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5 Tips to Help You Recover From a Half Marathon

Running a half marathon is no easy task. It takes a lot of training, prep & dedication to get across that finish line. Whether it was your 1st or 50th half marathon, a good race or a bad race, the fact that you crossed the finish line is a huge deal! Congratulations are in order and now it is time to start RECOVERY! Here are 5 tips that have helped me recover after each of the half marathons I have run. 

half marathon recovery25 Tips to Recover from a Half Marathon 

1. Compression Gear

If you own any compression gear, now is the time to wear it! Compression tights or socks are great for training in, but they are also excellent for recovery. Compression gear increases the blood flow to your muscles, eliminating soreness and helping you recover faster. I love to wear compression tights post race as they take care of all the leg muscles, but compression socks are helpful as well. compression benefits

My favorite compression brand: 2XU. You can read more here

2. Hydrate!!

Drink water like it is your JOB! Hopefully you were hydrating before the race, and it is just as important to keep up the hydration after. Plain water works, but I recommend a combination of plain water and an electrolyte drink. You sweat out a lot and you need to replace those electrolytes. Many sports drinks are full or sugar and unnecessary ingredients so you want to be careful which one you choose. Look for one that has no sugar & no artificial ingredients.IMG_0308

My favorite is Ultima Replenisher. It’s tasty, has nothing artificial & no sugar. It is really low calorie too, so you don’t have to feel bad about drinking it. It has gotten me thru countless races and training runs. To learn more about Ultima & why you should really consider training with it, click here.  

My favorite electrolyte drink: Ultima Replenisher. Use the code below for 35% off. This is not an affiliate code, it’s a discount I get to pass on to you!Ambassador_coupons_v3_Sarah Martinez

3. Foam Roll

If you are not familiar with foam rolling, a foam roller is ” a tool used by runners and athletes to target overworked muscles”. If uses a technique called myofascial release. Essentially, this helps eliminate muscle pain by applying gentle & sustained pressure to the muscles when rolling over them. Foam rolling is not always fun because it’s uncomfortable, but the benefits are amazing. The discomfort you feel while rolling helps you feel much better later. 

For tips on how to use a foam roller, check out this great article from Runner’s World

My favorite foam roller: Trigger Point GRID – available in 3 sizes 

4. Strech

Seems obvious, but you would not believe the amount of people who don’t stretch! This will help get reduce any soreness and stiffness that you have. It is best to stretch once your muscles are warm, so walk around bit before stretching.

Another great option is to take a Yin or Hatha yoga class a few days after the race. Yin and Hatha yoga are slower, more gentle forms of yoga and will give your whole body a great stretch. IMG_0269


It doesn’t matter if you were running, walking or crawling, you crossed the finish line! Make sure you celebrate!!!dean-karnazes-quote

You can reward yourself/celebrate in any way that you see fit. It could be a massage, a trip to the mall, a night out with friends, a day off work… the list could go on and on! Take time to celebrate your accomplishment because like I mentioned earlier, no matter how the race went for you, you did NOT give up & that is worth celebrating. 
Read about what I did after my first half marathon.

bonus tip: review your race on bibrave.com ! BibRave is the perfect place to share your race experience. You can find and write race reviews there & revel in your accomplishment even more! 

Congrats again on completing 13.1 miles. Cheers to recovery & to running more miles!!

Let’s chat: what races do you have planned?  What is your favorite recovery technique?

Stay Strong!

Friday Faves – Fall edition

This is my first ‘Friday Faves’ post on my blog! This post is exactly what it sounds like, I am sharing a few of my current favorite things with you on a Friday! There are A LOT of things I am loving right now (both fitness & non-fitness related) check out my FAVES 🙂

Friday Faves – Fall 2015

1. Quest Pumpkin Pie Protein BarScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.32.36 AMI have seen mixed reviews about this bar. Some people love it (me!) and others do not like it. I think it is DELISH and perfect for this time of year. It is different from the other Quest bars because it has a coating (yum) and some graham cracker type crunch on the outside. It is also limited edition. It has done wonders to satisfy my fall cravings and I HIGHLY recommend that you try it. Check it out HERE! 

2. Kendra Scott Necklaces

My current accessory of choice! These are high quality pieces that are both timeless and stylish at the same time. They match so many different outfits and come in a bunch of different colors. These are my two favorite styles 

‘Elisa’ Pendant Necklace

lovin’ the black sparkle for fall..






‘Rayne’ Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace

I love the gunmetal and turquoise – really plays up an outfit. I also have this necklace in black and gold. So many possibilities with so many colors




3. Wine Lip Color

To me, wine lipstick just screams fall. It’s a bold lip that elevates any outfit and adds a look of glam. 

Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ Lipstick – 601

This is my favorite ‘wine’ or ‘merlot’ colored lipstick. Good staying power and perfect balance of gloss and glam. 




MAC ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick – Ruby Woo

Red Matte Lip. Need I say more.



Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain – 301 Le Rouge

This lip stain is my FAVORITE! It stays on for hours. Even overnight. Haha! I have it in several colors. This red color is great for fall.




4. FlyWheel

seattle I love this workout! We climb hills, we do sprints, there is awesome music, lots of sweat and NEVER a dull moment. They also have cute shirts with cool spin sayings like “torque down for what”.
I’m obsessed. 
It is my cross training of choice at the moment. When I am not running, I am probably spinning. 
Check out their website and see if there is one in your area. I’m pretty sure you can take your first class for free.d5c4ab390dd9ebc5bc9ccd11770b1d17


I can’t get enough of breakfast these days. Just look at the amount of times I have shared breakfast recipes lately. I love some protein pancakes, protein french toast and of course my latest obsession, overnight oats. All these recipes are gluten free.

blueberry protein pancakes
chocolate peanut butter protein french toast
honey apple crisp overnight oats

6. Ultima Replenisher ElectrolytesScreen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.27.52 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.03.56 AMWith all the running and major sweating (flywheel) I have been doing lately, my electrolytes are more important than EVER.
I cannot get enough of the Raspberry Ultima. I love it because it is just electrolytes, no sugar, no artificial ingredients, just good hydration. 


7. Lorna Jane graphic tanks

Leave it to Lorna to come up with the cutest and most creative sayings and then put it on a tank. Check out some of my favs…


 I love all of these tanks. The “do not disturb” one cracks me up. Definitely a must have at the gyn. I think my most favorite is the “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” LOL!




8. Celsius – Flo Fusion pre-workout 

0615_flo_fusion_berry_14ct_boxI don’t always use a pre-workout supplement, usually I just drink a cup of coffee before I workout. When I have a more intense workout or I am just not feeling the coffee, lately I have been using Flo Fusion sticks by Celsius. They help me power thru the workout by giving me extra energy and increased endurance. The berry flavor is my fav. This pre-workout doesn’t give me a crash like others have, nor does it make my heart flutter or do weird things like other ones have. It’s pretty much the only one I can tolerate besides coffee. Check them out here

There ya’ have it!! Just some of the things I have been crushing on lately and I can’t get enough of. 

Tell me: What weekend plans do you have?!

Stay Sweet!!

3 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit a Race Expo…

whether you are running or not. If you are running, you probably have to go to the expo to pick up you bib and you race packet. It is easy to bypass all the booths and make a b-line for the door. Why deal with the crowds? And if you aren’t running the race, why bother going to the expo? Today I am going to give you 3 reasons why you should visit a race expo whether you are running or not.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Portland Marathon expo even though I was not running the race. Ultima Replenisher, a brand that I love and became and ambassador for, invited me to come be at their booth over the weekend. Being there showed me all the benefits of attending a race expo even though you are not running the race. IMG_7089

The 3 Ws

When: Most races, especially larger ones, have an expo that takes place a day or two before the actual race. Entry to the expo is usually free and open to everyone. I’m sure there are some exceptions to this, but in my experience this has always been the case. Race expos want people to come, so they allow everyone in whether you are running or not. If your city has a large or semi-large race, check out the race website for the expo days and times.  

What: The race expo is usually full of booths from different vendors offering everything from running accessories to massage chairs. Some races list the vendors on the website prior to the expo, others only show you the title sponsors of the race. If you can’t get a list of vendors prior to the expo, it is still worth the trip. I’ll explain why below.

Where: Expos are usually in a banquet room at a hotel, a convention center or somewhere close to the starting line. It depends on the size of the expo and where the race is held. Check the race website for the specific location details. 

Photo Oct 05-2

3 Reasons You Must Visit a Race Expo

1. Discounts

The number one reason to visit a race expo, running or not, is the discounts. Not every exhibitor does this, but most booths/brands will offer a special race expo discount on products or services that is not available anywhere else. This means if you need a new pair of running shoes, some compression socks, body glide, electrolytes or a foam roller, the place to get them is at the race expo! 

new shoes with a discount!

Another common ‘discount’ you find at race expo is a discount or incentive for entry to other races. For example, at the Portland marathon expo, there were races from both Washington and California that were offering a discount on race registrations. This is a great way to save some money on upcoming races you want to run.

some of my loot from the expo, which included discounted race entry to Seattle half marathon

2. Samples

‘Try before you buy’ is always a good idea which is why product samples are another reason to visit a race expo. This is a great way to try new products with no strings attached. I have sampled some products at race expos that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. An added bonus? If you like it, you can probably buy it at a discounted price! (see previous point) 🙂 The most common samples are food/beverages, but it could also be trying on a new running belt or demoing a new pair running shoes.  

This last weekend there were samples ranging from oatmeal, protein bars and electrolyte beverages to hummus and energy gels. 

enjoyin my sample of hummus
samples of ultima!! (bonus: free yoga) 😛

3. Free stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I mean seriously. Free stuff is extra cool when it is useful, and at race expos it usually is. In the past I have gotten things like chapstick, a cowbell, a sweatband, food and even a shirt.

got a whole bag of free stuff and a sign at a race expo back in May
Bonus — meeting people! 

This hasn’t happened for me at every expo, but occasionally you can meet the president of the company or the creator of a product at the booth. When this happens, it is super cool because if you are unfamiliar with the product, you can find out a lot about it and why they created it. On the other hand, if you love the product, you can share your love with the person who created it! Bloggers, this could also be a networking opportunity. If you go that route, be professional. 
Precaution: meeting the founder of a brand or product you love can lead to speechlessness or feeling starstruck. 

met Tim, the founder of BibRave.com (which I am also am ambassador for). This was unexpected and I was seriously so excited I was speechless.
also met Eric, the founder of Pro Compression.

Brands sometimes will also bring an athlete or ambassador which are great to connect with because they share the different ways they use the product and how it has helped them which can give you ideas and inspiration on how to use the product as well. 

I had so much fun meeting blog readers and other Ultima ambassadors at our booth!

While each expo is different, they usually don’t disappoint and almost always have something for everyone, runner or not. Next time there is a big race in you city, be sure to check out the expo, you will be so glad you did!

Tell me: What is your favorite part about race expos? Discounts? Samples? Free Stuff? All of the above?

Stay Sweet!

Come Meet Me At the Portland Marathon Expo!

Last year I ran my very first half marathon in Portland. I had so much fun at that race and the training for that race molded me into the runner I am today. I am not running that race this year, but I am going to be back in Portland for the weekend with Ultima Replenisher!!Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.27.52 AM

Ultima is an amazing company and they make the BEST electrolyte recovery drink on the market. I am serious. “Ultima Replenisher contains a perfect balance of all 6 electrolytes plus minerals for optimal hydration”. It also has no sugar, nothing artificial, no dyes, is non-GMO, made with real fruit flavors, vegan and delicious! Seriously, this stuff is SO good! 

ultima hydrate naturally
sportin’ my Ultima gear in Cali before my half marathon!

If you live in or around the Portland area, get your booty over to the expo and hang out with us.  It is open to everyone! You can try Ultima and see why it is better than the other guys. I know a lot of people who have been fans of other brands (which shall remain nameless) and once they tried Ultima they were hooked! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.26.57 AM



Friday, October 2 from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, October 3 from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Hilton Portland and Executive Tower – Ballroom and Exhibit Hall
921 SW 6th Avenue – Portland, OR

Again, there is no charge for admission and you do NOT have to be running to enter. Everyone is welcome! You can try Ultima, maybe get a fun sample or two, and hang out with me! We could even take a selfie. I may or may not bring my selfie stick, I haven’t decided yet.  It’s gonna be tons of fun! I can’t wait! 

The last time I got to see my Ultima family was in Los Angeles during IDEA World, I am so excited to see them again! IMG_4614

If you are close to Portland this is totally worth coming to! I cannot wait to see you guys!

Let’s chat:
Will you be stopping by the expo on Friday or Saturday? 
Have you ever tried Ultima?

Stay Sweet!

p.s. if you are wondering where you can buy Ultima, it is available online or at Whole Foods! (you can also check the store locator)

Quick Tabata + a Hydrating Strawberry Basil Lemonade [Workout Wednesday]

How is it already Wednesday!? This week has been flying by, makes sense considering we had a holiday on Monday. Long weekends always mix up days for me. Apart from the long weekend, the studying for the NASM CPT exam is kicking my booty. I am learning so much but it is so time consuming! No matter how short on time you are, I promise you will have time for today’s workout! I also have a delicious & hydrating strawberry basil lemonade recipe for you, so look for that below the video. It’s made with an electrolyte drink and is the perfect post-workout thirst quencher! 

workout_wednesday_greyThis workout was inspired by a request on one of my Periscope’s. I love tabatas because, if done correctly, they are short workouts that keep burning calories even after they are over! Here is how is goes — do each exercise for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds rest. One time thru is one round. Do 4 rounds and you are done!

Tabata Exercises:

1) star jumps
2) push ups (tricep or regular)
3) jumping lunges
4) tricep dips
5) burpees

I demo all of these for you in the video & then go thru one round of the workout with you! If you do 4 rounds of this, you will be done in 10 minutes! How amazing is that?! I promise you will also be very sweaty and keep burning calories even after the 10 mins is up! 

Let’s do this!

Timer I use in the video –> Seconds Timer

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This lemonade is made with Ultima Replenisher and is the perfect post-workout thirst quencher. It is also great for an hot afternoon or whenever you feel like having lemonade. The great thing about Ultima is that it doesn’t have ANY artificial ingredients and no added sugar, so you can feel good about drinking it! It’s my fav way to recover from a sweaty workout & replenish electrolytes 🙂

studying hard...
studying hard…

You need:
1 packet (or scoop) of Lemonade Ultima Replenisher 
1 lemon
3 frozen or fresh strawberries
A few basil leaves  

Make it:
Mix up the Ultima Replenisher. Add ice cubes and a few slices of lemon.IMG_5565 Add in strawberries,  mix/muddle lemons and strawberries. IMG_5573Chop basil leaves and add to lemonade. Garnish with lemon slice and basil leaf. 


Stay Sweaty!