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Lower Body HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today’s workout is fast and it is sweaty! It focuses on one of the largest muscle groups, the lower body aka booty & legs! 

This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. What that means is you need to go as hard as YOU can for the interval and then rest. We all have different fitness levels, so listen to your body and push as hard as you can. This workout is one time through and you get the calorie burning affects for the rest of the day! The awesome results from this workout are based on you pushing as hard as you can based on your fitness level. Let’s do this! workout_wednesday_grey

Do each of the exercises for allotted time based on your fitness level.
Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 1 minute 
Take a 5-10 second rest between exercises.

1. sumo squat jump
2. jumping lunges
3. curtsey lunge pulse – switch legs half way thru
(IE: beginner would 15 seconds right leg then 15 seconds left leg)
4. crab walks
5. tuck jumps
6. single leg deadlift jump – LEFT
7. single leg deadlift jump – RIGHT

Fun Fact: This workout was inspired by a convo/request I had on Periscope! Thank you Tiffany for the great suggestion! If you are on Periscope, be sure to add me @sweetblondefit !!

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Let’s Chat – what kind of workouts would you like for workout Wednesday’s? 

Stay Sweaty!

Hot Yoga – 5 Tips for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try hot yoga? It can be intimidating to those who are new to yoga or worried about the heat and high temperatures (like I was). However, once you get past the heat and the sweat, it is a really great workout! 

loved these mantras on the wall in the studio

I tried hot bikram yoga for the first time this last Friday. It was quite the experience. I am not new to yoga, but I am new to hot yoga. I went to this class and had no idea what to expect other than the 105 degree temperature. It was a somewhat last minute decision so I didn’t have time to google tips for newbies, I just went! After my experience, here are my 5 must know tips for your first hot yoga class!

Before I go any further, I should explain that there are different kinds of hot yoga. Bikram yoga is the most intense hot yoga; a traditional class is 90 minutes long and the room is 105 degrees. There are also hot Vinyasa classes where you flow through different postures (think sun salutations). In the hot Vinyasa classes the room is between 80-90 degrees depending on the studio and the class is only 60 minutes. Be sure to pay attention to the kind of class you sign up for so you know what to expect. 

hot yoga beginner5 Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class

1. Towel(s)

This is a MUST HAVE! They make hot yoga towels that are the size of your yoga mat and they usually have little grippers to keep you from slipping and sliding around. These are ideal for a hot yoga class; however, seeing that this is your first class you may not have one, so a normal bath or beach towel works just fine. That is what I used and had no problem. Also bring a small hand towel to wipe your face, hands and other body parts off during the class. The sweat will be pouring so you will want to have something to help towel off with.IMG_4985I had my half Buff (on my wrist), but it got soaked thru half way into class, so next time I will bring a hand towel in addition to my Buff. You can check out some cool yoga towels I like HERE

2. Clothing

Dress the part. Every inch of you is going to sweat, so be prepared! You don’t have to go in shorts and a sports bra, but the less clothes you are wearing, the better. What I mean is do not wear leggings to hot yoga class, you will be very sorry. Try to wear spandex or sweat wicking material because the sweat is inevitable. Try to avoid baggy clothing or anything made from cotton as cotton just holds in sweat and will get uncomfortable and very hot, very fast.  IMG_4977
I wore some spandex shorts from Under Armor and a swiftly tech short sleeve top from Lululemon. Every inch was covered in sweat!

3. Hydration

Before class, be sure to drink a lot of water.  You are going to be pouring out sweat  so you want your body to be prepared. In class be sure to bring a HUGE water bottle. You can take sips during and it will help you get through. After class, HYDRATE! After that epic sweat seesh you need to replenish. Drink lots of water and consider using a recovery drink. My favorite is Ultima, there is no artificial ingredients and no added sugar, plus the flavors are amazing! Check it out HERE

my soaked mat and almost empty water bottle post class

4. Tell them that you are new!

Don’t be shy about this, it is important for the instructor to know. If they haven’t seen you before, it is likely that they may ask you, but some won’t. Be sure to let them know before class. They will give you lots of tips and help guide you thru the class.
When I told my instructor I was new to hot yoga, she told me my goal for my first class should be to stay in the room for the whole class. She said do as much as you can, and if you get tired or feel like the heat is too much, just lay down. I was able to stay in the room the whole time! I also made it thru 20 of the 26 poses which was more than I thought I would be able to do. Which leads me to my next tip…

5. Go with an Open Mind 

Don’t go in to the class expecting it to be hard, and don’t expect it to be easy. Go in with no expectations. You may dislike it and never do another hot yoga class again or you could fall in love. You may only make it through the warm up and one pose and spend the rest of class lying down, or you may make it thru all of the poses and never have to take a rest. Neither one is the right way to practice hot yoga. If you are in class on the mat, you are contributing. If you go in with an open mind, you will enjoy the experience no matter how it turns out because you won’t have expectations you are holding yourself to.IMG_4987

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.13.31 PM
this was my before (left) and after (right) pic. It definitely kicked my asana!

Overall, I enjoyed my first hot yoga experience. As I said earlier, I was surprised I was able to make it thru as many of the poses as I did. I had to lay down and rest a few times and despite wanting to try the poses, I knew I needed to listen to my body and sit it out. The heat definitely made the class mentally challenging at times, but it wasn’t unbearable. I was also able to get a better stretch in certain poses because my muscles were so warm. This class was the most I ever sweat at one time in my entire life. You may be wondering why I tried the most intense version of hot yoga first? I suppose part of it was my go big or go home attitude, and the other part was not knowing that there was a less intense kind! I definitely want to try the hot vinyasa at lower temperatures to see which one I like better. 

Let’s chat! 
Have you ever tried hot yoga? 
Would you be interested in trying it? 
If you are a hot yogi, which kind of hot yoga do you prefer?
let me know below!

Stay sweaty!

Tabata! [Workout Wednesday]

Have you ever tried a tabata? The name sounds like it might be a hard and/or scary workout, but it is quite the opposite.

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A tabata workout consists of 20 seconds work (exercise X), 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds work (exercise Y), 10 seconds rest. That is one round.
There are 3 sets of 2 exercises and you do 4 rounds of each set.  
Each round = 1 minute. Each set = 4 minutes.
4 min x 3 min = 12 minutes. It’s only a 12 minute workout!

Don’t let the duration of this workout fool you. Just because it is 12 minutes does not mean that it isn’t effective.  You can get massive results from these kinds of workouts. Tabatas increase your heart rate, combine cardio and body weight moves and keep on burnin’ calories long after they are over. 

For optimum results THE KEY IS TO GO ALL OUT for the 20 seconds of work. Just make sure you are going as hard as you can. Depending on your fitness level ‘all out’ looks different for everyone. Just be sure to give it your ALL and enjoy the rest after. 

Before I tried a tabata I was skeptical, but now I love them! They are great for days when you don’t have much time or when you are traveling. You are gonna love this workout. Let’s do this!  

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Try this quick 12 minute tabata with me! Repeat each set 4 times.
20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest
Set A: skater jumps/burpees
Set B: high knees/jump squats
Set C: sprints/jumping lunges

Let me know in the comments if you did try it or will try it this week! 

Stay Sweaty!

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Track Workout + Giveaway! [Workout Wednesday]

This weeks workout Wednesday is super special! Not only do I have an awesome workout for you, I also have a giveaway to share!

First, the giveaway. This is a must enter! Flash tattoos, a gift card, mermaid leggings, super cute shades and everything else you could possibly need for summer!collage9520150601171025602 My #sweatpink sister, Carleeh,(aka Mamarazza) reached 2K followers on IG and put all of this together. Myself and a few other sweatpink girls threw in some items and this giveaway is the bomb.com! You get an entry for each item below!

Now that you have entered this amazing giveaway, let’s get sweaty!!!
#FunFact: did you know today is national running day? In honor of this, I have a track workout for you today that will either warm you up before a run, or can be a workout in itself. Try it with me in the video! The workout moves are listed below the video. 

The workout is:
– walking lunges – 30 seconds
– single leg lunge jumps – 30 seconds each leg
– high knees – 30 seconds
– booty kicks – 30 seconds
– low straight leg kicks – 30 seconds
REPEAT high knees / booty kicks / low straight leg kicks
– forearm plank spider crunches – 10-15 each side (modify on knees if needed)
– regular plank spider cruches – 10-15 each side (modify on knees if needed)
Be sure to stretch when you are done.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already. Be sure to check out Carleeh’s Instagram for more info on ALL the ways to enter!

Stay Sweaty!

10 Minute Full Body Workout [Workout Wednesday]

 Happy Workout Wednesday! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday again. workout_wednesday_grey

Today I have a full body interval workout for you. What does that mean? We will do the workout moves in intervals. 1 minute strength, 30 seconds cardio. 

What do I need:
A timer
A small space to workout
Some music 🙂

Here is what we are going to do:

  • tricep dips – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • push ups – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • body weight squats – 1 min
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • walking lunges – 1 min 
  • cardio (toe touches) – 30 seconds
  • crab walks – 1 min
  • wall sits – 1 min
  • plank walks – 30 seconds
  • shoulder taps – 30 seconds

You MUST try this workout. It’s only 10 minutes and I promise you will be sweating by the end. Tweet me and let me know you will try it!

Check out the moves as I demo and explain them in the video. I actually filmed this workout all the way back in December when I was in Mexico for Christmas. My nephew did this workout with me, but he was too shy to be in the video except for at the end.

If you enjoyed this workout, let me know in the comments.  Did you try it? What kind of workouts would you like to see? 

Stay Sweaty!!!


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p.p.s. here are some pics from our Mexico trip in December

having fun with the open air gym equipment after this full body workout


“wild thing” post run 🙂 #stopdropandyoga
flexin’ — love this view!
christmas shopping

A December Weekend [Recap+OOTD]

December weekends always seem to be really full. Full of activities, Christmas-ing, shopping, FUN, whatever it is. This last weekend was one of those “full” weekends.

It all started on Friday. I had been wanting a peppermint mocha, and while the skinny one from Starbucks isn’t horrible, milk irritates my stomach and they don’t have the almond milk option at Starbucks, so I decided to try to remake a peppermint mocha myself. It turned out pretty great actually. See my post with the recipe here.
Photo Dec 07-5I enjoyed it in my fun Christmas cup by our Christmas tree. It was so good and so easy, I’ll def be doing this again.

On Friday night, my husband and I went on a Christmas shopping/coffee date. 
Photo Dec 05-9Thankfully the mall wasn’t like crazy and overrun. You all know that in December things can easily spiral out of control. If you think I am crazy for wearing those heels, they are actually really comfy. I am always looking for a reason to sport some cute shoes. Just wait till you see the pics from the rest of the weekend 😀

On Saturday I had to be to work VERY early. I planned to get up extra early so I could have time to workout in the morning and not be in a huge rush. I woke up at 5:15am on a Saturday! Like woah. 
Photo Dec 06-3I was a total zombie for the first 30 mins, and then after I had some coffee, I made sure to put on some cute workout clothes (this top is from Old Navy!) and I was ready to WORK.
Photo Dec 06-5Then I started having second thoughts. I was having the best hair day of all time. I mean seriously my hair looked like I hadn’t even slept on it. Do you see my bangs in this pic??? Perfection for a Saturday morning!!! I was so tempted to workout later in the day,  BUT knew that if I waited there was a 99% chance I wouldn’t end up having time. I was NOT going to let a good hair day stop me.
Photo Dec 06Then I was off to work. After I got off, I had planned to meet up with my mom and hit all the craft shows that were happening around town. For some reason the first weekend of December is like craft show central. Here is a fun fact about me: I LOVE CRAFTING!
Unfortunately it can get pretty time consuming and with everything I have going on right now, I don’t get to do much. Usually in December I end up making something. Last year I had a full on project table – check it out:
IMG_5169Coco (my cat) likes to help with crafts too 😛
IMG_5168Unfortunately this year I just have no time to make anything. More time for crafts and creativity is in my future plans.

I totally get the “manual creativity” from my mom, she is one of the most creative people. Seriously she could totally have a very successful Etsy store, but instead she prefers to just do it for fun and bless the people around her with her creativity and talent. 

This is why it is so much fun to go to the craft shows with her! Every year there is one or two shows that just blow. your. mind. Everyone that has a table is like so talented. Then some of the other shows it’s just a bunch of pre made things which I don’t enjoy as much.
Here is one of my purchases from this weekend:IMG_8891Sunday seemed to be the fashion day of the week.  I felt like I was going shopping in my own closet as this outfit came together. Have you ever felt like that?? I had never thought about pairing these together before! Here was my #OOTD (outfit of the day).

Photo Dec 07-9Photo Dec 07-7Photo Dec 07-8How cute is this necklace? So thankful my friend Sara introduced me to Kendra Scott jewelry! My outfits will forever be better 🙂
Photo Dec 07-6 Hudson skinny jeans in black. Kendra Scott necklace. Chelsea 28 silk cami with lace. Halogen cardigan. Pink lipstick. Nude pumps

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.46.33 AMThe pumps that I wore with this outfit are the ones that I took a #shoefie with at Nordstrom when I bought them!!

When I got home from church, it was time to workout. Instead of doing my workout first thing on Sunday, I made plans to do it later in the day since I knew I would have the house to myself. 
PRO TIP: plan your workouts and make them non-negotiable, it’s a business meeting with yourself on your calendar. That is how I make sure to get them done on the weekend. 

Post workout I had a DELICIOUS mug cake. Katie inspired me to try one about a month ago. It was so easy and yummy, but for some reason I hadn’t had one since. Sunday’s was the perfect thing to have before going to a party with tempting sweets and cocktails. 
Photo Dec 07-4 Not the best pic, but let me tell you it was yummy! I made it with a little almond milk (1/4 cup), 1 scoop Quest peanut butter protein powder, 1/4 egg whites and a pinch of baking powder. Microwaved for 1 minute. It was done! You make it in a coffee mug, and then I ate it out of this bowl, although you can certainly eat it straight out of the mug. I also made a chocolate drizzle with 1 piece of super dark chocolate and little tiny bit of coconut oil.

Then I met up with my sis and my mom in downtown for the Nordstrom Christmas shopping party.
Photo Dec 07-12Doesn’t red and sparkles just SCREAM Christmas?!? haha.  I decided to ditch the heels this time and ended up wearing some black flats. Going downtown always involves lots of walking so I decided to take the easy route 🙂

The Nordstom party was so much fun because the store was decorated, there was a DJ, appetizers, cocktails, and lots of special offers from different brands/designers. They do it after hours so it feels “exclusive” even though there were a ZILLION people.
Photo Dec 07My sister was like, this is so fun it just makes you want to buy something. DUH! That’s why they do it! We laughed about that for a while. Despite their efforts, we did mostly looking and very little purchasing. It was so fun to be together, look at all the Christmas stuff and laugh at the women who had OD’d on champagne. 😛
Photo Dec 07-3I saw this shirt while we were looking around and it made me laugh so hard. I mean really?!? HAHA. See it still makes me laugh. I just had to take a pic with it. Too funny.

Then to top off the weekend, my new iPhone 6 came!!! I was eligible for an upgrade and I really couldn’t have timed that any better. Now I need to find a cover for it. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Stay Sweet!