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My First Color Run! Tropicolor 2016 [Recap]

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to The Color Run as part of being a BibRave Pro. I value authenticity and honesty, all opinions are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro & check out BibRave.com to review and write race reviews!

As I mentioned last week, this was my very first time running The Color Run. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was really excited about the tropical theme! The race did not disappoint, and I  can see why so many people enjoy it. It is a perfect race for the whole family to participate in. The Color Run is all about fun, and they certainly deliver!  

color run
cutest photo-bombers EVER!

Start Line

When I arrived at the race on Sunday, the start line was very easy to find. The race started from at 8am and had waves of people starting until 8:45am. There were lots of costumes, tutus and fun outfits.
color run
check out the flamingos!
Most people wear The Color Run shirt which is white with a design, and the headband that comes in our race pack. I wore my BibRave orange, so I stuck out of the crowd!
color run
it’s like where’s waldo LOL
Wearing white is a lot of fun because it is much easier to see the color pop. IMG_4337

The Race 

We started the race,  and just a few hundred meters in there was a color stop! 
IMG_4345 color run
It was my first experience with the color and it went much better than I expected. I pulled my Buff up over my mouth and nose, jogged thru and got a few beautiful splashes of pink! 

The course was pretty flat with one small hill at the end of the race. Despite the race being sold out, the course was not overly crowded. It did slow down a bit around color stops but other than that is was great. 

color run
photo bombed again!
There were a total of 4 color stops along the race route.  It was powder color at the beginning and end of race, and the two in-between were foam color machines. The foam color really didn’t get you that colorful, but it smelled amazing! Seattle is the only city with the foam machines, so any other Color Run will have four stops of powder plus the finish line color frenzy! IMG_4353

Finish Line

The finish line was awesome; it was my favorite part of the race! I loved the last splashes of color you got as you ran thru all the rainbow arches to the finish. The ground was covered in a beautiful of colors!IMG_4355 IMG_4357IMG_4360 IMG_4363IMG_4368
They handed you a medal and a packet of color. Then it was off to party in the finishers area! Resized_Snapchat-2861690847673894662 IMG_0035 IMG_4366They had tons of photo opportunities and the DJ on stage was playing awesome music. It was a total dance party! The color throws they did with the crowd looked amazing. Some people didn’t wait for them, so there was always some color flying around. color run

Carleeh and I even managed to get up on stage and were able to throw color packets and t-shirts out into the crowd. It was a blast! 

color run
view from the stage!

If you’re nervous about the color (like I was)  

I recommend running with a hat and a bandana or Buff to cover your mouth and nose when you run thru the color areas. The bandana keeps you from inhaling a mouthful, and the hat makes it easier to clean up your hair when you get home. I also wore sunglasses to keep the color out of my eyes which helped as well. 
I had no problem cleaning up after the race. I washed my Buff and my clothes as soon as I got home and all the color came out just fine. FullSizeRender-1

Run it OR Skip it?

Run it! Bring a friend or run with your family, this race is much more fun with with friends! It is also kid friendly. I don’t recommend running this race for time. Enjoy it, get colorful and have fun!  Resized95CameraZOOM-20160508095058977

Get your Tropicolor On with The Color Run

Disclaimer: I received a swag kit +  free entry to The Color Run as part of being a BibRave Pro. I value authenticity and honesty, all opinions are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro & check out BibRave.com to review and write race reviews!
You know you’re a runner when… you jump at a chance to run a race! As you may recall, my Spring race schedule is really busy in April and June, but I didn’t have any races planned in May. There were several races I was interested in, but hadn’t committed. Now that’s changed and this weekend I will be running The Color Run in Seattle!


This will be my first time participating in The Color Run. While I love to run, the idea of getting covered in colored powder didn’t really appeal to me. I was really excited about this years theme, Tropi-Color, and was feeling adventurous, so I decided to sign up. I love pineapples and everything tropical & it sounds like Color Run is bringing the vacation to me! On the Tropicolor course we will be bathed in a tropical array of colors and delicious island scents as we run through the shade of palm trees, arches, and island-style music. I CANNOT WAIT!
 Plus my friend, Carleeh, always talked positively about the Color Run the last few years, so why not run it! I am really excited to share my race day experience with you!

The Color Run

If you are not familiar with The Color Run, it’s a run that is less about your running time and more about having the time of your life! The Color Run is a 5K with only two ‘rules’: 1)wear white at the starting line. 2) Finish plastered in color!

After finishing the race, the fun continues with an unforgettable Finish Festival with music, dancing and massive color throws, which create millions of vivid color combinations. Sounds like an awesome post-5k party!

Run Baltimore + Discount Code

The Color Run has events ALL over the country! The next one is coming up in Baltimore, where I just was last weekend!
the pretty city of Baltimore!!
the pretty city of Baltimore!!
It is taking place at the famous Camden Yard Sports Complex. If you are in the Baltimore or East Coast area, check The Color Run out! Get $5 off registration using code BRP16
Next Monday, I’ll be sharing my Color Run race recap & picking a giveaway winner. Be sure to enter the giveaway by commenting below for your chance to win your own Color Run swag pack. Sign up to run a race today and if you win the swag pack, you will have even more Color Run gear to sport at the race! 
Does the Color Run come to your city? Have you ever run it?