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The Business of Blogging: It’s Not All Sunshine & Roses

Let me start off by saying that I love blogging. While it has it’s challenges, it is also very rewarding. Having a blog has pushed me out of my comfort zone, opened doors, helped me learn about myself, introduced me to new people and given me some really cool opportunities. However, all of the good did not come without a lot of hard work and overcoming challenges. blogging-SMB 




A common misconception is that blogging is all fun and no work. Ask any blogger and they will tell you that is far from the truth. Blogging requires a lot of hard work and sometimes you don’t get a lot of return. The thing is, any job that you truly love can look like fun and zero work, because the person is very passionate and loves what they do. Us bloggers tend to be like that. We all love blogging, so we make it look like tons of fun. While blogging can be a lot of fun, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

this shirt was at Nordstrom, it's now sold out.
shirt from Nordstrom, it’s now sold out.

There is an array of challenges that a blogger can run into. First of all, writing a blog post doesn’t take 5 minutes. It requires planning, writing, images and pictures to name a few things. Second, all blogs are online, so if internet and technology isn’t cooperating, then you must figure out why. This last week I have had so many technical problems with WordPress (the online software I use to run this blog). It wasn’t letting me upload pictures or blog posts. I thought I had it fixed, but then it stopped working again. 

I’m pretty technologically savvy, but this was over my head. I had to contact WordPress and my web host to see what the heck was going on. On one hand, it was nice that it wasn’t “my problem” but at the same time, it was a very time consuming issue that I didn’t want to be dealing with. I couldn’t get work done that I wanted to get done and I couldn’t share anything that I had been working on. 

So why post this? There are a few reasons.
One, I wanted to let you in on some of the things we deal with as a bloggers. When I was at the Jujubeet grand opening last week, I was chatting with some other Seattle bloggers about just this topic. Blogging is fun but it is a lot of work!
Two, I suppose I felt I needed to explain why I had been silent all week. I know I don’t owe an explanation to anyone, but you guys are like family, so I wanted to share. 

Thankfully all the tech issues have been resolved & we are up and running again!! I will be sharing posts over the weekend as there are a LOT of exciting things going on and coming up. Not only for me but also that you can benefit from! Thank you for being a part of this community! XOXO — Sarahblog-keepcalm