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New Season, New Styles, New Adventures – Spring has SPRUNG!

Disclaimer: I received one item from PraNa to review as part of my relationship with Sweat Pink. All opinions are my own.

 I don’t know about you, but I have a BAD case of Spring Fever. Some years are worse than others, and this is one of those years. Spring is RIGHT around the corner, and I literally cannot wait for it to get here. It has been a really wet winter here in the PNW and I miss the longer days and the sunlight.

A few weeks ago I was in Orlando, Florida for the Disney Princess Half and tried to get as much sun as possible. The weather was great; it made me so happy to be wearing shorts. I didn’t want to come home! This made me that much more excited for spring to get here.  I’m such a spring/summer girl – I love the beach, the sand and some sun. blog title - spring

Speaking of sand, Orlando is about an hour from the beach. We wanted to spend lots of time at the theme parks, but I told Andy there was no way I was going to Florida and not seeing the ocean. I packed my swimsuit, my sunhat and a new sundress – I was ready! So after running the Princess half on Sunday morning (more on that later), we headed to the beach. My legs needed a break after 19.3 miles + walking around Disney the previous 2 days. IMG_2381

We headed to Coco Beach, had brunch and then found a comfy beach spot. Coco Beach is a surfer town and it definitely has the chill surfer vibe. I love the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing. It inspires me and brings me peace all at once; the ocean is definitely my happy place .IMG_2305

The new sundress that I got for the trip is the ‘Cali Dress‘ from PraNa’s new spring collection. This is my first piece of clothing from PraNa and I’m in love. I had heard such great things about the brand, and let me tell you they are true! I can’t wait to shop more with the discount code (see below!)

love the flattering fit and that it’s a dress that is ready for anything. It has moisture wicking material ready for a hot day or a fun walk/hike but also has around town style. It is so versatile.IMG_2329

The Cali Dress transitioned perfectly from a cute brunch outfit, to a stylish beach cover up. I even was able to bust out a few yoga poses in it! IMG_2360 IMG_2369

The prints in the spring collection are so cute! There are bold and bright options along with pastels, all perfect for spring. The good news is you can feel good about wearing these bright colors because the PraNa spring collection is Bluesign verified. What does that mean? It means that the fabrics used meet the highest standard in the textile industry for environmental health, safety and chemical management. 

Do not fear, the fact that fabric is sustainable & safe for the environment does not take away from the comfort. This dress is so soft, you don’t even feel like you are “dressed up”. If yoga pants could be a dress, this would be it! 

Check out the PraNa spring collection & grab some new clothes for the new season. Use the code PSSS16SBFL for 15% off.prana discount code PSSS16SBFL

Who doesn’t a fresh wardrobe update for spring? The great thing about PraNa is they make high quality workout clothes as well as lifestyle clothes. Their lifestyle clothes are stylish and ready for action, just like this dress. 



I cannot wait to wear the Cali Dress more as the weather gets nicer here in the PNW. It is extremely comfortable, flattering and ready for anything. 

Monday Motivation with a Basic Yoga Flow Video

Happy Monday! To get your week of to a great start, I have a Christmas themed basic yoga flow. It’s suitable for all  levels. Check out my crazy socks & look for the #catphotobomb in the video. While yoga is inspiring, after the video  I’m sharing a story about fresh starts & new beginnings for some Monday motivation. 🙂 

Christmas Themed Basic Yoga Flow

The two basic yoga flows shown in the video are variations of sun salutations which include some strength exercises for the upper body and the core. They are great for a warm up, cool down or just a quick stretch. I will build on these flow sequences in the weeks to come. 

Monday Motivation

We have all have bad days. Last week seemed to be a bad week for me as far as technology goes. It was full of technical problems! I learned a lesson in patience & perseverance. What is worth doing isn’t always easy. I was also reminded how thankful I am for second chances & fresh starts. You know that feeling when you have tried everything to get something to work & you want to pull your hair out? Yah…me too. Last week even the most basic things were not functioning. I tried to save a file to my external hard drive, it ‘couldn’t be found’ according to my computer. Tried to upload a video, the video wouldn’t process. The list goes on. All these problems caused simple tasks to become really complicated and time consuming. Time was ticking & nothing was getting done. It was really discouraging.

While I am very thankful it is a new week, the great thing is you don’t have to wait a week or a month or a year for a ‘fresh start’. Every day is a new day & within the day, every hour is a new hour. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or have a bad case of the Monday’s? That doesn’t mean the whole day is a waste.  Try to find the positive among the negative. As soon as a new hours strikes or a new minute begins, it’s an opportunity for the day to be different. Change your mindset. Even though things may not be perfect, or in my case, things still may not be getting done, changing your outlook on the situation is extremely powerful. Try it this week & see what a difference it makes.4c5db9a9508c7860d29c4f3b587a22be

Let’s Chat: 
What workouts do you have planned this week? 
What is your favorite source of motivation?

Stay sweet & happy Monday!!

5 Reasons To Try SUP Yoga

We have about a month left of summer (sniff…) and I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending as much time outside as possible! I love to take my workouts outside, use the BBQ more, and enjoy as many iced beverages as possible. I am not ready for this season to come to an end!  

SUP Yoga is the perfect way to combine an amazing outdoor workout with the beauty of summer. Not only is it a great workout, but you also get to be on the water! Not to mention that if it is a HOT day, you can take a quick dip after class 🙂

I recently attended my first ever SUP Yoga class and it was such an amazing experience. I found Azul SUP & Yoga thru Instagram & it was also recommended by my friend Carleeh who had taken some classes there before. After just one class, I can’t wait to do it again!! I was such a wonderful experience. Not only was it a good workout, it was also rejuvenating, calming and so much fun. 11800341_929586323765429_3538584027792107561_nIMG_5159

Ever thought about trying SUP Yoga?
Here are 5 reasons why you MUST! 

1) All levels are welcome

Are you new to yoga? That is okay! Both newbies and advanced yoga practitioners can do SUP Yoga. There are lots of different pose variations so you don’t have to be a self proclaimed ‘yogi’ to try a class! 

I wasn’t brave enough to try handstand (i’m in the blue)

2) It’s a better workout

Because you are paddle board in the water, the element of balance is added making it a better workout! It requires you to engage your core much more because you are on an unstable surface. This causes you to have to work harder and get a more intense workout. 
It also helps to improve your technique and poses because if you place more weight on the right side of your body, the board will tell you! Proper technique is important in any workout and the board is a great tool to help make sure you’re form is correct.10987334_929584043765657_7541739083961293288_o

3) It’s beautiful

Yoga is a relaxing and reflective workout. Add beautiful scenery to that and it takes it to a whole other level! SUP Yoga is a beautiful workout with the added calming affect of being on water. The beauty of nature added to an amazing workout beats ANY gym, studio or other class out there.11796357_929583830432345_4493214067667122167_n

4) Tons of fun

 You can’t take this class at a gym, you must be on a board on a body of water somewhere! Because SUP Yoga  is so unique, it adds a huge element of fun to your workout, and working out should be FUN! This helps you stay engaged and not get bored and gets you in better shape by working new/different muscles.11828809_929586133765448_3167103384095635753_n

5) It’s a little scary! (in a good way)

 Don’t fall in! Just kidding. The sooner you conquer you fear of falling in, the easier it will be for you to succeed. Besides, what harm is getting wet gonna do?  If you do fall, you just get back up and try again. This class reenforces that important principle which is an added bonus. 
Plus, the possibility of falling actually helps you focus on yourself and the poses, so you can execute things you may not be able to in a normal yoga class.11728988_929583953765666_6818480845508266344_o

So, are you convinced?! Here’s how you can get in a SUP Yoga class before the end of summer. If you are in the Seattle area, I’ve got you COVERED (read below)!!! If not, you can look up classes in your area by searching “SUP Yoga + your city” on the internet to find who offers it.  😀11202876_929586367098758_1650494433675445628_o

Seattle SUP Yoga

Right now there are classes thru Azul Sup & Yoga until the end of September. If you want to get into a class, I recommend reserving ASAP. The classes fill up quick. Georgina, the instructor (pictured below), is amazing. She is one of the best yoga instructors I have had. Check out class schedule HERE11230657_929584257098969_1010346118306181356_n
I am definitely gonna get to another class before the end of summer! It is north of Seattle, but believe me when I say it is worth the drive. The classes are small, there are plenty of modifications and options available for all levels, and the lake is so calm. The boards are also great quality & come included with the class. This may not seem like a big deal, but the board can make or break your SUP Yoga experience. I definitely recommend you check out Azul Sup & Yoga, they definitely do NOT disappoint! 

Let’s chat:
Have you tried SUP Yoga? What is your favorite summer workout?

Stay Sweet!!

Last week of #1millionminutes!

Happy Monday! It’s bitter sweet that the #1millionminutes challenge with Sweat Pink is in it’s last week. Summer is drawing to an end!!! I love being active outdoors and that is one of the reasons I love summertime so much. It’s been a blast seeing what everyone has been up to and logging all of my minutes. It helped me be more mindful of my workouts and realize how much or how little activity I was doing. 

While #1millionminutes is ending, I’m sure my girls at Sweat Pink have something awesome brewing for fall. I can just feel it. In honor of the last week of the challenge and the new prAna fall collection, check out my last mad-lib below.@prana-1

When the 1 million minutes challenge started, I set out to achieve 2000 minutes. And I passed that goal by kicking booty and sweating my way to 2440 minutes!!!!!!

The best part of this challenge for me was that it kept me accountable. I probably spent the most time tracking my minutes while I was eating dinner & watching Food Network Star with my husband. (who doesn’t love some Food Network?!) 

I was pumped to see so many Sweat Pink’ers joining in on the challenge and breaking a sweat while having fun. Jaime was one of my favorite people to stalk follow during the challenge because she killed it! (and always was doing fun & inspiring activities!) 

I’m sad that it’s the last week but also excited that prAna is our sponsor because I’m coveting the Yoga for Life outfit which features the Graceful Wrap, Soleil Bra Top & Sapphire Legging and going to boogie my little heart out in hopes to win!Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.18.01 PM(seriously, how cute is this outfit!?!?!?!?! I love it all together & I love each piece individually too)

Plus, I’ll need this whole outfit to help me get through my Fall goals which are passing my CPT exam and building more muscle. And now I tag Katie and Liz and Jill to join in on the fun!

Disclosure: this mad-lib was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are our own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community!

If you want to get in on the Instagram action & have a chance to win something from the prAna Fall collection, check out this weeks prompts below! 11866217_952293014814242_6906386109366496907_n

Monday, August 17: We want to see you how you #jumpjoymonday. That’s right, its time for lift off. We wanna see you, jump jump! #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana

Tuesday, August 18How has living a fitness lifestyle transformed you? Show us! #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink #transformationtuesday @prana

Wednesday, August 19How do you reinvigorate your fitness goals? Show us! #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana

Thursday, August 20What has been your favorite moment of the #1millionminutes challenge? Show us! #tbt #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana

Friday, August 21We want to know what community means to you – show us how #1millionminutes has helped keep you on track and accountable this summer! #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana

Stay Sweaty!!!

My UV Half Buff [Review & Discount code]

Disclaimer: I received a UV Half Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

As many of you may know, I am currently training for a half marathon. That means I’m doing a lot of running 🙂 It’s been a super hot summer up here in the PNW and I’m not complaining! While I love the heat, it does mean there is a lot more sweat and more accessories needed to protect you from the sun.

This is where my awesome new UV Half Buff comes in. 


Testing this Half Buff has been such an awesome addition to my training this summer! I have used it on almost all of my training runs since I got it and not only does it wick away the sweat, this one has UV protection so my fair skin and scalp don’t get sunburned! IMG_5178

I’ve used it as a headband

wore it around my wrist to wipe sweat


wore it underneath my visor to protect my scalp and soak up sweatIMG_5023

used it to create some cool running hair-dos  

(my ponytail is flipped underneath the Buff, no hair-tie required!)

and even used it in an ’emergency situation’ to prevent chaffing on my leg during a runIMG_4766

As you can see, this baby is versatile! The other thing I loooooove is it does NOT give me a headache. Many other headbands or head accessories give me headaches after wearing them for a longer period of time. Not my Buff! It also dries extremely quickly which is a huge plus. 

I also took my UV Half Buff to my first bikram yoga class. The room is 105 degrees, so the sweat is pouring. I had my Buff on my wrist to wipe off sweat and it worked great. 

You can use it for yoga, running, hiking, biking and almost any other physical activity. They come in tons of fun colors and patterns as well as a few featuring certain U.S. states. I have the Washington one, which features beautiful Mt. Rainer, and I would like to buy this fuchsia pink one because I love pink! IMG_4332

The Half Buff is not only functional, it’s also a fun and fashionable accessory that makes your workout that much more fun and exciting. I truly believe that if you like what you are wearing when you workout, you workout harder! Overall I love the UV Half Buff and I look forward to using it more in the future. 


If you want to check out the Buffs, be sure to use this discount code BIBRAVE10 for 10% off anything on their website! 

Let’s chat:
Do you wear a headband when you run or workout?
Have you ever tried a Buff?
(let me know in comments, click up top underneath title where it says ‘comment’)

below I have more info on the Buff for you along with a few other reviews from other Pros if you wish to check them out 🙂 enjoy!

Stay Sweaty & have an awesome weekend!

What other BibRavePros think: 
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More info on the Buff- 
Half the length of original UV BUFF® headwear, the UV Half BUFF® option offers efficient thermal properties, built-in sun protection and moisture management. It’s a versatile, go anywhere piece wearable at least nine different ways. 

  • Blocks 95% of UV rays*
  • Exceptional Moisture-wicking with its 4-channel fibers
  • Soft, breathable Coolmax Extreme fabric
  • Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter
  • Polygiene Active Odor Control
  • Quick drying

Hot Yoga – 5 Tips for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try hot yoga? It can be intimidating to those who are new to yoga or worried about the heat and high temperatures (like I was). However, once you get past the heat and the sweat, it is a really great workout! 

loved these mantras on the wall in the studio

I tried hot bikram yoga for the first time this last Friday. It was quite the experience. I am not new to yoga, but I am new to hot yoga. I went to this class and had no idea what to expect other than the 105 degree temperature. It was a somewhat last minute decision so I didn’t have time to google tips for newbies, I just went! After my experience, here are my 5 must know tips for your first hot yoga class!

Before I go any further, I should explain that there are different kinds of hot yoga. Bikram yoga is the most intense hot yoga; a traditional class is 90 minutes long and the room is 105 degrees. There are also hot Vinyasa classes where you flow through different postures (think sun salutations). In the hot Vinyasa classes the room is between 80-90 degrees depending on the studio and the class is only 60 minutes. Be sure to pay attention to the kind of class you sign up for so you know what to expect. 

hot yoga beginner5 Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class

1. Towel(s)

This is a MUST HAVE! They make hot yoga towels that are the size of your yoga mat and they usually have little grippers to keep you from slipping and sliding around. These are ideal for a hot yoga class; however, seeing that this is your first class you may not have one, so a normal bath or beach towel works just fine. That is what I used and had no problem. Also bring a small hand towel to wipe your face, hands and other body parts off during the class. The sweat will be pouring so you will want to have something to help towel off with.IMG_4985I had my half Buff (on my wrist), but it got soaked thru half way into class, so next time I will bring a hand towel in addition to my Buff. You can check out some cool yoga towels I like HERE

2. Clothing

Dress the part. Every inch of you is going to sweat, so be prepared! You don’t have to go in shorts and a sports bra, but the less clothes you are wearing, the better. What I mean is do not wear leggings to hot yoga class, you will be very sorry. Try to wear spandex or sweat wicking material because the sweat is inevitable. Try to avoid baggy clothing or anything made from cotton as cotton just holds in sweat and will get uncomfortable and very hot, very fast.  IMG_4977
I wore some spandex shorts from Under Armor and a swiftly tech short sleeve top from Lululemon. Every inch was covered in sweat!

3. Hydration

Before class, be sure to drink a lot of water.  You are going to be pouring out sweat  so you want your body to be prepared. In class be sure to bring a HUGE water bottle. You can take sips during and it will help you get through. After class, HYDRATE! After that epic sweat seesh you need to replenish. Drink lots of water and consider using a recovery drink. My favorite is Ultima, there is no artificial ingredients and no added sugar, plus the flavors are amazing! Check it out HERE

my soaked mat and almost empty water bottle post class

4. Tell them that you are new!

Don’t be shy about this, it is important for the instructor to know. If they haven’t seen you before, it is likely that they may ask you, but some won’t. Be sure to let them know before class. They will give you lots of tips and help guide you thru the class.
When I told my instructor I was new to hot yoga, she told me my goal for my first class should be to stay in the room for the whole class. She said do as much as you can, and if you get tired or feel like the heat is too much, just lay down. I was able to stay in the room the whole time! I also made it thru 20 of the 26 poses which was more than I thought I would be able to do. Which leads me to my next tip…

5. Go with an Open Mind 

Don’t go in to the class expecting it to be hard, and don’t expect it to be easy. Go in with no expectations. You may dislike it and never do another hot yoga class again or you could fall in love. You may only make it through the warm up and one pose and spend the rest of class lying down, or you may make it thru all of the poses and never have to take a rest. Neither one is the right way to practice hot yoga. If you are in class on the mat, you are contributing. If you go in with an open mind, you will enjoy the experience no matter how it turns out because you won’t have expectations you are holding yourself to.IMG_4987

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.13.31 PM
this was my before (left) and after (right) pic. It definitely kicked my asana!

Overall, I enjoyed my first hot yoga experience. As I said earlier, I was surprised I was able to make it thru as many of the poses as I did. I had to lay down and rest a few times and despite wanting to try the poses, I knew I needed to listen to my body and sit it out. The heat definitely made the class mentally challenging at times, but it wasn’t unbearable. I was also able to get a better stretch in certain poses because my muscles were so warm. This class was the most I ever sweat at one time in my entire life. You may be wondering why I tried the most intense version of hot yoga first? I suppose part of it was my go big or go home attitude, and the other part was not knowing that there was a less intense kind! I definitely want to try the hot vinyasa at lower temperatures to see which one I like better. 

Let’s chat! 
Have you ever tried hot yoga? 
Would you be interested in trying it? 
If you are a hot yogi, which kind of hot yoga do you prefer?
let me know below!

Stay sweaty!

Update & Christmas Flow Yoga

Hi everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I had the best intentions of posting while here in Mexico and we have been SO much busier than I expected. Also Internet had been questionable and it didn’t work out as I had planned, but the trip and time with family has been AWESOME!
If you want to know more of what I have been up to, check out my Instagram feed I have been posting photos there 🙂

I wanted to share this video with you the other day but the internet speed wasn’t fast enough for me to upload it to youtube, so I had to wait a few days.

Today in Mexico I taught a PiYo class, it was SO much fun! I had a blast and so did all the people in the class. The video above I took at home while prepping for this class. It’s yoga flow to the song little drummer boy by Toby Mac, it’s perfect and so festive!!

Try this flow with me and let me know what you think!!

Stay sweet!