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It’s Here! SOULCYCLE is Officially in SEATTLE!

It’s time to celebrate party people…. SOULCYCLE is OFFICIALLY in Seattle! The SOUL revolution started in NYC and is spreading throughout the country. One of the newest studios is right here in the PNW and you must go check it out! Why?? I’ll explain right here in this post. 

SoulCycle is one of the most amazing group fitness classes I have gone to. I tried it for the first time at the Seattle pop-up last January. My second time was a few weeks ago at the new studio in Bellevue. Isn’t it just a spin class? NOPE. It is so much more than that!  Continue reading It’s Here! SOULCYCLE is Officially in SEATTLE!

SOUL in Seattle! My First Mind-Body Cycling Experience

A popular spin studio, Soul Cycle, popped up in Seattle last weekend and I was fortunate enough to get to a class! I was beyond excited when I heard they were coming because I have been obsessed with spin classes lately and Soul Cycle has been so highly recommended! 

IMG_1259I prefer the non-traditional spin classes. The ones where you use weights while riding, you ride to the beat, have a dance party on a bike and sweat a TON! I am a firm believer in making workouts fun, and these kind of spin classes do just that! I had only ever experienced that at a studio called Grit Cycle in Southern California until I tried this Soul Cycle class. It was a blast! It is truly a full mind-body experience.
The closest spin class I have found that is permanently in Seattle is FlyWheel. Don’t get me wrong I love FlyWheel, it is just a difference experience. You get a great cardio workout  that’s fun & has awesome music, but the mind-body element is not there. 

IMG_1260So why was Soul Cycle only in Seattle for the weekend? It is part of a fun partnership they are doing with Target. They are doing pop ups all over the country.  Soul Cycle started in New York and has studios in a few other states on the East Coast and California.
I secretly hope that this could be a sign that they are coming to Seattle! There has been no announcement, so who knows, but it would be so much fun if they did! ‘Soul Cycle Seattle’. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?!  IMG_1277The pop up was at an art gallery in downtown Seattle. Once you checked in, they gave you a pair of spin shoes. When you were ready to enter the studio, there were people available to help you adjust your bike. There was an inspirational mantra on the wall and candles lit. Each bike had a water bottle and towel, we were ready to sweat! IMG_1263

The class was AWESOME. It was a cardio party with awesome music and it’s so much fun the 45 minutes fly by. The instructors are a combination of spin instructor/yoga teacher. They are motivating you all the way thru class and they encourage you to push your limits but also to listen to your body & do what is right for you. The sweat was real y’all! IMG_1267

After class they gave us a KIND bar and a Suja juice to refuel with.IMG_1266Then I took a few pics in the super fun photo booth! I loved the inspirational sayings you could pick from! IMG_1408IMG_1407

There were so many little details they thought of. There were a few toiletries in the bathroom so you could freshen up after class, and they had gum at the check in desk! (I am obsessed with gum, so this was very exciting to me haha) 

I grabbed a hazelnut milk latte at a cute coffee shop across the street before I was on my way home. 


The Soul Cycle X Target pop up was a blast. Spin is one of my favorite cross training workouts and has helped me become a better runner. I do love my FlyWheel classes, but I’d love to take a few Soul Cycle classes too. I hope to see a SOUL studio in Seattle soon! 

Tell me: have you ever tried Soul Cycle? Do you like spin classes? 

Stay Sweaty!