What’s New in Life, My Workouts + Upcoming Plans [Giveaway]

Hi everyone!!! How is your summer? So far mine has been a whirlwind! So many fun things have been happening! I’m teaching a new class, my workouts have changed a little bit and I have some fun opportunities coming up that I want to share with all of you! There is also a giveaway for some plant-based protein powder, so be sure to enter at bottom of post!


— I have mentioned this before, but I have started training people in the gym in addition to the online training I offer. I wanted to see people again in person, because I missed the interaction & I like hanging out at the gym. Doing it again has also made me remember all the reasons I don’t like it – no shows, difficult scheduling & inconsistency. 

— I am teaching SUP classes! The first one was today on Lake Washington and we had an absolute blast! Such a fun workout and a great way to enjoy some time outside. There is a beginner class as well as a SUP FIT class. They are available for 5 more weeks this summer. Click here for info on how to sign up! S U P F I T

— I have online training spots available for August! I am accepting new clients into online training programs starting in August. If you are interested, set up a free consult with me and we can talk more. It is $50 a month and you get a new workout every week! 

— I’m getting a puppy!!!! (OMG!) My dream of having a dog is coming true! My little Great Dane will be coming home in 2 weeks and I am so excited I could pee my pants. Don’t worry, he will get his own blog post. Here is a little preview pic. 


My workouts have changed a little bit since I ran the marathon. Now I am ‘”running for fun”. For me that is 3-5 miles, twice a week with a longer run on the weekend usually.  I’m also getting back to lifting weights consistently & working on building muscle + strength. I am loving that because I really missed that during the end of my marathon training. It’s not that I couldn’t weight train and run, I just didn’t have the time for it. I’m happy to be building some muscle again! 

I have been lifting 3-4 times a week, doing a few runs and I feel great. With training at the gym again, I have been eating a lot on the go. Good nutrition is important, especially for maintaining weight and/or gaining muscle. Protein bars and smoothies are my GO TO because they are so portable. My favs are Quest bars and the Amazing Grass Superfood plant-based protein. This is not a substitute for my green smoothies, but on days I can’t get one or don’t have one, all the added superfoods are AWESOME! 


BLOGFEST! I am heading down to LA later this week and I cannot wait to see all my SweatPink sisters + blog friends. This is literally the event of the year for me. I get to see so many people that I talk to online all year, and we hang out, workout & blog. All my favorite things! 


Amazing Grass was kind enough to giveaway a canister of their plant-based Superfood Protein powder to one of my readers! The stuff is delicious, trust me you want to win! I have the chocolate peanut butter and it’s soooo yummy!

How to enter:
1. follow me on Instagram (@sweetblondesfitlife)
2. once you have followed, comment on this post to let me know you followed
3. I will pick one lucky winner from the comments on Tuesday, 7/12 at 7pm. 

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