Top 10 Takeaways – Blogfest 2015

Today Iā€™m joining TiffanyDebbieNatalie and Truitt Family Foods in sharing my Top 10 Takeaways from BlogFest 2015. After a crammed 4 days of sweat and learning, I came home with so much info and knowledge. I recapped some other aspects of the conference previously in my posts about how Blogfest/IDEA World helped me get inspired, connect with others and transform myself and my business. Below are my top 10 takeaways that are a mix of business/blog and fitness tips, so there’s a little something for everyone. šŸ™‚

1) Fitness is more than sweat

If you are in the fitness industry, you may already understand this. Fitness goes so much deeper than sweating and looking good aesthetically. Most of us may start for that reason, but if you stick with it, it turns into so much more. It develops character, it makes you stronger mentally, it teaches you important lessons, it reduces stress, it helps you run a business better. Most of all, it is a wonderful unifier that brings so many people together. Fitness has changed my life and I love it for so many reasons. At Blogfest not only was I reminded of that, I was also surrounded by a lot of other people who also love fitness for reasons more than sweat. 

one of the reasons why I love fitness
one of the reasons why I love fitness

2) Social media posts = quality over quantity

Don’t post on social media just to post on social media, make sure there is a purpose behind it. Post quality pictures & make sure there is a message with what you are posting. You could be posting a daily check in – that’s great because that has purpose. It could be an inspirational quote or some sort of tutorial/recipe/how-to. Whatever it is, make sure it has purpose and people get something from it, it’s better to post nothing or post less than to post mindless updates just to have a presence. 
Kasey, aka Powercakes, also mentioned that Instagram is like for friends. Haha! How freaking true is that? I have so many #fitfriends from Insta!

3) Blog friends are the best friends

I  mean really… they are! For example, look at my BFF Katie, we met thru blogging and coming to Blogfest last year! Meeting people and making new friendships is definitely one of the highlights of the conference.  Because of this I feel that attending a conference, like Blogfest, once a year is super important because you get to met people that you may end up collaborating with later on, or they could turn out to be one of your greatest friends. 

Katie and I in Mexico

4) Write more evergreen posts

What does evergreen mean? It’s a blog/business term that refers to the life of content. Evergreen posts/content will be relevant for quite some time, if not indefinitely. For example, you could write a post about an awesome weekend and list everything you do (life-casting) OR you could share ‘5 Must Try Summer Activities’ and share details/ pics of your weekend through out that post.
As a blogger or any sort of content creator, you want content that is gonna work for you over time. A week from now, this last weekend isn’t gonna matter to anyone anymore, so you couldn’t share or reuse that post which means more work for you. šŸ™ Think “less ‘life-casting’ and more evergreen” a.k.a. “how can I make this relevant and give tips/takeaways to my readers?” 

5) SEO – it’s annoying but important

I’m just being honest when I say it is annoying. I haven’t met anyone that thinks SEO (search engine optimization) is fun. It’s not THAT bad, but its complicated enough to be something most of us with websites or blogs don’t want to deal with or worry about, myself included. Well, guess what? The positive impact of SEO  has so much potential, we should deal with it. 
Because it effects how you show up in the search engine results, it can majorly impact how many people can find the content you are working so hard to create! I have made the pledge to dive into SEO and share with you what I learn along the way. For now, at the very least, you should install the FREE WordPress plug-in “Yoast SEO”. blog3

6) Blogging trends change very quickly

This seems to be true for anything based online, and it is especially true for blogs. Just between last year and this year the difference between trends and what is working well and types of monetization is cray! You can no longer evaluate the success of a blog on page views alone, there are many other factors that go into it. Engagement, how many subscribers you have, etc. Be ready to change up your blogging and social media strategies because the best practices are constantly evolving. 

7) Be You! 

This seems obvious, but it was mentioned multiple times during Blogfest and it is totally worth mentioning here. It can be tempting, especially online, to try to present things in a way that makes you look really good. But guess what? No one is perfect! People can see right through that kinda stuff. 
People don’t want someone who is fake or perfect, they just want you to be you. That being said, you aren’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay! We will never be able to make everyone happy, so instead of focusing on that, focus on being authentic and true to you. As Natalie Jill said “the moment I stopped pretending [to be someone I am not] is the moment I started living”. Share your story & be real, it’s much more attractive than fake.

8) Eat the right amount of protein at the right time

Yep, it’s true. I could write a whole post on this, and I probably will, but for now I will keep it short. 
Protein is important because it is what our muscles are made of. We need protein for muscle synthesis (building muscle). Protein is very important, but the amount we eat at a time is important too. 20-30g of protein is the maximum amount of protein our body can use at once for muscle synthesis. So if you eat 40g of protein in one meal, 10g of that protein doesn’t make a difference because your body can’t absorb the extra. 


9) Let’s make fitness accessible 

When Gabby Reece spoke, she said “people who love to go hard [hard core exercise] already know how to get it done, it’s the women juggling everything that need help”.
There are the fitness freaks who always want a harder workout or a more intense version of the exercise, and there is a time and place for that, but what about the people who just need to fit in exercise? This was echoed in another session I was in later in the weekend. The thing is, anyone can make an exercise harder or more intense, but not everyone can bring it back to the basics or show modifications for those that need them. When you have advanced in fitness, adding intensity is great, but when you are new or trying to get back in the game, it can be really intimidating. 
I am going to make a point to be better about this in my workout videos and whatever I mention on here. 7

10) I want to make more videos

This isn’t a specific take away from a presentation, it is just something that I realized while I was at Blogfest. I was on Periscope a few times (FOLLOW ME! @sweetblondefit) and made a few other videos while I was there, and I love it! It can be time consuming, but I feel like I can connect well with people via video. I have fun with it so I want to post more videos here on my blog.  In a presentation at Blogfest it was mentioned that we should focus on what we LOVE doing, so I will give more attention to video šŸ™‚

This post is part of the #betruBlogFest link up hosted by these 3 wonderful ladies. Be sure to check out the link up to see the rest of the posts and other blogger’s takeaways. betrublogfest-link-up

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m gonna be trying to stay cool – it’s gonna be a scorcher. I will see you all back on Monday to tell you about my very first hot yoga experience and share some tips for newbies! 

Stay Sweet! 

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Takeaways – Blogfest 2015”

  1. I really think the biggest thing I got out of BlogFest was the networking. I could read books about SEO and social media strategy, but I can’t meet bloggers face-to-face at home (unless y’all want to come over…). I loved your Scope about creating videos, by the way! I really want to get more into video (I have so many ideas for yoga videos) but haven’t had time. It’s a big thing I want to work on this month!

    1. I totally agree! The networking isn’t something you can do anywhere else! I am so excited about your yoga videos! It is time consuming but it pays off. I will share more of what I have learned thru trial and error šŸ™‚

  2. Awesome round up girl! So true about Insta! lol…and I loved how you mentioned the protein synthesis! I try to explain this to people all the time…just because you buy a (usually crappy) protein powder that have 50g of protein per serving doesn’t mean your body can use all that protein…by a GREAT quality protein that has less and that you know where the ingredients come from…and just like Beth, I felt the best part of Blogfest was networking with other bloggers!

    1. Totally agree with you on the protein powder!!!!! I agree too, networking and meeting people was amazing!!

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