 🙂screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-55-56-pm

The infamous Rock N Roll after party looks like it’s gonna be pretty amazing. They are having not just one headliner,  but 3 – Fobia, Miguel Mateos and Kinky!!! I am not familiar with all of them, but I do know that Mexicans throw amazing parties, so it’s bound to be a ton of fun. I can’t wait to run this beautiful city! img_3141

If you want to follow along for all of the fun during Rock N Roll Queretaro, be sure to follow me on Snapchat and/or Instagram.  My snapchat is @sweetblondefit or you can use the snap code below to add me. My Instagram is @sweetblondesfitlife or click here snapcode

Why not run another Rock N Roll race this year?! It’s not too late to join in on another tour stop. There is Denver, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Merida,MX and even VEGAS coming up! Use my rockNblog discount code SWEETBLONDEFIT to save on registration fees! rock n blog red

Run, Make History & Help a Charity with United Relay!

I’m excited to announce that this Wednesday, April 27th, I will be running a 5K at Seward Park in Seattle to kick off the United Relay!! Seattle is the start the Red Route which will eventually end in NYC. There is a White Route taking off from San Fransisco and Blue Route taking off from LA on other days. 

history united relay

What is super cool is that the United Relay is making running history! This is the first non-stop running relay!! Together with 9,000 other runners, you can run across the USA. That would be a LOT to do alone, but it will be possible because of the team work. There will be a baton passed from runner to runner. There are group stages and individual stages. The 5K I will be running is a group stage. The individual stages are longer distances that have a lead runner and others can join in on the route as well. 

routes UR

All of this running is to raise money for charity. You can sign up to run any stage and any leg. There is probably one close to you since they are covering the whole US! United Relay was generous enough to provide a discount code of 30% off! Click here to sign up to run the 5K with me in Seattle, or here for 30% off anywhere else

In case you needed extra incentive, when you sign up you are entered to win a trip to NYC and meet Alicia Keys

alicia keys

I am excited to be participating in the kick off here in Seattle with Aftershockz and my Sweat Pink sisters. A few of them are coming up from Portland to run! I cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for a Seattle Sweat Pink meet up. 

anytime I am with my fellow Sweat Pink gals, it’s always a blast!

Not only am I excited to see my Sweat Pink sisters and make running history, I am also excited to try out the new Aftershockz technology. Since I got my first pair of wireless headphones, I am addicted. The Aftershockz technology is unique in that the headphones don’t actually go in your ear. Using bone conduction technology, Aftershockz allows you to hear your music and your surroundings all at the same time. I can’t wait to try these out & make road/city runs safer.

It’s going to be a blast! Join me and let’s make running history!!

Disclaimer: I received an entry to United Relay as a Sweat Pink ambassador. I value authenticity & honesty; as always, all options are my own. 

My First Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend + The Expo

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Cinderella. I loved the movie so much that I actually wore out the VHS tape and my parents had to buy a new movie – who even knew that was possible?! When I realized after my first half marathon that I actually enjoyed running, I decided that one day I had to run the Disney Princess Half marathon & earn my Glass Slipper. This was strictly due to my love for the Disney Princesses & Cinderella, little did I know how awesome the experience would be. This February that dream became a reality! IMG_2005

Like I said, I didn’t know much about the Disney runs other than that they sold out really quickly (like in a few hours), the races were expensive & there were lots of RunDisney fans. The Disney Princess half marathon weekend was my first RunDisney experience, and it was also my first time going to Walt Disney World. I was not ready for the overwhelm and the fun that was about to come at me! 

We took a red-eye flight to Orlando, and arrived on Thursday, the first day of the expo. We decided to spend Thursday finding our way around Disney, checking out the expo and hitting up the grocery store to get ready for the week. Driving to the expo I was already so overwhelmed. Disney was much larger than I could have ever imagined!!! IMG_1987

I wanted to go to the expo Thursday morning when it first opened because I figured there wouldn’t be many people. Boy was I WRONG! We ended up at the expo area an hour early & there were already a ton of people there! 

The expo was at the ESPN complex which is HUGE. There were two separate lines for the expo & packet pick up. I HAD to buy a sparkle skirt at the expo in order to complete my Cinderella costume. Because there were so many more people than expected, we decided to get in the expo line to make sure I got the skirt. 

While waiting, all these people were asking about which line you needed to be in for the commemorative items. The Disney team members kept telling them the packet pick up line. I had no idea what they were talking about. I started to get FOMO (fear of missing out) and wanted to know what this stuff was. 

FullSizeRenderOnce I got into the expo, I high-tailed it to Sparkle Athletic, then headed over to packet pickup. I was really curious about these commemorative item. Little did I know they were selling them in the expo area too & I could have checked them out there. I found that out later… oh well. 

There was still a huge line at packet pick up. It moved quickly and before I knew it I was picking up my Glass Slipper bib! I could not believe this was really happening! IMG_1991IMG_2049

The area where they were selling the commemorative items was not easy to find. When we finally got there, it was crazy. I waited in what I thought was the line to enter the shopping area, but it was actually the line to pay (face palm). I saw a cute grey tank top that said ‘run princess run’ with a castle, but they were sold out of my size. There were a lot of fun items, but I didn’t want to buy something I would never use again. The only thing I absolutely had to have was a Glass Slipper magnet. Since we were already up there, I looked at the Dooney & Bourke Princess purses too. They were cute (pattern below),  but not something I had to have. IMG_1999-1

Then we headed back to the expo, which now had a massive line! We seemed to have done things in the wrong order. Oh well, I wasn’t in a hurry.IMG_2032

The expo had a ton of vendors. All my favorite brands were there & some BibRave partners to! 

2XU. Love their tights, vectr socks & compression sleeves.IMG_2021

Plantronics BackBeatFit wireless headphones. They are the BEST!IMG_2024

On Running also had a booth, so I checked out the CloudSurfers I knew I would be getting when I got home. IMG_2020

Of course there were also tons of cute Princess themed items too.

I loved these Havaianas! Didn’t get them though.
OBSESSED with the Momentum Jewelry bracelet. I did get this!

I also saw the New Balance Disney shoes everyone was going crazy for. They were cute but not something that I personally would wear. IMG_2026

While it was really busy, the expo & packet pick up was a lot of fun. I was still processing the fact that we were in Florida!! There was so much to take in and my first Disney Princess half marathon weekend was off to a great start. 

IMG_2017Now it was time to grab lunch & unpack at the hotel to get ready for the 10K on Saturday!

Tell me: Have you ever run a Disney race? Which one would you want to run? 

How I Became “a Runner”

The subject of running has been coming up quite a bit lately. In conversations, social media and at get togethers. Because I have kept running, and enjoy it, I have now been classified as “a runner”.

994871_425146534266985_317336452_nThe races I have been signing up for have been longer distances, at least longer than 5K (3 miles). This leads people to believe that I have been running for a long time and that I have always loved running, but the complete opposite is true! This time last year I had just signed up for my first race that I planned on running, and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to run the whole thing! 
That race is really what started it all.

To hear my whole story on how this “running thing” started, check out my video. I tell the whole story from why I even wanted to sign up for my first race and how that turned into running a half marathon. I even share a bit from my past and where I am now. It’s about 6 mins long, I hope you will watch it 🙂 If you don’t feel like watching  video, it’s cool. Keep reading…

Finally, check out this screen shot from my Nike+ app — this was my VERY first run with the app! 

  That 4.83 mile run was the longest I had ever run and that was the first race I actually ran. Running 9:49/mile felt amazing to me! The run on the bottom on 5/13 was my first run ever! 

Here are my stats now in this May:  
If you want to start running, or anything for that matter, just start. You aren’t going to be perfect at first, but you will improve and get better. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, your journey and experience will be unique. Since last May I’ve had plenty of runs that were not fun and many that were not perfect. There will be days like that and you just have to keep on being consistent and you will reach your goals!!!

Stay sweet