Lower Body Workout [SBFL Anniversary Workout Wednesday]

Happy Wednesday!!! As a part of my 1 year anniversary celebration, I am excited to share with you today one of my most popular workout videos from workout Wednesday. MEXICO

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My style with making videos has changed since this video, so bear with me 🙂 I used to make PDF downloads to go with the workouts that gave more detail, but people like the instruction in the video better, so I do that now. Anyway, check out this lower body workout, it is one of my favs and doesn’t require any equipment!!

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From my original blog post: “Here is a PDF download of the workout, just for you! It gives instructions on how long to do the moves for based on fitness level & a description of the moves. As always, modify this to meet your needs!”

Try this workout with me and let’s get SWEATY!!

Stay Sweaty!!

Favorite Finds – IDEA World/Blogfest Edition

This week is flying by! I have so many amazing things that are going to be coming up on; giveaways, cool recipes, the anniversary of my blog and more! I am not kidding when I say you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t already subscribe here so you don’t miss out on the upcoming stuff, especially the giveaways! 

In honor of #throwbackThursday, I have a video for you of all my favorite items from IDEA World Fitness Expo and BlogFest. I am REALLY excited about the items I’m sharing with you in the video, so be sure to watch it because things get a little cray (in a good way)!!!

 Links to items mentioned in video:

Crazy Richards PB Burst 
Crazy Richards Peanut Butter/Cashew Butter
NASM personal training info
Quest Products 
Pumped Up Pancakes 
Safe Catch Tuna 
‘Drop It Like a Squat’ Tank 

Let’s Chat:
Have you tried any of these products? 
Which one would you want to try?

Stay tuned for the giveaways and exciting stuff!!

Stay Sweet!

Lower Body HIIT [Workout Wednesday]

Happy workout Wednesday! Today’s workout is fast and it is sweaty! It focuses on one of the largest muscle groups, the lower body aka booty & legs! 

This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. What that means is you need to go as hard as YOU can for the interval and then rest. We all have different fitness levels, so listen to your body and push as hard as you can. This workout is one time through and you get the calorie burning affects for the rest of the day! The awesome results from this workout are based on you pushing as hard as you can based on your fitness level. Let’s do this! workout_wednesday_grey

Do each of the exercises for allotted time based on your fitness level.
Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 1 minute 
Take a 5-10 second rest between exercises.

1. sumo squat jump
2. jumping lunges
3. curtsey lunge pulse – switch legs half way thru
(IE: beginner would 15 seconds right leg then 15 seconds left leg)
4. crab walks
5. tuck jumps
6. single leg deadlift jump – LEFT
7. single leg deadlift jump – RIGHT

Fun Fact: This workout was inspired by a convo/request I had on Periscope! Thank you Tiffany for the great suggestion! If you are on Periscope, be sure to add me @sweetblondefit !!

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Let’s Chat – what kind of workouts would you like for workout Wednesday’s? 

Stay Sweaty!

Full Body Interval Workout #2 [Workout Wednesday]

Happy hump day!!! This week I have another interval workout for you. It builds on last week’s workout so you can use each one separately or combine them for a super sweaty full body workout! Ok, let’s get sweaty!!!workout_wednesday interval workoutThis is designed to be a workout you can do anywhere! Try it in your living room, outside in a park while your kids are playing, or even on vacation. You don’t need any equipment! You could use a yoga mat if you had one available but it is not necessary. 

The 5 moves in this workout are:

  • 5- 10 decline push ups
  • 20 skater lunges
  • 10 side plan crunches
  • 10 box jumps or jump squats
  • 10 walking lunges
    Repeat 3 times. 

Be sure to try this interval workout either with me in the video or on your own. I guarantee you will feel great afterwards. Maybe a little sore, but the endorphin rush will feel great! 

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Stay Sweaty!!!

Tabata! [Workout Wednesday]

Have you ever tried a tabata? The name sounds like it might be a hard and/or scary workout, but it is quite the opposite.

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A tabata workout consists of 20 seconds work (exercise X), 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds work (exercise Y), 10 seconds rest. That is one round.
There are 3 sets of 2 exercises and you do 4 rounds of each set.  
Each round = 1 minute. Each set = 4 minutes.
4 min x 3 min = 12 minutes. It’s only a 12 minute workout!

Don’t let the duration of this workout fool you. Just because it is 12 minutes does not mean that it isn’t effective.  You can get massive results from these kinds of workouts. Tabatas increase your heart rate, combine cardio and body weight moves and keep on burnin’ calories long after they are over. 

For optimum results THE KEY IS TO GO ALL OUT for the 20 seconds of work. Just make sure you are going as hard as you can. Depending on your fitness level ‘all out’ looks different for everyone. Just be sure to give it your ALL and enjoy the rest after. 

Before I tried a tabata I was skeptical, but now I love them! They are great for days when you don’t have much time or when you are traveling. You are gonna love this workout. Let’s do this!  

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Try this quick 12 minute tabata with me! Repeat each set 4 times.
20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest
Set A: skater jumps/burpees
Set B: high knees/jump squats
Set C: sprints/jumping lunges

Let me know in the comments if you did try it or will try it this week! 

Stay Sweaty!

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Monday Favorites + LIVE chat tomorrow

Happy Monday! Today I have a few cool finds to share with you and I want to make sure that you know about the LIVE chat I am hosting tomorrow on YouTube!

Friday Finds or Friday Favs is pretty popular. That is when people share cool new finds or their favorite things on their bog on Friday. Well, I decided to break the rules and share those things on Monday. 

Trader Joes is one of the places I shop almost every week. When they come out with new products, sometimes I’m not impressed and other times I’m all OMG! With this I said…”OMG!” 


They claim they are super fluffy and that they will change your life. I don’t know about that, but I am definitely going to have to find and try. Being a celiac I don’t get to eat a lot of pancakes, so I’ll give it a whirl. Unfortunately these are not dairy free. More info HERE

Another TJ find…
wn-org-riced-cauliflower-2Imagine not having to RICE your own cauliflower! The only ingredients in here are organic cauliflower and salt. I love to make my own riced cauliflower, although it can be messy and time consuming. Now we have something to fall back on in a pinch! More info HERE

I am on a Trader Joe’s kick apparently because this is yet another find from them. A recipe for shrimp & grits on a stick! 233MainImage

Can you say perfect summer BBQ food?!? If you use all the TJ ingredients listed in the recipe HERE, prep won’t take you long at all. YUM!

For all my mermaids, now you can really have a mermaid fin!
This is a ‘MerFin’ available for sale at Nordstrom! It also comes in a teal blue color. Check it out HERE

Finally, I stumbled across this article about how to become a morning runner. I loved the ‘hacks’ enough that I had to share with you. Here is one of the tips:

Don’t expect magic overnight
Changing your evening patterns will likely take a few weeks to stick, cautions Dr James Mojica. If you’re used to going to bed at 11pm, for example, try turning in 10 minutes earlier and waking 10 minutes earlier for a week. ‘After a few days of going to bed earlier, I was still having a hard time,’ says runner Meghan Ridgley. ‘But I stuck it out, and one day it was suddenly no big thing.’ The same goes for altering bad evening habits – cut back gradually for a smoother transition. ‘I promise it gets easier,’ says runner Kim Burie. ‘Soon you’ll wake up wanting to go.’

 Check out the full article here!


Last, but NOT least, tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be LIVE on YouTube at 1pm PST. I know not all of you may be able to watch live at that time, so never fear, it will be recorded and you can watch the replay! 

I have tons of announcements and exciting stuff to share with you. Plus I am going to talk a little bit about my most fav time of the year, SUMMER! The video below will be live starting at 1pm Tuesday or you can click HERE to watch & participate 

Hope to see you there (or at least on the replay!!)

Stay Sweet!


Track Workout + Giveaway! [Workout Wednesday]

This weeks workout Wednesday is super special! Not only do I have an awesome workout for you, I also have a giveaway to share!

First, the giveaway. This is a must enter! Flash tattoos, a gift card, mermaid leggings, super cute shades and everything else you could possibly need for summer!collage9520150601171025602 My #sweatpink sister, Carleeh,(aka Mamarazza) reached 2K followers on IG and put all of this together. Myself and a few other sweatpink girls threw in some items and this giveaway is the! You get an entry for each item below!

Now that you have entered this amazing giveaway, let’s get sweaty!!!
#FunFact: did you know today is national running day? In honor of this, I have a track workout for you today that will either warm you up before a run, or can be a workout in itself. Try it with me in the video! The workout moves are listed below the video. 

The workout is:
– walking lunges – 30 seconds
– single leg lunge jumps – 30 seconds each leg
– high knees – 30 seconds
– booty kicks – 30 seconds
– low straight leg kicks – 30 seconds
REPEAT high knees / booty kicks / low straight leg kicks
– forearm plank spider crunches – 10-15 each side (modify on knees if needed)
– regular plank spider cruches – 10-15 each side (modify on knees if needed)
Be sure to stretch when you are done.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already. Be sure to check out Carleeh’s Instagram for more info on ALL the ways to enter!

Stay Sweaty!