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Monday Favorites + LIVE chat tomorrow

Happy Monday! Today I have a few cool finds to share with you and I want to make sure that you know about the LIVE chat I am hosting tomorrow on YouTube!

Friday Finds or Friday Favs is pretty popular. That is when people share cool new finds or their favorite things on their bog on Friday. Well, I decided to break the rules and share those things on Monday. 

Trader Joes is one of the places I shop almost every week. When they come out with new products, sometimes I’m not impressed and other times I’m all OMG! With this I said…”OMG!” 


They claim they are super fluffy and that they will change your life. I don’t know about that, but I am definitely going to have to find and try. Being a celiac I don’t get to eat a lot of pancakes, so I’ll give it a whirl. Unfortunately these are not dairy free. More info HERE

Another TJ find…
wn-org-riced-cauliflower-2Imagine not having to RICE your own cauliflower! The only ingredients in here are organic cauliflower and salt. I love to make my own riced cauliflower, although it can be messy and time consuming. Now we have something to fall back on in a pinch! More info HERE

I am on a Trader Joe’s kick apparently because this is yet another find from them. A recipe for shrimp & grits on a stick! 233MainImage

Can you say perfect summer BBQ food?!? If you use all the TJ ingredients listed in the recipe HERE, prep won’t take you long at all. YUM!

For all my mermaids, now you can really have a mermaid fin!
This is a ‘MerFin’ available for sale at Nordstrom! It also comes in a teal blue color. Check it out HERE

Finally, I stumbled across this article about how to become a morning runner. I loved the ‘hacks’ enough that I had to share with you. Here is one of the tips:

Don’t expect magic overnight
Changing your evening patterns will likely take a few weeks to stick, cautions Dr James Mojica. If you’re used to going to bed at 11pm, for example, try turning in 10 minutes earlier and waking 10 minutes earlier for a week. ‘After a few days of going to bed earlier, I was still having a hard time,’ says runner Meghan Ridgley. ‘But I stuck it out, and one day it was suddenly no big thing.’ The same goes for altering bad evening habits – cut back gradually for a smoother transition. ‘I promise it gets easier,’ says runner Kim Burie. ‘Soon you’ll wake up wanting to go.’

 Check out the full article here!


Last, but NOT least, tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be LIVE on YouTube at 1pm PST. I know not all of you may be able to watch live at that time, so never fear, it will be recorded and you can watch the replay! 

I have tons of announcements and exciting stuff to share with you. Plus I am going to talk a little bit about my most fav time of the year, SUMMER! The video below will be live starting at 1pm Tuesday or you can click HERE to watch & participate 

Hope to see you there (or at least on the replay!!)

Stay Sweet!


Lower Body Circuit [Workout Wednesday]

Happy hump day!! It’s Workout Wednesday again already and today I have a lower body circuit for you. These are some of my MOST favorite lower body exercises, and they require ZERO equipment. Thes were the best because you can do them anywhere. 


In fact, this workout I filmed while in Hawaii, you may notice the tropical background 🙂 You can take this circuit anywhere from a corner in the gym, to your living room, to the beach on vacation. 

What do I need: a timer & a flat area to workout 

The workout: 

Repeat this circuit 3 times
do each move for 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on fitness level 

  • Plié jump squats 
  • Plié squats 
  • Jump lunges 
  • Backwards lunge (alternating legs) 
  • Bowlers lunge (alternating legs) 
  • Jump squats 

If you do each move for a minute, this circuit will only take you 18 minutes. You will get a little cardio along with muscle toning. Do this workout 3 times this week and your legs will be ready for shorts in no time! You can use this workout alone or to compliment other exercise. 

I demo/explain the exercises in the video below. Try this workout with me, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!

Seriously, how beautiful is this background?! I wish I could film here ALL the time. I miss Hawaii.

Thanks for joining me! What did you think of this workout? What kind of workouts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments. 

stay sweaty!


[LIVE] Video chat with me! (+ a recipe)

I am so excited to announce that TONIGHT I am hosting a LIVE video chat with me! It will be on YouTube, so you can talk with me, chat me any questions that you have and hang out!! I am going to be talking about the holidays, traditions and ways to enjoy them without feeling guilty or putting on weight like the average person does.

 It starts at 6pm PST – so either watch the live stream here on this video or visit YouTube and watch it there. The chat function is located to right of the video, where the suggested videos normally are. If you are unable to join tonight, the video will be recorded and will be available here for you to watch whenever you want! 😀

I hope you will be there! I love getting to know my readers and #fitfriends more! 

Here is a quick fun recipe to try for dinner:
Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders

All you need is 
-1 cup of raw unsalted almonds
-1 chicken breast
-extra virgin olive oil spray

THAT’S IT! The recipe is from my awesome blogger BFF and #fitfriend Katie. She is so smart, funny and SUPER creative in the kitchen. She has got some of the best recipes out there and an awesome e-book full of stuff too! 

Please visit her blog for the recipe for these almond crusted chicken tenders. Not only are they super easy and fast, they are SUUUUPER delish!!

See you guys tonight!