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Get it In! Quick Tabata Workout, Perfect for the Holidays

I cannot believe it is already November!! We are entering into the super busy holiday season.  If  you are traveling to see family, working tons of hours or your schedule is full of plans, parties, traditions, festivities and shopping — no matter what, it’s a busy time of year! With all the added fun, it makes it that much harder to fit everything in, especially a workout. Good news, there is a quick & effective solution: tabatas!!


A tabata is a workout that is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds. That means each tabata round is only 2 minutes. If you repeat it 6 times, that is 12 minutes. No matter how busy your day, it is much more manageable to add in a 10-12 minute workout! Do it right when you get up in the morning, before bed or even on lunch. 

Tabatas are extra awesome because they burn a lot of fat and tons of calories. They only work this way if you do them correctly: MAX effort for 20 seconds. It’s only 20 seconds so make sure you go as hard as you can! This effectively raises your heart rate and keeps it up even after the tabata is over, so you keep burning calories and fat through out the day. This makes it the perfect workout for this busy time of year. 

holiday terabits


Remember – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest X4 
I like alternate each move for a total of 8 times in one set. I have paired up the moves below. 

  1. jumping jacks // skiers
  2. burpees // jump squats
  3. high knees // mountain climbers

If you do each of these tabata sets, this workout will be done in 12 minutes! I love to use this as a workout solution on a busy day. 



Tell me: have you ever tried a tabata?? 

Stay Sweaty!!!

Quick Tabata + a Hydrating Strawberry Basil Lemonade [Workout Wednesday]

How is it already Wednesday!? This week has been flying by, makes sense considering we had a holiday on Monday. Long weekends always mix up days for me. Apart from the long weekend, the studying for the NASM CPT exam is kicking my booty. I am learning so much but it is so time consuming! No matter how short on time you are, I promise you will have time for today’s workout! I also have a delicious & hydrating strawberry basil lemonade recipe for you, so look for that below the video. It’s made with an electrolyte drink and is the perfect post-workout thirst quencher! 

workout_wednesday_greyThis workout was inspired by a request on one of my Periscope’s. I love tabatas because, if done correctly, they are short workouts that keep burning calories even after they are over! Here is how is goes — do each exercise for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds rest. One time thru is one round. Do 4 rounds and you are done!

Tabata Exercises:

1) star jumps
2) push ups (tricep or regular)
3) jumping lunges
4) tricep dips
5) burpees

I demo all of these for you in the video & then go thru one round of the workout with you! If you do 4 rounds of this, you will be done in 10 minutes! How amazing is that?! I promise you will also be very sweaty and keep burning calories even after the 10 mins is up! 

Let’s do this!

Timer I use in the video –> Seconds Timer

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This lemonade is made with Ultima Replenisher and is the perfect post-workout thirst quencher. It is also great for an hot afternoon or whenever you feel like having lemonade. The great thing about Ultima is that it doesn’t have ANY artificial ingredients and no added sugar, so you can feel good about drinking it! It’s my fav way to recover from a sweaty workout & replenish electrolytes 🙂

studying hard...
studying hard…

You need:
1 packet (or scoop) of Lemonade Ultima Replenisher 
1 lemon
3 frozen or fresh strawberries
A few basil leaves  

Make it:
Mix up the Ultima Replenisher. Add ice cubes and a few slices of lemon.IMG_5565 Add in strawberries,  mix/muddle lemons and strawberries. IMG_5573Chop basil leaves and add to lemonade. Garnish with lemon slice and basil leaf. 


Stay Sweaty!

Tabata! [Workout Wednesday]

Have you ever tried a tabata? The name sounds like it might be a hard and/or scary workout, but it is quite the opposite.

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A tabata workout consists of 20 seconds work (exercise X), 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds work (exercise Y), 10 seconds rest. That is one round.
There are 3 sets of 2 exercises and you do 4 rounds of each set.  
Each round = 1 minute. Each set = 4 minutes.
4 min x 3 min = 12 minutes. It’s only a 12 minute workout!

Don’t let the duration of this workout fool you. Just because it is 12 minutes does not mean that it isn’t effective.  You can get massive results from these kinds of workouts. Tabatas increase your heart rate, combine cardio and body weight moves and keep on burnin’ calories long after they are over. 

For optimum results THE KEY IS TO GO ALL OUT for the 20 seconds of work. Just make sure you are going as hard as you can. Depending on your fitness level ‘all out’ looks different for everyone. Just be sure to give it your ALL and enjoy the rest after. 

Before I tried a tabata I was skeptical, but now I love them! They are great for days when you don’t have much time or when you are traveling. You are gonna love this workout. Let’s do this!  

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Try this quick 12 minute tabata with me! Repeat each set 4 times.
20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest
Set A: skater jumps/burpees
Set B: high knees/jump squats
Set C: sprints/jumping lunges

Let me know in the comments if you did try it or will try it this week! 

Stay Sweaty!

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