A Weight Loss Update: The Journey is REAL

One of my goals for 2017 is to share more about weight loss here on the blog. That is, after all, one of the reasons this blog even came to be. I have learned a lot over the course of loosing 80 pounds and maintaining it & I want to do a better job of sharing it. There have been lots of different experiences along the journey, and I’ve learned a lot about perseverance, patience, and myself. Of course, some lessons have to be learned for yourself, but I also feel that it might have been easier if I had an idea of what could possibly come. So, that is why I am committing to sharing more with you. Today, I am sharing a realization that is difficult but once your realize it, your perspective on weight loss changes.  

Weight loss isn’t a destination  you get comfortable at, the journey is REAL.

In terms of my weight loss journey, I have not arrived. Honestly, I never will, because it is a journey, not a destination. That used to really disappoint me. It was super daunting to think, I have to do this forever? I won’t ever get to where I want to be and be able to just stay there? Unfortunately, no. That is not how it works, but that also isn’t how life works. We are always changing, growing and moving into different things. With weight loss specifically, the journey changes as you loose weight and move into maintaining. 

Because it’s a journey, the importance of finding a lifestyle you enjoy and can maintain is so important.I have found what I enjoy and what works for me, but that is always ebbing and changing with where I’m at in life. For example, I was doing meal prep for a while, and now I have transitioned to something that is more of a flow which works better for the season I am in currently. That really, is the key to weight loss & maintenance.

Find what works for you, and keep doing it. Easier said than done right? 

In order to find what works for you, it requires a lot of experimenting. You will make mistakes, no one is perfect, but you have to pick yourself up, right then, and keep moving forward. Try something else or reevaluate options and keep on pushing towards your goal. This also means that you have to do things on days you really don’t want to. I did not  feel like going to the gym last night, but I did it. 

The journey also requires you to realize that your initial goal or desire may not be something you are willing to put in the work for.

This is not to say that you cannot reach your goal weight. What do I mean? Sometimes what is required to achieve a certain goal isn’t something you want to do – and that is OKAY.

For example…Abs.

The coveted six pack. I don’t have one. Some days, I don’t even have abs haha. A few years ago, after I had lost a lot of the weight, I decided my goal was to be comfortable enough to work out in just a sports bra. Then that turned into wanting defined abs. Is this an impossible goal? No! So I started working towards that and when I found out what it really took I had to ask myself… “am I willing to obsessively count my calories, macros and workouts to make sure my abs are cut?” The answer was no. Does this mean that I give up entirely? Absolutely not! (no pun intended haha)

I just modify the goal to something I am willing to work towards. So I’m still working to reduce fat in that area, but not a six pack. I my example, you can see in the pic, I don’t have cut abs, but there has been so much improvement in that area!! This is all part of the journey.

Take Aways:

1) Realize you are on a journey, there are no temp fixes and put in the work. Don’t let this get you down, let it give you a new perspective on your approach. 

2) Take a look at your weight loss goals, figure out what is necessary to achieve it and ask yourself if you are willing to do it. As I said before, this doesn’t mean giving up, just means you modify the end goal. Not sure what steps to take to get to your goal or if it’s a reasonable goal?? Contact me & I’ll help you figure it out. Shoot me and email and we can chat. As a personal trainer and having lost a lot of weight myself, I’d love to talk with you about your goals and figuring out what is necessary to achieve them! Use the contact form or shoot an email to thesweetblondesfitlife @ gmail 🙂

3) Don’t give up! Something isn’t working or jiving with your lifestyle? Try something new! There are so many options out there, find the right one that works for you. 

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