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Easy Blueberry Crisp – Gluten Free, No Refined Sugars!

I am a huge fan of breakfast, if you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably know that. It is my favorite meal of the day. I am always looking for new ideas to make my breakfast more exciting, and I am so excited to share this new creation, a gluten free blueberry crisp, with you. Also, I am giving away one of the ingredients used in this recipe & the baked apple recipe I shared earlier this week .Be sure to enter to win below! IMG_0008

Usually crisps are made for dessert, but I have recreated one that is perfect for breakfast time. What can I say, I’m a rebel. Heck, you could also have this for dessert, it’s interchangeable!IMG_9998

There are 2 things that make me particularly excited about this recipe:
1) It’s individual servings! You can double or triple the recipe to make more than one, but you don’t have to. Then when you eat it feels like you get to eat a whole crisp yourself. 😀 
2) You don’t have to get tons of dishes dirty. It is almost a one pot wonder, but not quite. It’s really easy to throw together, and clean up is a breeze too! 

IMG_0002Using honey crystals in this recipe allowed me to be much more creative. If you aren’t familiar with honey crystals, they are “honey without the sticky mess.” They have been available in packets, but Nektar Naturals just made honey crystals available in a easy pour bottle. It’s available for purchase at Walmart, which means it’s not some obscure ingredient that is hard to find. It’s great to use in tea,  oatmeal and recipes as a natural sweetener. 


Image-1Gluten Free Blueberry Crisp

serves 1
(can multiply recipe to make into larger serving)

1/3 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
2 T maple syrup or Nektar Naturals honey crystals 
1/2 T arrowroot powder or cornstarch
1/2 T lemon juice
dash of cinnamon 

1/4 gluten free oats
2 T almond meal 
1 T sliced almonds
1 T honey crystals
1 T coconut oil, melted (can substitute butter or ghee)

1. Preheat the oven to 350F. In an individual baking dish or oven safe bowl, mix together the blueberries, maple syrup or honey crystals, arrowroot powder or cornstarch, lemon juice and cinnamon.
2. In a separate bowl, combine oats, almond meal/flour, sliced almonds & honey crystals. Mix in the coconut oil. Stir until the mixture is moistened throughout.
3. Sprinkle topping over the filling until it is evenly distributed (no need to smash it down). 
4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the filling is bubbling around the edges and the top is lightly golden. Let the crisp rest for 5 to 10 minutes before devouring!!!!


For a boost of protein: add 1/2 scoop of protein powder to the topping!! Vanilla flavored works best. 
Not a blueberry fan? You can use any kind of berry, would be great with blackberries or raspberries, fresh or frozen.
Not a fan of sweet?? or you have really sweet berries? only use 1T of maple syrup or honey crystals in the filling.
Can’t find honey crystals? Look for them at Walmart! Or you can substitute liquid honey. 
Preparing this for more than one? I recommend you still use individual baking dishes, it’s so much more fun to eat that way! IMG_0006

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I was given a bottle of honey crystals from Nektar Naturals to review as well as a bottle to giveaway thru my association with Sweat Pink. I was not compensated for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.