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It’s Here! SOULCYCLE is Officially in SEATTLE!

It’s time to celebrate party people…. SOULCYCLE is OFFICIALLY in Seattle! The SOUL revolution started in NYC and is spreading throughout the country. One of the newest studios is right here in the PNW and you must go check it out! Why?? I’ll explain right here in this post. 

SoulCycle is one of the most amazing group fitness classes I have gone to. I tried it for the first time at the Seattle pop-up last January. My second time was a few weeks ago at the new studio in Bellevue. Isn’t it just a spin class? NOPE. It is so much more than that!  Continue reading It’s Here! SOULCYCLE is Officially in SEATTLE!

Valentine’s Day at Pressed Juicery + Limited Time Flavor!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s my favorite holiday of the year, so I was SO excited when Pressed Juicery announced a limited time flavor just in time for it. My two favorite things, juice & valentines! There is more exciting news too… another Pressed Juicery location is open in Seattle!! Get all the deets, including how to send your Valentine or Galentine a free juice gram!!  Continue reading Valentine’s Day at Pressed Juicery + Limited Time Flavor!

Pressed Juicery Comes to Seattle! Get the Juicy Details!

I am so excited to share with you that my FAVORITE juice bar from California has arrived in Seattle!! My heart (and tummy) is bursting with joy! If you follow me on social media, you have surely seen me talk about Pressed Juicery before. Every time I would go to California, I would hunt down a freeze and juice. I am so excited to share with you that I now don’t have to go to Cali, it’s available right here in the PNW!

pressed juicery seattle
my favorite green juice from Pressed Juicery!

Continue reading Pressed Juicery Comes to Seattle! Get the Juicy Details!

My New Favorite Vegan & Gluten Free Cafe on the Eastside

A while back on Twitter, I saw that one of my favorite juice + green smoothie places in Bellevue, Jujubeet, would be moving to a new location. While I’m sad I can no longer walk over & grab a smoothie after spin class, I could not be more excited about this new location + menu. Jujubeet went from having a few food options to having a full blown menu. I no longer have to go to downtown Seattle to get yummy gluten free and vegan food! My favorite place will soon be yours too. Today I am sharing details on the new cafe, the delicious menu and what I’m loving.
jujubeet twitter

The New Jujubeet 

how cute is this? plenty of space to socialize, hang out or work

The new cafe was beautifully designed by H2 Design + Build. This location has longer hours, a kids menu and an expanded selection of organic juices, smoothies and gluten free vegan foods.  They had a ‘soft opening’ last week, and I was fortunate enough to go. new jujubeet cafe
The Menu

I like to call myself a fit foodie. When I find a place that has my kinda food, I get really excited. The new Jujubeet Cafe menu has delicious food that is good for you too. It’s also a great place to grab a healthy lunch or dinner if you are pressed for time, or want to meet up with friends. Some of the items are treats, meaning they shouldnโ€™t be eaten all the time or in high quantities, but at Jujubeet they are made with high quality ingredients that you can feel good about treating yourself with. 

some of the yummy gluten free/vegan dessert options
Some of the yummy gluten free/vegan dessert options on top shelf. Cashew cheese on bottom.
While I was there, I got to meet one of the owners, Bianca, which was such a blessing. When you meet the person behind a business and really connect with them, it makes you want to support that place even more. I really connect with Bianca’s mission, and her passion inspires me. I am beyond excited about this new space and more people getting introduced into how good healthy food can really taste.
Bianca is so genuine and very passionate about her business. She started it because she was a busy mom, spent a lot of time out and about in the car and at coffee shops and there were not a lot of options, especially healthy ones. She decided to fill this need, so they opened the first shop in Bellevue. Since then, they have opened three other locations, Seattle (University District), West Seattle and Redmond. The original location in Bellevue is being replaced by this new store on Main street. The new menu is AMAZING! IMG_3640
Without a doubt, this is going to be my new favorite spot. The space is great for meeting up with friends, a working lunch or grab and go. There are options for any time of day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, just dessert or a date night. The menu is one that I want to order EVERYTHING. I am thankful that I can come here frequently so I can try it all. Looking at the menu again, I just noticed they have fresh fruit with coconut whipped cream. OMG. 

What I’m Loving 

1) Green Smoothies

I have loved them and always will. They have great combos and unique offerings. My favorites are the Dandelion Detox & Power Green. Looking for a less green smoothie, try Cacao Wow. Itโ€™s delicious and amazing, especially post workout.IMG_3643

2) Gluten Free Crepes

That is really all that needs to be said. These are one of the new additions to the menu; they have a sweet cardamom crepe and a savory harvest crepe. I am particularly excited about these because gluten free crepes are impossible to find!

3) Raw Cashew Cheese Platter

This comes with three different kinds of cashew cheese: truffle basil, pesto, & cracked pepper, a pecan mushroom pate and gluten free bread. I got to try some of the cashew cheese, and you guys itโ€™s AMAZING. I have had a lot of vegan cheese, and this cashew cheese is some of the best. It was smooth and yummy. They will also be offering wine. I want to come here for a date night and get the cheese plate with a glass of wine. YUM!
pictured here is the carrot hummus platter with a side of the pesto cashew cheese 

4) Coffee!

Now I can support JuJuBeet and my coffee addiction at the same time. They are serving Cafe Umbria coffee and have almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk along with regular milk. They also use the Holy Kakow cacao products in the coffees like mochas. oh and, there is a matcha latte and a turmeric latte on the menu!!! So if you want a warm beverage without the coffee, you have options. IMG_3650

5) Cinnamon Oat Waffle

PARTY PEOPLE – Gluten free waffles have made it to Seattle. This is Bianaโ€™s favorite new menu item, and one of the best sellers since the debut of the new menu in Bellevue.gluten free waffle
Come and grab a bite, a smoothie or a coffee at the new Jujubeet cafe. I highly recommend it, you will NOT be disappointed and you might even see me! ๐Ÿ™‚
picture from Jujubeet’s instagram
Jujubeet Cafe
Address:                                                          Hours:

10246 A MAIN ST                                     Sun-Thu 7a-9p
BELLEVUE, WA 98004                          Fri-Sat 7a-10p

SOUL in Seattle! My First Mind-Body Cycling Experience

A popular spin studio, Soul Cycle, popped up in Seattle last weekend and I was fortunate enough to get to a class! I was beyond excited when I heard they were coming because I have been obsessed with spin classes lately and Soul Cycle has been so highly recommended! 

IMG_1259I prefer the non-traditional spin classes. The ones where you use weights while riding, you ride to the beat, have a dance party on a bike and sweat a TON! I am a firm believer in making workouts fun, and these kind of spin classes do just that! I had only ever experienced that at a studio called Grit Cycle in Southern California until I tried this Soul Cycle class. It was a blast! It is truly a full mind-body experience.
The closest spin class I have found that is permanently in Seattle is FlyWheel. Don’t get me wrong I love FlyWheel, it is just a difference experience. You get a great cardio workout  that’s fun & has awesome music, but the mind-body element is not there. 

IMG_1260So why was Soul Cycle only in Seattle for the weekend? It is part of a fun partnership they are doing with Target. They are doing pop ups all over the country.  Soul Cycle started in New York and has studios in a few other states on the East Coast and California.
I secretly hope that this could be a sign that they are coming to Seattle! There has been no announcement, so who knows, but it would be so much fun if they did! ‘Soul Cycle Seattle’. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?!  IMG_1277The pop up was at an art gallery in downtown Seattle. Once you checked in, they gave you a pair of spin shoes. When you were ready to enter the studio, there were people available to help you adjust your bike. There was an inspirational mantra on the wall and candles lit. Each bike had a water bottle and towel, we were ready to sweat! IMG_1263

The class was AWESOME. It was a cardio party with awesome music and it’s so much fun the 45 minutes fly by. The instructors are a combination of spin instructor/yoga teacher. They are motivating you all the way thru class and they encourage you to push your limits but also to listen to your body & do what is right for you. The sweat was real y’all! IMG_1267

After class they gave us a KIND bar and a Suja juice to refuel with.IMG_1266Then I took a few pics in the super fun photo booth! I loved the inspirational sayings you could pick from! IMG_1408IMG_1407

There were so many little details they thought of. There were a few toiletries in the bathroom so you could freshen up after class, and they had gum at the check in desk! (I am obsessed with gum, so this was very exciting to me haha) 

I grabbed a hazelnut milk latte at a cute coffee shop across the street before I was on my way home. 


The Soul Cycle X Target pop up was a blast. Spin is one of my favorite cross training workouts and has helped me become a better runner. I do love my FlyWheel classes, but I’d love to take a few Soul Cycle classes too. I hope to see a SOUL studio in Seattle soon! 

Tell me: have you ever tried Soul Cycle? Do you like spin classes? 

Stay Sweaty!

5 Reasons To Try SUP Yoga

We have about a month left of summer (sniff…) and I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending as much time outside as possible! I love to take my workouts outside, use the BBQ more, and enjoy as many iced beverages as possible. I am not ready for this season to come to an end!  

SUP Yoga is the perfect way to combine an amazing outdoor workout with the beauty of summer. Not only is it a great workout, but you also get to be on the water! Not to mention that if it is a HOT day, you can take a quick dip after class ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently attended my first ever SUP Yoga class and it was such an amazing experience. I found Azul SUP & Yoga thru Instagram & it was also recommended by my friend Carleeh who had taken some classes there before. After just one class, I can’t wait to do it again!! I was such a wonderful experience. Not only was it a good workout, it was also rejuvenating, calming and so much fun. 11800341_929586323765429_3538584027792107561_nIMG_5159

Ever thought about trying SUP Yoga?
Here are 5 reasons why you MUST! 

1) All levels are welcome

Are you new to yoga? That is okay! Both newbies and advanced yoga practitioners can do SUP Yoga. There are lots of different pose variations so you don’t have to be a self proclaimed ‘yogi’ to try a class! 

I wasn’t brave enough to try handstand (i’m in the blue)

2) It’s a better workout

Because you are paddle board in the water, the element of balance is added making it a better workout! It requires you to engage your core much more because you are on an unstable surface. This causes you to have to work harder and get a more intense workout. 
It also helps to improve your technique and poses because if you place more weight on the right side of your body, the board will tell you! Proper technique is important in any workout and the board is a great tool to help make sure you’re form is correct.10987334_929584043765657_7541739083961293288_o

3) It’s beautiful

Yoga is a relaxing and reflective workout. Add beautiful scenery to that and it takes it to a whole other level! SUP Yoga is a beautiful workout with the added calming affect of being on water. The beauty of nature added to an amazing workout beats ANY gym, studio or other class out there.11796357_929583830432345_4493214067667122167_n

4) Tons of fun

 You can’t take this class at a gym, you must be on a board on a body of water somewhere! Because SUP Yoga  is so unique, it adds a huge element of fun to your workout, and working out should be FUN! This helps you stay engaged and not get bored and gets you in better shape by working new/different muscles.11828809_929586133765448_3167103384095635753_n

5) It’s a little scary! (in a good way)

 Don’t fall in! Just kidding. The sooner you conquer you fear of falling in, the easier it will be for you to succeed. Besides, what harm is getting wet gonna do?  If you do fall, you just get back up and try again. This class reenforces that important principle which is an added bonus. 
Plus, the possibility of falling actually helps you focus on yourself and the poses, so you can execute things you may not be able to in a normal yoga class.11728988_929583953765666_6818480845508266344_o

So, are you convinced?! Here’s how you can get in a SUP Yoga class before the end of summer. If you are in the Seattle area, I’ve got you COVERED (read below)!!! If not, you can look up classes in your area by searching “SUP Yoga + your city” on the internet to find who offers it.  ๐Ÿ˜€11202876_929586367098758_1650494433675445628_o

Seattle SUP Yoga

Right now there are classes thru Azul Sup & Yoga until the end of September. If you want to get into a class, I recommend reserving ASAP. The classes fill up quick. Georgina, the instructor (pictured below), is amazing. She is one of the best yoga instructors I have had. Check out class schedule HERE11230657_929584257098969_1010346118306181356_n
I am definitely gonna get to another class before the end of summer! It is north of Seattle, but believe me when I say it is worth the drive. The classes are small, there are plenty of modifications and options available for all levels, and the lake is so calm. The boards are also great quality & come included with the class. This may not seem like a big deal, but the board can make or break your SUP Yoga experience. I definitely recommend you check out Azul Sup & Yoga, they definitely do NOT disappoint! 

Let’s chat:
Have you tried SUP Yoga? What is your favorite summer workout?

Stay Sweet!!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

I started running because it challenged me. It was REALLY hard. I actually publicly said multiple times that I hated running. It was physically difficult, but also very mentally difficult for me. I did pretty much every other form of cardio there is, but running just “wasn’t for me”.

All that has since changed. I told a little bit of the back story in this video post HERE. Basically, I decided to find out if I could really run a whole 5K or not. Well, I found out that I could run a 5K and some. It wasn’t easy for me, but I decided that I should train for a half marathon to check that off my bucket list and then be done with running…

After running the half marathon, I am far from done with running. I actually still really enjoy it and have KEPT RUNNING!! (Who am I?!?)

Last weekend, I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle.Photo Mar 01It was BEAUTIFUL weather, a fun race (although VERY hilly) and, as promised, full of chocolate. I was blazing new territory with this race because 

  1. It was my first race EVER during tax season (I never really ran before this year) 
  2. It was my first 15K! Photo Mar 01-22

When I signed up for the race, I didn’t really realize it was 9 miles. For a 9 mile race you should really significantly train for the race. I did not have as much run training as I would have liked before the race, but it turned out just fine. I had a BLAST!

I woke up at 545AM Sunday morning and made what has become my traditional race breakfast. GF pumpkin pancakes, almond butter, egg whites, and coffee. Then I took off to Seattle. The race started at 7:55AM (6:45 for the 5K). Photo Mar 01-21The race started in the Seattle Center, which is right next to the Space Needle. I hadn’t been down there in a LONG time. It was such  a beautiful day!!

Photo Mar 01-19I was placed in Corral B based on my mile time. When I signed up for the race, I entered my mile time as 9 minutes/mile, and to me that seems like a middle of the road pace right? I guess for this race it was on the faster side! There were Corrals A-O, and I was in B. I felt intimidated to be up with the fast runners, but that is where I was supposed to be. I’ve never been so close to the start line in a corral before!Photo Mar 01-20 It was nice to not feel like I was running over people at the beginning of the race ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_0612can you find me? It’s like where’s waldo ๐Ÿ˜›

The course was hilly with ups and downs to start out and then a pretty steep hill at about mile 1.5. Then it was flat until mile 4. I swear miles 4, 5 and 6 were a long, steady, MEAN hill. It was a gradual incline but it never let up! UGH! 

Then there was some much needed downhill running. It was such a relief to settle in on about 2 flat/downhill miles. I turned the “turbo” on to finish a little early. About mile 8 I got his huge surge of energy and ran a super fast mile. Then I rounded the corner, about a .45 miles from the finish line, and there was ANOTHER hill. I chugged up that one, and then AGAIN right before the finish line there was another hill. I thought I was going to die!!! I just kept telling myself “you are NOT tired!”, “this is easy for you!”, “you can do this”!!! 

IMG_0614I FINALLY crossed the finish line, and I was SO happy! The end of the race was difficult, I was coughing a bunch and the hills were BRUTAL, but I finished!  see if you can find me in this video of my race finish

Photo Mar 01-18I got my finisher medal, was reunited with my cheerleaders, and then  went to get the coveted finisher mug. People go crazy for these things. It’s like chocolate CENTRAL!IMG_0613

I didn’t care for the hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™ but I really enjoyed the chocolate fondue – so yummy! It was dark chocolate, THE BEST! As you can see, it was pretty messy and I had chocolate everywhere.  Photo Mar 01-17

Photo Mar 01-15Because we were already downtown and the weather was so beautiful, we decided to make a day of it! A true Sunday Funday ๐Ÿ˜€ I usually work on Sunday’s so it was a nice to get a long run in and a fun outing. 

Photo Mar 01-14We went over to the Pike Place Market, got some coffee and enjoyed just walking around and exploring. Photo Mar 01-12I feel this was a very appropriate post-race shirt, don’t you? “I earn my chocolate one step at a time”

Found this lovely heart of petals…. 
Photo Mar 01-11We also passed by the famous French bakery, Le Panier. I went in knowing full well that I probably would not be able to eat anything, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. They have BEAUTIFUL pastries. 

Photo Mar 01-10

They also had macaroons!!! I LOVE macaroons, so I decided to try one. O.M.G!! Blew my mind. I got a “passion” flavored on and it was amazingly good. I only needed one! Such a yummy treat.

Photo Mar 01-9


Of course I also had to get some “market flowers” to take home. That is my most favorite thing about Pike Place Market. I will literally look for excuses to go there in the summer to buy some flowers. They are some of the most beautiful bouquets you will ever see and they are really inexpensive. Photo Mar 01-6 Photo Mar 01-8Then we went to have post-race lunch at a place I had been wanting to try for sometime: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe 

I had the gluten free french toast with a side of chia pudding and a side salad. I know, weird combo but that’s what I felt like eating. It was delicious!! I know we will be coming back to eat here next time we are in Seattle. Next time I want to try the Raw Enchiladas ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo Mar 01-4Photo Mar 01-2Photo Mar 01-5

It was such a fun day exploring the city and enjoying the crisp air and sunshine.

Running has challenged me in many different ways, but for all the challenges it has been just as rewarding. I don’t know what other long races I am going to run this year. I want to run another half marathon in the late summer, but I haven’t found one yet. I know it will happen ๐Ÿ™‚ Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.00.35 AMI also want to start a running group here locally for people who like me, hate running but want to give it a try. I felt like I COULDN’T run, but then I proved to myself that I could. That is such an empowering thing to be able to prove yourself wrong. I want to help other people feel that and achieve things they never thought they could do. I hope to start this once tax season is over… ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever participated in a running group? Did you like it?

Thank you for being here with me on this journey! I am thankful for you and appreciate you all so much!!

Stay Sweet!