Easy and Healthy Breakfast: ‘Green’ Gluten Free Overnight Oats

I love overnight oats for breakfast!! They are easy, healthy & the flavor combinations are basically endless. As you can probably tell from the name, you make them the night before & in the morning you just grab and go! It’s a perfect way to get a healthy breakfast without much time.


Overnight oats are an ideal breakfast, depending on how you make them, because they cover all the macros: protien, carbs & fat. Oats are a great slow digesting carb, so they won’t spike your blood sugar & they can power you thru a workout or a long morning at work. I add protein powder to give the breakfast a boost and stay full longer. With the nut milk you get some good healthy fats and of course you can also add a drizzle of nut butter.

natural citizen organic greens

In this recipe I added some greens powder from Natural Citizen to give these overnight oats a superfood boost. You can’t ever have any greens in your day!!

Green Overnight Oats


  • 1/2 cup gluten free oatmeal
  • 1 scoop Quest protien powder
  • 1 scoop Natural Citizen Organic Greens (use SWEETBLONDE for $10 off)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened nut milk (my fav is Silk Almond or Cashew milk)
  • 1/4 cup blueberries – fresh or frozen


  • Add all dry ingredients in a portable container. My favorite is a mason jar, easy to carry & cute!
  • Mix dry ingredients together till mixed well
  • Add almond milk & mix well
  • Top with fresh or frozen blueberries.
  • Close container and store in fridge overnight.
  • Enjoy next morning!!!

Green overnight oats

Looking for more recipe inspiration? Try this: Cinnamon Apple Crisp Overnight Oats. 

Fashionably Fit

Today we are talking’ FASHION! I love clothes and trying new trends. I can’t say that I have always been this way though…

Since loosing a lot of weight, I have enjoyed shopping for clothes much more. It is much more fun to be adventurous when you accept and love your body.  A lot of my fashion sense is natural, but I also have help from my extremely stylish and talented sister.  She is so naturally talented, it’s amazing. And then to top it off, she has a degree in style and design, so she’s my go to girl when it comes to putting outfits together for big events.

When we were in California my husband and I were at a business conference for a few of the days, so we were “dressed to impress”. Here are the 5 outfits that I wore over the course of the conference.

photo 3
Day 1:
Black romper
Tory Burch “Miller logo thong”-pewter
Statement necklace (from Nordstrom, not sure of brand)
Tory Burch logo leather wrap bracelet-Pewter
What I loved: this outfit was SO comfortable! I felt stylish but also like myself.  Nothing is worse than wearing something and not feeling like yourself in it. Easy to wear! (Thanks sissy!)

Day 2:
“shoes speak louder than words” top (from Nordstrom BP)
Chelsea 28 blazer-black
“Boyfriend” denim crops
Black and gold pumps (not visible here)
Black and gold accessories
What I loved: again, COMFORT! My favorite part of this outfit was the shirt. Not only do I love what it says, but I also love the cut. You can’t see it well in this picture, BUT its kind of a boxy shape. It is not quite a crop top, but its shorter than a normal shirt and little bit baggy.

photo 2_

Day 3:
Joie blue sleeveless top (best Nordstrom Rack find ever!)
Top Shop track pants
Blush cardigan
Nude pumps
Silver accessories (long necklace, bracelet and earrings)
What I loved: the track pants! I wasn’t sure about this style, but after trying them on, I found that the “dressy” track pants are my preference (vs the knit ones) You can pair with a flowy top or a tight fitting top. They go great with flats or heels. So versatile and again, comfortable!

As my sister would tell you, accessories can make or break an outfit. A perfect example of this is how she helped me style the 2 outfits pictured below.

photo 1

This is another style I wasn’t sure that I could pull off, but let me tell you, jumpsuits are the BOMB! They are so easy to style, fun to wear, and again, comfortable! I got so many compliments about this outfit. We were fortunate enough to go to a cocktail reception on Saturday night, and this is what I wore. I have lots of layered bracelets, a long pendent necklace from House of Harlow, and matching earrings. The accessories made the outfit pop. The best part is, I can accessorize it differently the next time I wear it.
photo 4_
Day #4
Dress (borrowed from my sis, not sure of brand)
Hinge faded denim jacket
Kate Spade statement necklace – teal
Isola T-strap sandals – nude
Gold bracelets and earrings
What I loved: the denim jacket! It has a little bit of stretch, and can be worn with so many different outfits and styled so many different ways. I also love these shoes. I got them last summer, and they are so comfy, but really take an outfit to the next level!

Here is the key takeaway that I learned when I was packing for this trip: bring lots of accessories, AND plan your outfits ahead of time! Nothing is worse than being on a trip and thinking “wait, what was I going to wear?”
I also learned – I have so much wardrobe potential waiting in my own closet!
I have been getting better about buying pieces that can be worn many different ways, which helps. But, as my sister showed me,  you can wear the same outfit, but make it look completely different by buying a different necklace and bracelet — you don’t always have to go find a new dress! That is fun, but it also takes time, and sometimes we don’t always have time to go shop for new things. Next time you are feeling in a “clothing rut” – go check out the accessory department and see what you can use to jazz up an outfit that you already have!

XOXO – Sarah

P.S. Time has been flying by! I am in the process of writing a post recapping my whole time in California, and all the details of my trip will be included, so be on the look out for that this weekend!