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No Equipment Upper Body & Core Workout [Workout Wednesday]

The 6 bodyweight exercises we are doing today can be done anywhere. They will work your biceps, triceps and shoulders while strengthening your core. The best part? There is no equipment needed!
This week’s video is a MUST watch because I have a special guest. There are some funny bloopers at the end too. If you have a pet and have ever tried to workout while they are around, you know the struggle is real! 🙂 


Core work is important no matter your fitness level. Core exercises are not just about building a six pack. The core helps stabilize your entire body and when our core is strong, the other muscles in our body can move more effectively and do the work they were meant to do. Many of the exercises in today’s workout are compound exercises meaning more than one muscle is engaged during the exercise. Be sure to engage the core (pull belly button into the spine) to get the maximum results from these exercises. 

The Workout:

  1. tricep push ups x 10
  2. side to side push ups x 10
  3. dolphins x 10
  4. plank up downs x 10
  5. tricep dips with toe touch x 10
  6. shimmies x 20
    Try the workout with me in the video above! 

Thanks so much for joining me today! Next week I am going to bring you a workout that is all about abs with a fun October twist. Maybe I’ll even throw in a bonus plyometric workout too… I haven’t decided yet. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on next week’s workout! 

Stay Sweaty!

Upper Body, Core & A Booty Bonus [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today we are doing an upper body workout with some core and a few bonus booty moves at the end. Get pumped! 

I got waaaaay to much sun yesterday. We went and explored this huge rock formation and it was such a blast! I will share that all with you tomorrow because today, we workout!!!
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This workout features one of my most favorite moves, tricep push-ups! Like many body weight exercises they are hard at first, but keep working on them because they will become easier and they really help you get tank top arms ASAP. Be sure to watch the video to hear my trick on how to make them easier. 

What you need:
– mat or a soft area to workout 
– water

Remember there is NO shame in the modification game. Be sure to modify any moves to ensure you keep proper form. If you do not do that you can hurt yourself, or train the wrong muscles to do the work. 

This video features a lot of my fav workout moves, and compliments last week’s workout. You can use them in combination on the same day for a great total body workout. 

Tell me: Did you feel the burn? Comment below and let me know which move was your favorite! 

Stay Sweaty!

Outdoor/Park Workout [Workout Wednesday]

Can you believe it is already Wednesday again? I can’t!

This week I have an outdoor/park workout for you. This does not have to be done outside, it is totally doable inside as well. Make this workout WORK for you and modify it to your needs.



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Stay sweet & strong!